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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Ishita running away. Police finds out that Ishita did not die, she has run away. They inform Raman. Ishita runs away to save her life. Inspector asks the staff to find Ishita. Raman comes there and takes Ishita in his car. She gets shocked seeing him. police leaves to find her. Ishita says Raman, you here…. She cries and hugs him. She says I wanted to see you, I don’t know how I m alive, I will go back now, why did you not come to see me. He says how would I come, I m responsible for all this, I lost that proof and you were dying, I can’t lose you, let me do what I m going to do now, don’t stop me, she asks what… he takes her somewhere. She asks where are you taking me, whats wrong with you. He says no one can make you away from me. She says I have to go back. He says there is no time, we will move ahead in life together, come with me.

She asks where did you bring me. He says listen to me no one will catch you. She says I have to surrender, I was doing mistake, I did wrong, we will go back to police. He says I m with you. She says I m not criminal. He says listen, I m thinking of family, you did not murder, its not hanging, its your suicide like that. She says this is suicide to come like this. They argue. He asks her to listen, kids need a mother. She asks how will kids stay without him. he says its about us too, no one dies for others, but if you die, I will die, you want me to live without me, did you think about me, I m taking you for myself, I m selfish, if you die, I will die. She asks whats this passion, I m not able to understand you. Our kids are imp for us right.

He says it means our love is not imp. She says our kids are imp, if we run, we both will die daily, I don’t want you to die with me, come with me. He asks her to stop it, if you want to die, then whats need to go and get hanged, go die. He holds her down the cliff. She asks him what is he doing, save me, pull me up. He says you wanted to die, I could not see you dying there, because if you died there, how would I get fun of killing you. She gets shocked. He says you were asking why I got you here, now think, you have plenty of time. She looks at him. He leaves her hands. She falls down. Sarvmangale……………plays……… Raman waves her bye. She looks on shocked and her wedding rounds are shown reverse. He throws the black thread and says foolish, she should have tied this to herself to get saved. He says thank God you went, it was imp for you to go so that I do what I want, I will do what I could not do in your presence. He grins and leaves.

Vandu in drunken state, comes to the same spot crying and missing Ishita. She says I should die, I hate my life. The families get to know Ishita has run away. Appa says Bala and I were waiting there to collect body, police said Ishita did not die and has run away using that chance. Ruhi thanks Lord. Shagun says kids are very happy. Mr. Bhalla says they are innocent and think Ishita is fine being alive, but I m worried for her. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma also worry. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Raman. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know, police informed Raman about Ishita. Sarika hears them and says Ishita has run away, I have to inform Ashok. Raman calls someone and says Ishita is dead, I will meet you soon. He sees Vandu there and hides. Vandu says Raman, what is happening, I m hallucinating, I have gone mad. She cries and leaves. He thinks did Vandu see him. Vandu says I should die. Vandu goes to jump down the cliff. She recalls Bal and kids. Raman gets shocked and runs to stop her. He stops and hides. Vandu says I can’t kill myself, what about Bala and kids, how will they live without me, everyone will feel Ishita really did that sin and I too. She goes back. Raman looks on.

Abhishek comes to Bhalla house. He says if she get saved, she will come here, so I m doing duty and got my team here. Shagun scolds him and asks is Ishita criminal. He says I understand, but she has run away, I m doing my duty. She says what duty, its your mistake that she has run away, its not her mistake, you want she should say sorry and ask you to hang her again, Ishita got safe, you can never understand what she is going through, you all forced her, else she would have not done this, she killed a devil and your laws punished her. She cries. He says but she is criminal in law’s eyes, I m here to do my duty, I know she will come here, I will keep my team stay here. Shagun gets angry.

She asks don’t you know Ishita can’t kill anyone. Abhishek asks them to take care of Shagun. He says Ishita did crime by running away, its your duty to inform me if she comes here. They all cry. Shagun says even Raman is not here. Abhishek says Raman, where is he, he did not come to claim body. Mrs. Bhalla says he would be wandering on road and crying. Abhishek says fine, I will leave. Mr. Bhalla says I feel a big joke happened with us. Niddhi comes and says yes, its true.

Raman gives flowers to Niddhi, and says Ishita did not get hanged and I killed her. She asks and we? He says our story just started my love and hugs her. They smile.

Written Update By Amena


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