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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman thanking Laxmi for coming as an angel. He says she is fulfilling their dream, and asks her to tell about herself. She says she is here in Delhi since 18 years. He says Manoj would have known everything and asks her hobbies. She says she likes singing and stitching. He asks about any hereditary illness. She says no, Manoj has done all the tests, you can see reports. She says Manoj spoke to me about money.

Raman says even much money would be less for this work, I want to give some money apart for the baby, so that baby gets fit and fine, sorry, don’t feel bad. She accepts the money. He asks what does she likein food. She says I m vegetarian. He gets glad and says his wife also does not like non veg, and asks her to call him or Manoj if needed. She says don’t worry, the baby will be fit. He thanks her. She says Shagun told me, you and Ishita are good people, good happens with good people, I m glad to become a way for your happiness. He thanks her and she leaves. Raman smiles getting teary eyed.

Mihika meets Abhishek and says Rinki’s phone is off, she did not meet anyone, I feel there is something wrong. He says its more than 24 hours, you file missing complaint, I will start investigation. She says she did not say Raman and Ishita. He says we are family, why to waste time, they will also say the same. Raman talks to Manoj and Shagun, and hugs Manoj happily. Manoj says you should thank Shagun. Shagun says no, Ishita did a lot for me, congrats. Raman thanks her.

Raman asks for consent form. Raman says I got her signs. Manoj says it does not have your sign. Raman signs on the form. He says there won’t be any legal problem right. Manoj says yes, but how did you take her sign. Raman says I asked her to sign if she trusts me, and she did, I want to let Ishita know all this. Abhishek does not see CCTV footage clear and asks the inspector to get the footages of every CCTV on that road. He sits watchging the footages and sees Rinki and Ishita meeting. He says Mihika said Rinki is missing, and here Rinki and Ishita are together, why did Ishita not tell about this meeting, there is some mystery.

Abhishek comes to meet Ishita and asks about Rinki, as Mihika filed the missing complaint. Ishita asks him to come with her. She asks does he know. He says no one knows you met Rinki yesterday night, we have seen in CCTV footage outside the clinic. Tell me what are you hiding. She says I can’t tell the family. Rinki shared some personal things. He says fine, don’t tell me what she discussed, but its police case, help me, we should know where she is. Ishita says she is in Dehradun, and calls Rinki’s friend. She puts it on speaker. Nikki says she did not meet Rinki after her marriage. Ishita asks did Rinki reach Dehradun.

Nikki states Rinki did not come right here, is anything wonderful. Ishita suggests Indeed good, probably I heard something else. She ends get in touch with and tells Abhishek that I requested her to leave for Dehradun, I don’t know why she did not reach. He says subject is major, you would be the one who fulfilled her the final time, but You need to come to police station with me, I m sorry, realize my problem. She claims I realize, I ask for don’t tell this to loved ones now for Rinki’s sake. He suggests good.

Raman waits exterior the lab. Manoj says embryo are going to be All set until night, the working day has arrive, loosen up all checks are very clear, just pray. He asks Raman to go Office environment and come at night. Raman hugs him Luckily and leaves. A lady asks for lift. He Fortunately hugs her and goes. The Girl asks did he develop into father. The nurse claims no, he will almost certainly become.

Abhishek asks Ishita about Rinki. She asks him to search out Rinki before long. He asks what did Rinki share along with her, she will tell him, they’re able to get some clue. Ishita says she could not convey to Raman and household, how can she share it with him. he claims its imp, please assist. She asks him to call Raman. He tracks Rinki’s cellular phone and demonstrates Ishita’s message to Rinki, that she lied and the result won’t be excellent. She states I’ve sent this concept but… He states your silence can go in opposition to you. She says she gained’t notify anything, and shouts on him asking him to call Raman.

Abhishek calls Raman there and says Rinki is missing. Raman states Rinki is lacking, you will be doubting Ishita, Ishita can die for my household. Abhishek claims how am i able to get clue if Ishita won’t notify anything at all. Ishita claims I have to speak to Raman in personal. Raman asks her to convey, she’s currently being doubted. She claims in private make sure you. Raman asks Abhishek to present several mins. Abhishek goes. Ishita tells Raman about Rinki’s added marital affair. He asks what and gets shocked.

Ashok provides money to his informer and asks the news. The person suggests Rinki is lacking, he has found Abhishek is questioning Raman and Ishita. Ashok says high-quality, go. Suraj states you produced huge ideas to get rid of Ishita, then exhibit CD To place blame on Raman and Shagun, go away All of this and focus on perform. Ashok claims you don’t have vision, poor news of Bhalla family is Excellent news for me, You’re not viewing which I am able to see, see how I alter this case on my facet, see how I exploit that CD, its my trump card. Suraj asks what is it, convey to me if its smart. Ashok phone calls Abhishek. Abhishek suggests I m hectic, I don’t want to waste time. Ashok says I’ve details about the case you will be hectic on, I learn about Rinki, which Raman won’t tell you, come and meet me at my property, don’t inform this to Raman, should you tell Raman, perhaps I am able to’t Supply you with this info. Abhishek suggests I m coming.

Raman asks Ishita why did she not notify him ahead of. Ishita suggests how could I say immediately after what happened with Simmi, the issue has gone outside of hand, what could I do., Shagun will get to be aware of Laxmi has diabetes. Laxmi claims how does this make any difference. Shagun claims they did her assessments to receive in good shape mom, how can they’ve her for surrogacy when she has diabetes.

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