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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Pallavi talking to Chadda. Shagun meets her outside the gift shop. Pallavi says Raman and Ishita invited us for lunch, so I came to buy gift for them, I will leave, Amar is waiting in the car. Shagun says I wanted to apologize and you can trust me if you have any issues, share any problems, I m like your friend, I feel you have some problems. Chadda comes there and asks Shagun why is she troubling Pallavi, stay away from her. A man collides with Pallavi and says sorry. Chadda gets angry and asks how dare you touch my wife. The man says sorry, I was just passing by. Pallavi says leave him Amar, we have to leave. They leave. Shagun says how did he react like this, his wife is so scared of him, there is something wrong, I have to discuss this with Ishita.

Raman, Ishita, Chadda and Pallavi have lunch. Chadda likes the food. Raman says sorry, I could not attend you in party. Chadda says I can understand. Ishita tells about Vandu’s state. Pallavi says its good to be with her, else bearing pain alone is very tough. Raman and Ishita look at her. Pallavi says I mean if we could help her. Ishita says why not, we will surprise Vandu with besan laddoos, you guide me, you made it at your home, Raman and Chadda are going to meet client. Pallavi asks Chadda can she stay back. Chadda says why not, you can stay. Raman and Chadda leave. Ishita and Pallavi sit making laddoos.

Pallavi says I like trying new recipes, I feel I forgot everything. She goes to open the door. She says its courier. Ishita asks her to receive. Pallavi signs with her left hand. She takes the courier and gives Ishita. Ishita says I have seen you signed with left hand. Pallavi says yes, I can write with left hand too, I work with both hands in kitchen too. Ishita sees the mark on her shoulder.

She asks why don’t you raise a voice, if anyone is beating you, why don’t you say it, why are you bearing it. Pallavi asks what are you saying. Ishita says Ruhi told me how Chadda was twisting your hand, Ruhi knows whats violence and whats romance, I m a woman, we women can understand the pain, Shagun and I were talking about you, we want to do a lot for you, you have to try.

Manoj and Shagun see the party pics. He says we will do a sonography and check pics later. The nurse sees Pallavi’s pic and says I have seen her somewhere, but where. Pallavi says there is nothing of such kind. Ishita says I can see you are lying, its your personal life, but domestic violence, why are you bearing, I m ready to help, I feel Shagun was right, you are not saying anything, tell me. Chadda and Raman come talking.

Pallavi says I was waiting for you, we will leave, I don’t want to stay here. Chadda asks what happened. She says no, don’t take Rohit’s case, we will not keep any relation with them, I can’t stay here where people accuse you for the thing which you did not do, do you know what was Ishita saying, she was asking me to file domestic violence case against you, I can’t bear your insult, come with me. Raman says its misunderstanding, I m sorry on her behalf. Pallavi says no, Amar loves me a lot, who said he beats me, I will not stay here, my husband is biggest lawyer of Delhi, I m proud of you, Shagun was also saying nonsense, who gave you right to interfere in our married life. Chadda says relax, maybe they are mistaken. He tells Ishita that Pallavi is emotional, she loves me and can’t hear anything against me. Pallavi says why are you explaining them, tell them you won’t fight Rohit’s case, come. Raman says I m sorry. They leave. Raman asks Ishita did she get peace now. Ishita cries and says she is lying.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla meet in café. Amma asks will this plan work, will Mihika agree. Mrs. Bhalla says if Mihika agrees, it will be fine. Mihika comes and asks why did they call her here urgently, how is Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla says Vandu is fine, I called you for some other thing, Sarika got angry seeing Romi gifting chain to you, we want you to get friendly with Romi, and show you have feelings for him. Mihika asks what. Amma says when Sarika sees you, she will feel you and Romi are more than friends, its just for Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika will feel Romi agreed and Raman will adopt Rohit, Sarika will have no reason to stay in our house, then she will leave. Amma says Sarika will feel its useless to stay there. Mrs. Bhalla says I wish she leaves out house. Mihika asks will this plan work. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know, we can try. Mihika worries and hopes this does not create bug confusion.

Chadda and Pallavi come home. He says you handles Ishita well, and hurts her wound. She says I did not say anything to Ishita. He says don’t be scared always, I m happy, and kisses her hand. He asks don’t you trust me. She says I do. He asks her to get tea and sends her.

Raman says I told you not to do this, see the result. Chadda will not take our case. Ishita says I know Pallavi is lying. He says its enough. Ishita says I feel there is problem between Pallavi and Chadda. He asks why do you care. She says I care for her, we did not lose custody, I will apologize to Pallavi, Shagun and I will go there, I will call her there, will you come with me, please come.

Bala talks to Shitija and Vandu. She asks him to start his classes. Appa looks on. She says I want to meet that student and his parents. Bala says no, if his parents say anything bad, no, I can’t take risk, you are getting fine now. Appa says I think Vandu should go there, the student and his parents decided to file case on the college, check this news.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita talks to Shagun. Shagun says I m sure she is Pragati and how Chadda reacted in morning. Ishita says we will talk later, we are going to apologize to Pallavi and Chadda, we will call you there if needed. She ends call. Nurse asks Shagun is she fine, will she have water. She asks her about Pallavi’s son, I was called for emergency delivery, that was done at her home, as she did not wish to go hospital, how is her son. Shagun says she does not have any son. Nurse asks how can this happen.

Shagun talks to Ishita and says Pallavi is Pragati, she has a son. Ishita says I know who is her son, he is Rohit.

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