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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla saying I did not imagine Iyers will do this cheap trick. Ruhi talks to Aaliya on phone and asks what, your Amma is going to stay in that society, fine I m your friend, you can share anything with me. She ends call and gets angry. She says I can’t let Raman and Ishita come close, if Ishita stays there, she will come close to Papa, I won’t let this happen, Papa says he hates Ishita, but his eyes have same love for Ishita, Ishita will use her charm and make things like before, what shall I do. Ruhi loosens her hair and says I got this superb idea.

Appa asks what nonsense, we will not do anything that hurts Pihu, we have hidden this for long, we would have told this earlier if we wanted to. Ishita comes and asks what happened. Appa and Mr. Bhalla argue. Raman and Adi come there. Appa says we did not keep that pic, that’s it. Adi asks why are they fighting. Raman asks Ishita what is she doing here. She says I came to stay in this building’s flat. He says then fights will happen every day. She says I signed lease paper, you can’t control where I stay. He says fine, I will see how you stay here. She asks the man to keep her luggage in her flat. Adi thinks Ishita and Raman will meet every day if she stays here, I have to make sure Ishita stays in this building. Ruhi dresses up and says everyone knows me as Ruhaan, but no one knows I m a girl, no one can identify me in this girl’s getup, I will not let Ishita and Papa unite, I will stay here till Papa marries Shagun.

Raman raises objection and talks to some people. Appa and Vandu argue. Appa says Ishita can stay here, I will see who stops her. Raman says rules are rules, do you have consent of all society members, I know why she came here, she came to stop me from marrying Shagun, I will marry Shagun. The ladies gossip that Raman and Shagun were staying without marriage, now both of Raman’s wives will stay here. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to stop it now. Raman says just they make this drama always. Adi gets a broker there. Prateek’s broker comes and says Prateek gave permission to Ishita for stay here, even society secretary gave permission. Appa says now Ishu will stay here. Raman murmurs frustratingly and goes. Ishita hugs her Appa.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman why did you say all that, now everyone knows you did not marry Shagun, everyone felt you married Shagun, now truth is infront of everyone, your mum went to London because of you. Raman says don’t blame me for everything, Shagun applied sindoor for Pihu’s sake, she is Pihu’s mother, I will marry Shagun, I don’t want to die being frustrated, I m marrying Shagun, I don’t care about anyone. He goes to his room and attends a call. He thinks to get away from all this.

Adi arranges Ishita’s things. Aaliya asks him to arrange well. Ishita says you can arrange things later, the house is bad. Aaliya argues with Adi. Pihu refuses to have milk. Mihir comes home and asks Neelu why is Pihu upset. Neelu says don’t know whats happening, Raman is angry in his room and Pihu is angry here. Mihir goes to Pihu and asks about Ruhaan. She hugs him and cries. She says I asked Dadu about one pic and everyone started fighting, I m very sad. He asks what pic. She tells about Raman and Ishita’s marriage pic, tell me about it. He lies that Raman did a play, Ishita played his wife’s role. Pihu asks why did Dadu not tell me. He says he got old and forgot, I came to tell you about a new icecream parlor, shall we go, tell me. She nods and kisses him. He takes her out.

Aaliya and Adi argue. She asks him not to do all this, he has no relation with Ishita. He says she is my mum. She says she was your mum, she is not your mum now, she has big heart and always helps people. He says you have no relation with her and she still loved you as daughter, you won’t understand this, you are busy in blaming others always.

Ruhi starts leaving and answers broker’s call. She says I m reaching, did you see the flat, is it in same building where Raman stays, fine I will meet you there. She thinks to leave soon before Niddhi comes. Niddhi comes there and Ruhi gets shocked. Niddhi sees her bag and walks to her. She drags Ruhi and pushes her. She slaps Ruhi and asks where were you going, you were going to say your truth to family, listen to me, I will cut all your feathers today. Ruhi asks her to just stop it, and says you know why I m going, Ishita wants to stop Raman and Shagun’s marriage, I want Papa and Shagun mumma’s marriage, I got a flat in that building, I will stay as PG, its matter of few days, I have to stay close to keep an eye on them.

Ruhi says I m doing this just on your saying, I m going to fulfill our motives. Niddhi says fine, go, but remember for what you are going there. She stops Ruhu and says you think you are clever, you think Bhallas will not think of Ruhi seeing this mole. She conceals the mole and asks her to always cover up this mole, else you know what I can do if anything goes wrong. Ruhi leaves.

Ishita says this society is safe, you can stay here, how did you come, for study or any job, I m Dr. Ishita, whats your name. Broker says she did not say her name to me too, and asks her name. Ruhi says I m Ruhi… Ishita gets shocked.

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