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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Simmi telling Ishita about Parmeet. She cries and says I could not stop myself from helping Parmeet, as my heart melted seeing Ananya’s face, so I kept meeting Parmeet in hospital and took care of him, he was unable to walk, one day he was falling from bed, I helped him, my hand twisted and got sprain, I did not wish anyone to know or doubt that I m meeting Parmeet, I know Parmeet did wrong with Ishita. She says I m doing this, its not right, but he is Ananya’s father, if my help can save his life, I can do this for humanity.

Ishita says now I understand your sprain was not for throwing silbatta, but by saving Parmeet. They ask why did Simmi meet Ashok. Simmi says Parmeet said Ashok has to pay for his work, I met Ashok to get money which was Parmeet’s right, Parmeet needed money for his liver transplant. FB shows Simmi asking money for Parmeet. Ashok refuses to give money. Simmi says Parmeet is serious, please help. Ashok says I can’t help, sorry. Prateek spots them. FB ends. Simmi says she had to give money for advance, and so she has taken money from her and Raman’s join account, house situation was bad, operation was necessary, at home that Shagun’s spirit and all, but you are normal now, how do you all know about me, what is going on. They look at each other.

Simmi asks Ishita to say. Ishita says I will tell you everything, don’t share this with anyone, its very important, its secret. Neelu comes and they stop talking. Neelu asks shall I make tea. Prateek says no, we are leaving. He asks them to come to his house to talk. Ishita says we will come. They all go to Prateek’s flat.

Mrs. Bhalla comes home and asks Neelu about everyone. Neelu says Ishita, Simmi, Prateek and Abhishek went out. Mrs. Bhalla thinks where did they do and prays for Ishita. Romi brings Rohit. She asks about Sarika, and tells him to know where did she go and with whom. He says please, I know she is not a good bahu, stop saying this, this drama goes on always. He says he is going to meet client and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed about Sarika.

Simmi asks what, is Shagun alive. Ishita says yes. Simmi asks is this your plan, why did you not tell me that Raman is in danger. Ishita says your activities were such, that I had to doubt you. Simmi says any woman will do this to save husband’s life. Ishita asks Simmi not to worry, liver transplant happens well these days, I will take appointment with good doctor, and manage expenses too. Simmi says you have a big heart. Ishita says we are one family. I did wrong with everyone. Simmi says I m afraid thinking of that day, you have hurt yourself to show you have Shagun’s spirit. Ishita says I will do everything for Raman. Simmi says no one can do this, I want to help you, please. Ishita nods. Simmi joins them. Ishita says no one should know, not even Raman. She hugs Simmi and they cry.

Raman comes home. Mr. Bhalla tells him about Mrs. Bhalla’s worry and sends him to talk. Raman goes to Mrs. Bhalla. She tells him about Romi, he married Sarika for Rohit, now Sarika is fooling Romi, he feels I m after Sarika, I m not bad mum in law. She cries. Raman says calm down, I will talk to Romi. Romi waits for his client in the hotel. He sees Sarika there and gets shocked. He says what is she doing here, did she join job again, why did she not tell me. Sarika leaves. Romi asks manager about Sarika. The manager says we don’t let hotel staff talk to anyone. Romi says she is my wife. The manager says don’t lie, all the female staff is unmarried, this was the criteria to get this job, how can you be Sarika’s husband then. Romi says Sarika……..

Bala is happy and tells Vandu and family about Rajiv’s offer. He says he will take loan for office space, Rajiv is helping him. They all congratulate him. Vandu asks him not to worry. Bala says I have thought well, we have to take our first step, I feel like getting big opportunity, if I don’t grab this, it will go to someone else, I know we have no experience of business, but we have to try, don’t worry.

Simmi and Ishita think who will do this in their family, why will anyone kill Raman. Ishita says maybe Ashok is blackmailing. Simmi says there has to be some reason. Ishita says everyone is normal, whom shall I doubt. I don’t know how to find that culprit who wants to kill Raman. Raman looks for Ishita. He sees kids sleeping. He says Ruhi went on him, to cover up blanket fully and sleep. He covers up Adi and hears Ruhi crying.

Raman asks Ruhi why is she crying. Ruhi says she did not complete Diwali project and teacher scolded her, she called you, I can’t take Ishi Maa as she is ill, I could not complete project as Ishi Maa was unwell and you were busy. He asks her to show remark. She shows diary. He says such little thing, no need to cry. She tells about her new teacher. He makes her smile and hugs her. He asks her to sleep. He thinks kids are getting affected, but their study should not be affected.

Raman goes to room and thinks he should not tell Ishita about Ruhi’s project, else she will feel guilty. He asks about Simmi, did she say why she met Ashok. She says we should give time to Simmi, she is worried. He says he is not worried as she is there. She thinks she is worried for him. He makes her sit and massages her neck to relieve her of stress. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………..They hold hands and smile.

Sarika tells Mrs. Bhalla that she can’t leave this job. Romi fumes. Sarika says I m doing this job for Romi, me and baby, I can’t do anything if Romi’s ego comes in between. Mrs. Bhalla shouts Sarika. Ishita and Raman support Sarika.

Written Update By Amena