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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun and Mani reaching airport to know about the flights. They see each other and think whats happening here. Mani asks officers are they in touch with the passengers. Shagun asks do you have any loved one in this flight. Mani says yes, actually…. He thinks I should not tell Shagun about Ishita, there may be complications. He says my friend is travelling in this flight, why did you come. She says Raman, he is travelling in this flight. Mani thinks Raman and Ishu are in same flight, if they come face to face, I hope they are fine. Shagun worries. She sees Mani gone and says Mani is in Australia, I will ask him about Ishita, does he know about her.

Adi says I hope you liked the themes. Mihika says yes, I liked the fairytale theme. Adi thanks them and says we print invitation cards according to theme, did you get cards printed. Mihika shows a card. Adi asks can I keep this card, I can work our more in theme. Adi sees card and thinks Romi did not get Bhallas’ name printed in this card. He says its good, its formal card, marriage is personal event, card should be different. Romi says we can print more cards. Adi says superb, you can give personalized gift to guests too. Romi says good, you have impressed us. Adi says I m Bhalla, business is in my blood. Romi gets a call and asks Adi to switch on tv and play news channel. They see the flight hijack news and get shocked.

Ruhaan gives milkshake to Aaliya and asks about her Amma. Aaliya says you here Ruhaan. Ruhaan says I just came, you left so worried, I thought to come and meet you, I got this chocolate milkshake for you. She asks how do you know this, whenever I feel low, Amma used to make chocolate milkshake for me, don’t know how is she, I m just worried about her. Ruhaan thinks Ishita loved Aaliya as a mum, but she did not try to find me. Mani calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks where are you, do something, update me with news, I m waiting. Aaliya hopes Ishita is fine. Ruhaan consoles her and says I asked Nupur to update me with news. Aaliya says I asked Amma to go India alone for that project, I will not forgive myself. Ruhaan says don’t cry, and prays for Raman and Ishita’s safety. Ruhaan asks her to come Mumbai with him, she can meet Amma. Aaliya asks really, thanks, I will talk to Appa, I m sure he won’t refuse. Ruhaan says fine and leaves.

Adi makes call to airport office and asks about passengers safety, talk to pilot. He worries for Raman…. He talks to Mihir and says I m going home, don’t know what will happen if Dadi sees the news. He says sorry, I have to leave and rushes.

The hijacker’s girlfriend is called by the airport authorities. She says he is not bad, we love each other and my parents are not agreeing, he can’t harm anyone. The inspector says he has gun, he hijacked plane, he is criminal, I will treat him like that, get ready for action. Raman asks everyone to try to leave. Ishita says we should go outside. Hijacker sees the commandos and says they will kill me, how will I meet my girlfriend. He catches a boy and asks the commandos to leave from plane, else he will kill everyone.

He aims to shoot the boy. Ishita comes in front, and gets shot at her shoulder. She faints. Raman is far behind the other passengers. The commandos throw some gas. Everyone rush out from there, by skipping Ishita, who is fallen down. Raman says that woman got shot, wait…. He cares for Ishita, though he did not see her. People step over Ishita and leave. Raman covers up Ishita and let people pass over him. He lifts Ishita with the crew’s help and says hurry up, her breath is running. He rushes her to the hospital.

Mrs. Bhalla hears about plane hijack in the society meet. She stays relaxed. She complains about Iyers. Amma comes there and argues with Mrs. Bhalla. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla not to shout and taunts on covering mistakes. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not do any mistake, and taunts Amma. Mrs. Bhalla says my Romi and now my Adi, you guys are taking revenge by snatching my sons. Amma says I lost my daughter, what did you lose, when you lose your precious thing, you will know. Mr. Bhalla comes and asks them to shut up. He tells Mrs. Bhalla that the flight by which Raman was coming is hijacked. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Amma for cursing her, and says if anything happens to my Raman, I will not leave you. The society meeting gets cancelled and everyone leave. Amma tells Bala that I did not mean this, I did not mean to curse Raman. Bala says yes, come home. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla try to find out Raman. Adi comes home and hugs Mrs. bhalla. He consoles her. She says what happened after hijack, how is Raman, tv is not working. Adi says I trust Mata Rani, nothing will happen. Mihir comes and says plane landed safely, all passengers are evacuated, but there was a firing between police and hijacker, there was stampede, reports say some deaths happened, we will go Mumbai and get Raman. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Raman. Raman takes Ishita to hospital and says nothing will happen to you. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…………

Mihika looks for Raman, and gets shocked seeing Ishita in the hospital. She says she is my Akka/sister…..

Written Update by Amena

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