Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir and Mihika meeting in café. Mihir asks are you sure this will work out. Mihika says yes, Shagun is careless mum and spoiling Pihu by wrong upbringing, its imp that Pihu gets away from Shagun, I understand Shagun is your sister, I know Shagun loves Pihu, but she wants to learn Pihu’s heart by materialistic things. He gives her Kunal’s number. She says I don’t want to tell anyone, I will meet Kunal and know chances of getting Pihu, so this is just between us. He says we will go together and meet Kunal. She agrees. She gets Romi’s call and asks Mihir to be silent. Romi asks where are you, everyone is shopping sarees. She says sorry, I came to meet my friend, I will come soon. She ends call and asks Mihir to get lawyer appointment soon.

Raman visits designer’s place. The lady asks him to select the clothes. He says my wife will be coming and selecting the clothes. Shagun is on the way and says what, teachers want us to book hall and there is no hall available, Pihu wants to perform dance. Driver says all halls are busy as its marriage season, you can try society hall. Shagun says thanks, its good, idea, I will try Bhalla society hall, Pihu wants to dance with Ananya, so they both can practice together. The lady shows the saree and says this design was number one. Raman says I understand, wives don’t like what husbands select, let her come. She says you can select the one you like and gift her. He says sure, we can do that. Shagun calls society secretary and says I don’t believe this, even that hall is booked, its bad news, anyway I won’t spoil my mood. She asks driver to take her to Trisha designer.

Raman is at same place. The lady shows the saree. He says price tag, I don’t care, but if my wife knows this, she will beat me, she is miser, but its beautiful saree. Shagun comes and holds him. He says finally, marriage shopping… He turns and sees Shagun. She asks who is getting married. Raman says who said marriage, Adi and Aaliya are getting engaged, I said Adi and you heard Shaadi. Adi comes and asks did you select marriage saree. Raman signs him to see Adi. He says Adi is excited for marriage, its engagement first. Adi says sorry, engagement, mumma how did you come, we came to select saree for Aaliya. Raman asks lady to give saree to Adi, he is groom and he will pay. Raman goes. The lady asks Shagun to come, she kept exclusive sarees for her. Adi pays bill and goes to Raman. He says I was calling you. Raman says tell Ishita not to come here, lets leave before Shagun comes.

Mihika calls Mihir and says I called Kunal, he is busy and not taking new appointments, I have to give this wedding gift to Ishita and Raman. Mihir says calm down, I will call Kunal after my meeting. Romi comes home and says all imp work are done, hall is booked, caterer is arranged, mehendi and sangeet should happen well. He asks Mihika why did she not do marriage shopping, I told Ishita to get blue saree for you, we both will go. She gets a call and leaves. He says whose call is it. Mihir tells Mihika that Kunal is busy for 2-3 days for conference, you can meet him tomorrow. She says its mehendi and sangeet. Mihir says we will go in afternoon and come back in evening. She agrees.

Mani says aunty this is your Chennai tickets, will Shagun agree. Dadi says yes, Shagun should not know about Raman and Ishita’s marriage. Shagun comes and asks is everything okay, why did you call me urgently. Dadi says we have to go Chennai, I have to buy Kanjivaram sarees for Aaliya, Aaliya’s mum’s jewelry is also there, you come with me, we will come before Aaliya’s engagement, help me, how will I manage alone. Shagun asks what about Pihu, who will take care of her. Mani and Aaliya take Pihu’s responsibility. Shagun agrees to go with Dadi.

Aaliya likes Dadi’s idea and thanks her. Dadi says you attend Raman and Ishita’s marriage and see that all rituals are done, take video, what about Pihu. Mani says I will take video. Aaliya says I will manage Pihu. Romi sees Pihu coming home and gets surprised. He says you here… Aaliya says Pihu came running. Romi signs her. Aaliya says don’t worry. Pihu asks is anyone’s marriage happening. Aaliya says no, its my and Adi’s engagement preparations. She asks her to go and watch her fav show. Aaliya tells everyone that Shagun went to Chennai with Dadi, I want Pihu to attend all functions, we can hide marriage from her. Simmi says its looking bad to hide this from her. Pihu comes and asks what. Simmi says nothing and asks her to get Ananya.

Ruhi says we are hiding dancers, you know Adi and Aaliya are getting engaged, we planned sangeet, now Adi and Aaliya are performing, our surprise flopped, this is our secret. Pihu says fine, why sangeet in engagement, it happens in marriage. Ruhi says no, trend changed, we all dance. Pihu asks can I also dance. Ruhi says yes, sure. Ruhi, Pihu and everyone dance Bharatnatyam in Bhalla house, while Adi teaches Bhangra to Appa and Amma. Lets nacho…..plays…….

Simmi says I won’t dance. Mihika says I think we should do Bollywood. Amma asks why did you stop music, we were doing good. Appa asks Adi to teach easy steps. Adi agrees. Raman and Ishita come home. Ruhi asks them to prepare for sangeet and shows steps. Pihu looks on. Raman and Ishita dance. Raman sees Pihu and gets conscious. Ruhi asks Pihu to come and dance. Pihu sees Ishita and says you are doing this step wrong. Pihu shows right one. Everyone smile. Ishita thanks Pihu. Pihu says we will do Bhangra. Raman and Ishita get glad and dance with Ruhi and Pihu.

Later, Ruhi asks Mihika to come and get mehendi applied. Mihika says her friend has some emergency, I will go, keep mehendi cone, I will come and apply. The man applies sign board. Mr. Bhalla, Raman, Romi and Adi see sign board of sangeet function of Raman and Ishita. Raman asks the man to remove it. Romi says I told you about sign board of Adi and Aaliya’s sangeet, remove it. Romi asks Raman not to worry. Mihir shows Kunal to Mihika. Mihika says what is Ashok doing with Kunal. They hide and look on. Mihika says they know each other, I don’t think there is any use to ask his help. Mihir says maybe they are meeting for professional work, we will wait and meet once Ashok leaves. She agrees.

Ruhi asks Neelu to keep items in kitchen. She asks everyone to come, mehendi is ready. Amma smiles seeing Ishita. Ishita says Aaliya made me ready. Ishita says its 8 years now, you are getting emotional again. Amma cries. Ishita hugs her. Amma says I will apply first and writes Raman’s name in Tamil. Ishita says even Raman won’t understand. Amma cries happily. Adi asks Amma to control her emotions and save for him. Ishita asks where is Pihu. Adi says she is with Romi, relax and enjoy. Ishita smiles.

Mihika asks inspector to move. Mihir wakes up. They are caught in a hotel room. Inspector asks is this your husband. Mihika says no, he is not my husband, but a relative. Inspector laughs and says many times women tell client is their relative.

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