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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with hijacker panicking and saying if I die, how will I apologize to my GF. Ishita says its just turbulence, no one is panicking, you just get seated, nothing will happen, you would be meeting your GF. Hijacker gets seated beside Raman and says I don’t want to die. Raman asks him to just not worry.

Adi talks to Shagun. Adi asks her to get a selfie with Ruhaan and also his autograph. Shagun says I thought just Pihu is his fan. He says no, I have some other work, but please get it. She says fine. He ends call and says sorry to force you, but I want Ruhaan’s autograph. Shravan comes and asks what is it. Adi tells about Ruhaan’s autograph. Shravan says I also want one. Adi says fine, what will I get instead it. Shravan says you are dealing with me. Adi asks him to give Romi and Mihika’s wedding planner name and details, I will give you Ruhaan’s autograph. Shravan goes. Adi says I want to see did Romi really forget his family, I will give any updates of his marriage to Dadi.

Aaliya comes to meet Ruhaan and asks are you fine, you called at this time. Ruhaan says I m going tomorrow, I have two assignments, Nancy and Mam are not here, I hate to stay alone, did you had dinner, join me. They sit for dinner. Ruhaan says you would be eating food made by Ish… I mean your Amma. After dinner, you have to go back home, I know you can’t stay back. Aaliya says no, I can stay back if you want. Ruhaan thanks her and asks about her education, friends… Ruhaan says I don’t have friends, I don’t know what happens in sleepovers and nightouts. Aaliya says its lots of fun, I have two best friends, Isha and Naina, when I met you first, I found you humble, you treated me as a friend, can I ask you something, why are you moody, you look happy sometimes and then angry, I feel like talking to some girl now, I m sorry. Ruhaan propers the hair and asks the plan for movie. Aaliya asks him to select the movie and she will make something different for him. Ruhaan goes. Aaliya says poor Ruhaan, why does he stay scared, I hope I can relax him, he has to go Mumbai for Appa’s project.

Raman talks to hijacker, and says you are strange to hijack a flight for GF, whats guarantee she loves you equally, love is nothing, people change, maybe she changed. The guy says she loves me. Raman says think about it, if she does not marry you then… the guy says I have to marry her, I can’t live without her. Raman says love does not exist. The guy says you don’t understand love. Raman says I got cheated whenever I tried to understand love, when plane lands, you will die seeing your GF marrying someone else. The guy asks him to stop it. The air hostess tells Ishita that the man is telling hijacker that love is illusion. Ishita asks what, can I talk to that man, else make hijacker sit somewhere else. The hijacker guy asks Raman to stop his nonsense. Hostess asks hijacker to change his seat.

Ruhaan gets surprised seeing Aaliya making south Indian food. Ruhaan tastes the food and recalls Ishita. Ruhaan says its tasty. Nancy comes and says a lady came to meet you, she is some fan’s mum. Ruhaan asks how can anyone come like this. Aaliya says you should not disappoint any fan, I think you should go.

Ishita tells the hijacker that he should not be hungry, as he is battling for his love, he is going against the world and fighting for his GF. He eats some snacks given by her and thanks her. She says you love her a lot, when we love someone, we want everyone’s blessings, that is how we start a new life, what are you doing, you want to start a new life, by getting people’s curse, I understand you love your GF, the way you are scaring people, they can’t understand your love purity, try not to hurt people, I think you should meet her parents, win their hearts and assure that you will keep their daughter happy forever, if they know you did this hijack, they will not like it, win their trust instead doing all this, win everything by love. He says what you are saying is true, I just want to meet her once and express my feelings, I will tell her that I will try to convince her parents, I will tell Mumbai airport authorities to get my GF there. She says I don’t know this would happen or not, they would be scared. He says what did I do, did I harm anyone, I m hearing your nonsense. He gets angry. Raman says people just know to spoil work, women are problem of every man, what was the need for that woman to say all this. The hijacker says I want to meet my GF.

Ruhaan gets shocked seeing Shagun. Romi and Mihika have a talk. Adi meets them and says sorry you had to wait, I m assistant of wedding planner. He says I joined today and recalls how he joined the job by requesting the man and working for free. Adi asks them to sit, and shows some shortlisted designs for their wedding. He smiles.

Shagun says I m so sorry to disturb you so late, I m Pihu’s mom, Pihu industries for whom you signed contract, my son Adi is your big fan, he asked for your autograph, Pihu is also your fan, if I get your selfies, they would be really happy. Aaliya says Ruhaan has great fan following, my Amma went to Mumbai by flight today. Shagun says even Pihu’s dad went by Syndey Mumbai flight, whats your mum’s name. Ruhaan interrupts and stops Aaliya from saying. They see the news that Sydney Mumbai flight has been hijacked….. They all get shocked. Shagun worries and rushes. Ruhaan thinks Papa is in this flight and asks Aaliya are you fine. Aaliya says Amma was in this flight, I have to go home. Ruhaan asks Nancy to ask driver to drop Aaliya home. Ruhaan worries for Raman and Ishita. Ruhaan prays for them.

Ishita is wounded. Raman takes her to hospital and asks doctor to treat her. He says you will be fine and does not see her face.

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