Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun thinking Raman refused to help Ishita in foreign country, it means he has moved out Ishita from her heart. He thinks maybe Shagun will believe me now. He says Ishita spoiled the mood, we will go and have food outside. Shagun and Pihu agree to have food in Italian restaurant. They leave. Vidyut and Ishita have a talk. She says I m sure Shagun is convinced, Raman and I can get Pihu’s custody, I don’t want Raman and Pihu to get away. He says after hearing your story, I wish you guys succeed. She says I hope, I had fun to do acting. Pihu asks Raman can I go and help chef uncle, he asked me to come. Raman says be careful, go. Shagun asks Raman do you really want to give divorce to Ishita.

He asks why do you take her name always, she went from my life, but not yours. She says I m worried for Ishita, you did not help her, why. He says I hate that woman, she made me away from my children and family, I want to get freedom from her, I want divorce. Ruhi hears him and calls him out. She asks how were you saying this about Ishi Maa, I was following you, I thought you are with Pihu, you are with Shagun and saying all this, how can you say this, you know Ishi Maa is not a liar, she did not make you away from family, you left her, Adi and I want to get you guys together, but I m mad, as you took the decision, what family are you talking about, did you call us once, Ishi Maa also wants to move on, she also came to meet someone else, you also do not care about her, you both want to get divorced, what happened. Raman looks at Shagun. Ruhi says I m getting anger on you, you are letting your marriage break, this relation is not just yours, its ours too, you and Ishi Maa did not think of us, how can you both be selfish and careless, you both don’t value our feelings, do anything, enough. She goes.

Shagun says Raman, let her go, she is attached to Ishita and will react like this, Ishita is moving on, don’t worry. He says Ishita can hurt her, but she is my daughter. She says she is my daughter too, she will understand, don’t take tension. He thinks no woman becomes mother by saying, you can’t see your daughter’s pain. Shagun thinks it means Raman and Ishita are really getting divorced. He says my daughter is worried there. Pihu gets the pasta she made and asks them to taste it. Shagun asks Raman to taste it. Pihu praises the chef. He thinks to explain Raman, but how, Shagun got convinced that Ishita and I are getting separated, if this plan works, we can try to get Pihu back.

Adi and Aaliya come for lunch. He asks is food not nice. She says no, its good. He says I know you are angry, sorry, there is reason for my distraction, I will tell you at right time, give me some time, we are meeting after one year, no phone calls and messages now, all my time is just yours. He says don’t make a face, if you cry like this, I will get back to phone. She says till couple is GF and BF, its all happening, when they turn to married couple, everything gets dull. He says this will not happen with us, slap me but talk to me, I will switch off my phone, there won’t be disturbance. He gets Ruhi’s call. She asks him to talk. Ruhi cries and says everything ended, we can’t do anything. He asks what happened. She says Papa really wants to give divorce to Ishi Maa, he was with Shagun and saying bad about Ishita. Adi gets up angrily and things over the table fall over Aaliya. He walks off. Aaliya looks on.

Ruhi says I know Papa loves Pihu a lot, don’t we have feelings, how much will we bear, how many times will we lose our mother, if there is no love binding us, where will we do, Papa really hates Ishi Maa, and she wants to move on with Vidyut, its happening because of him, he does not love her, he is casanova, she is innocent and getting trapped, maybe she really feels lonely, Ishi Maa and Papa will love each other a lot, Vidyut is doing this, once Papa talks to Ishi Maa, everything will get sort out, I will kill Vidyut. Aaliya sees Adi on call and leaves. Adi says calm down, don’t cry, we have to solve this, I found out about Vidyut, go and talk to him. She says I will tell him to be away from Ishi Maa. He asks her to take care. She says I m fine, and ends call. He says don’t worry how Ruhi is managing there alone. He realizes he is on call since half an hour, Aaliya will get angry again, I have to tell her. He talks to waiter. Waiter tells him. Adi asks what, food fell over her, where is she now. Waiter says she left in anger by paying the bill. Adi thinks to tell everything to Aaliya.

Aaliya is angry on Adi and packs her bags. She says he is stupid, whats the secret he can’t share with me. She gets many messages from Adi and deletes the messages without reading. She gets sorry notes from Adi. She opens the door and meets Adi. He apologizes to her. She says you scared me, I will not get convinced by these stupid tactics, you are avoiding me, I m going back to Bangkok, get lost. He asks her to listen. She shuts door and hears something. She goes to see. He gets stuck in the sorry cans string. She asks him to be careful. He says I m sorry Aaliya, I will not leave you ever, I have to tell you something. She does not want to listen. She says tell me. He says Ruhi and I are on mission to save Ishi Maa and Papa’s marriage.

Ishita asks what, you did not tell me, I would have met Ruhi, else you could talk to her. Raman says no, Ruhi spoke to me and Shagun got convinced, she is bored and wants excitement in her life. He tells about Shagun. Vidyut says I know what you mean, Shagun and I are not serious, we are just flirting around. Ishita asks do you have any plan. Raman says yes, to fail Shagun I have a plan, she thinks she can make anyone mad, if Vidyut makes Shagun sure of your future together and there is no place for Pihu in your life, she will give her custody to us. Raman and Ishita explain Vidyut that she will choose rich man over Pihu. Vidyut says I met her after many years, I m not serious about her. They ask him to play this game for them, atleast understand a mother’s feeling. Vidyut says see she is emotionally blackmailing me, okay, I know you guys can do anything for Pihu, I will help you, what to tell her. They ask him to call Shagun on date. Vidyut says I have to go for match, then I will call her for a romantic date. He messages Shagun about the date. Raman says now I m sure, I will get my Pihu back.

Ruhi meets Vidyut at the stadium and asks why are you ruining Ishimaa’s life, I know you are big flirt, she is innocent, so you are trapping her. Raman and Ishita look on.

Written Update by Amena

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