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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun saying why is he calling me. Ashok says I will come to morally support you on pretext of my car accident. Simran tells Raj that Raman did not touch his wife till now. Raj says he is not like pind man to jump on bed on the first night, they give time to each other, don’t doubt on me and my brother, and our manhood. Simran says you have not touched me till now. Raman says he will tell Ishita today and sees her busy with family, and everyone dancing. Ishita sends Neelu to laundry.

They all ask Raman to come. Raman says its good Romi noticed me. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman and Ishita to dance. Raman says I don’t want to. Mrs. Bhalla defends Ishita and jokes on him. Mihir says will he dance leaving him. Raman says you are my first love and holds him. Raj and Simran look on. Raman says he will not lift Ishita, and lift Mihir. Ishita says she is jealous. Rinki says my husband is gone. Raj says Raman is joking. Simran says is Raman… Raj says let me notice, then we will see. Simran says I m feeling bad for Ishita.

Shagun and Ashok meet Abhishek and asks why does he call her as if she is criminal. He asks why does she get nervous if she is not criminal. She says she is going to Australia. Abhishek gets the list of passengers from airlines and says strange, its just your name here, we had info that three tickets were booked, tell me who else I going. She says this is ridiculous, you see it yourself.

Ashok says he is seeing all this, Shagun is his old friend, she told me you call her often, this is not good, you can’t call any respectable woman like this, and Shagun will come with my lawyer next time. Abhishek says he calls her for some valid reason, and he will be prepared if she comes with lawyer. Ashok leaves with Shagun. Abhishek crushes the list in anger.

Ishita says he says he can’t lift me, did I get fat and looks in mirror. Raman comes and talks to her. Their nok jhok starts. He takes her behind the curtains and he asks will she dance with him or not. She refuses and say he just talks and does noting. He says he needs a chance. Mihir calls him and Raman asks her to be quiet. Mihir asks Rinki about Raman. Ishita hides and Mihir sees Raman coming from the curtains and asks what was he doing. Raman says your timing is so bad. Mihir asks him to have kulfi. Raman goes out. Mihir says don’t get angry, and Raman asks him not to do this mistake again. Raj looks on and asks Romi did you see Raman and Mihir, so touchy.

Romi says it means you also got to know. Raj asks what. Romi says you are also brother, whats there to hide and says he saw Raman making Mihir wear a saree before in office, think if mummy ji knows this, her hope will sink, even I m hurt but… Raj thinks Simran’s doubt was right, Raman is really that… Hayo Rabba.

He says I will leave. Romi asks him to have chips, samosa. Raj says let me go, we will meet later and goes. Romi laughs. Ashok and Shagun are on the way. Shagun asks how did this happen when you booked three tickets, how did ACP not get their names. Ashok gives her tickets. She says Mumbai to Singapore. He says I know ACP tried to know, so I improvised a little, I booked your ticket with kids to Mumbai to Singapore and then Singapore to Australia. She says you thought so much for me. He say no, to snatch kids from Raman and Ishita.

Raman comes to Ishita ion kids room and shuts the door. Raj tells Simran that she was right, he did not think that Raman is like this, that’s why he used to hug me tight, why did he get after Mihir, he is his brother in law. Raman asks Ishita to sit quiet and listen to him. Raj says he will ask Jassi to make Raman and Ishita do some item number, that their emotions get high. Raman tells Ishita that he planned a special night, just him and her and no one else, on engagement night in Maharaja suite.

He says he is ready for it and asks her. She says yes. He says I did not hear it. She says obviously. He says why did the time stop. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………….. She says there is no one at home and hugs him. Its morning, Subbu looks at his kurta and cries. He says Laxmi, I m going to fulfill our revenge, and it starts today. He sees Laxmi and Karthik’s pic and cries. FB shows Laxmi’s smiling face. Paas aaye …………..plays…………… He hugs her pic and cries. Sujata comes and pacifies Subbu.

Subbu says its hearing for Laxmi’s case. She asks what will we tell Bhallas. He says he will say about victim case court hearing. She says if they get to know. He signs no.

Subbu says he will show Bhallas what he is, and they pity on him. Raman falls on Ishita from the ladder and says if she got hurt, his plans would have flopped.


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