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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2015 Written Update

Ishita drinking lemon water. Neelu worries seeing Ishita using the lemons which she has kept by reading mantras. She tells Ishita about Shagun’s ghost in her. Ishita gets shocked and comes to her room. Raman sees her sad and says Ishita… Ishita asks how can I do this, what will family think about me, Neelu told me about how I was behaving, what I was wearing, I did not have control on me, then I could harm myself or others. He says you are educated doctor, how can you believe all this. She says right, I have to find out.

She checks possession stories, and reads to him. He says such things are in tv, you are my Ishita, you are very good and think good about everyone, even bad spirit will turn good if it comes on you. He says there is nothing like ghosts or spirits, the truth is you are my Ishita, I love you a lot, nothing will happen. He hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………

Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi talk about puja so that Ishita gets fine soon. Ruhi comes and asks how do I look. Mrs. Bhalla says you look an angel. Ruhi says she is going to her friend’s home for puja. Ruhi asks for Ishita. She goes to room and Ishita smiles seeing her. She compliments Ruhi. Ruhi says she is going to her friend’s home, and asks Ishita will she do puja with Dadi at home. She says she wants to become like Ishita and wear her saree. She says she does not have sarees. Ishita says but I have a surprise. She shows a saree and says last time I got this for you, come, wear it. She makes Ruhi wear the saree. Dil se dil ka rishta……………plays…….. Ruhi asks why do they wear sarees. Ishita says because you keep everyone’s love in it, and counts the family members while making the pleats. She says then we distribute the love in family. Ruhi says she looks like Ishi Maa.

She asks her not to worry, as she has prayed Ishi maa gets fine soon. Ishita says even I want Lord to answer your prayers soon and make me fine, so that I do puja with you, I m not completely well, I love you a lot, I want you to be safe, I don’t want to harm anyone. Ruhi says you can’t harm anyone, this will never happen. Ishita hugs her.

Mihir and Abhishek come to the men’s parlor. Mihir asks Abhishek why is he nervous. Abhishek says its first time, I m not nervous. Mihir tells about hot wax and the pain. He asks him to think how much Mihika will be impressed. Raman comes to Ishita and says we can go to psychiatrist if you want. She asks do you think I m mad. He says no, we can get any mental illness cured, whats wrong in going to doctor, sorry if you don’t want. She says I understand, fine. He shows her two sarees, one she can wear when they visit doctor and one for puja.

He jokes and flirts. She says no need, I know you skills, I will change and come, you go. He worries for her. Mihika calls Mihir and thinks is he with Abhishek. She calls Abhishek, while Abhishek is getting waxing done. Abhishek says Mihir went for meeting and screams by waxing pain. She asks is he fine. He says I m on imp case, I will talk later and ends call. Raman takes Ishita to a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist says nothing happened to you, you are fine Ishita, sometimes stress causes you to lose control. Raman thanks her for help. The psychiatrist asks Ishita to meet anytime, spend time with family and be stress free. Ishita thanks her. She says thanks Raman for getting me here and they leave. Ruhi tells the girls about Kanchan puja at her home and invites them. The neighbor ladies gossip about Ishita, that she was drunk and Raman taking her home. Ruhi hears them and says Ishi Maa is unwell, she will get fine, she is best mumma of the world. She says Ishita will do puja today and asks them to come.

Vandu will come house which is fatigued. She asks Bala to offer h2o. He suggests I gained’t go. She asks in which. He suggests about Instructor going with student having jobs in village, I am able to’t Reside devoid of my spouse and youngsters, I m loved ones male. She claims so adorable. He says I can’t go leaving Raman and Ishita in these difficulties. Raman will come and suggests Ishita is performing puja nowadays. Ruhi’s pals also are coming.

Ishita concerns home and claims Ruhi needs me to complete puja, I m sensation glad, her pals can also be coming, I’ll have on Raman’s gifted saree. She opens the cupboard and screams. She falls down plus the saree falls around her. She takes the saree and looks on with vengeance….

Ishita retains Sarika and scares her. She asks Sarika to get faraway from Ishita… and pushes her away.

Written Update By Sahir


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