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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Ishita, Prateek and Abhishek looking for Shagun. Shagun is inside that new car. Abhishek stops the car and asks the man did he see any woman wearing burqa. The man says no, this is car parking area, we have to go to deliver this car. The car leaves. Ishita asks where shall we find her. Abhishek sees CCTV there and says now we will know where is Shagun. They see the CCTV feeds and Shagun in bad state. Abhishek says I think she is shot. They see Shagun getting inside the car. Ishita says its same car that went for delivery. Abhishek says yes, we spoke to that same car driver. He asks manager to give car owner details fast. The manager says this car is on Bala Subramanium’s name. Ishita asks what. The manager tells the address of delivery. Prateek says that’s our building and they all rush.

Ishita reaches there with them and does not see the car. Ishita asks Bala where is his car. Bala says I did not buy any car. Abhishek says it has something imp, tell us. Ishita insists. Bala says fine, don’t tell Vandu, I cancelled the car booking and told Khosla. Abhishek asks who is Khosla, give his details. Bala gives details and asks Ishita what happened. She asks him not to tell anything to Vandu and leave. Abhishek, Prateek and Ishita see Khosla’s details. Abhishek says Khosla is Suraj’s right hand. The constable gets the new delivery address, that’s Ashok’s house.

Ashok gets angry as driver took car for servicing. He asks watchman to get cab. The man gets the car to deliver to Suraj. Ashok talks to him and asks did Suraj buy it. The man says no, the car is named on Bala and delivery was to be done here. Ashok signs and accepts the delivery. Shagun sees him and get shocked. The man says car kit is inside and thanks him. Ashok says its good, I got a car for the day. He sits in the car. Shagun hides. Ashok says don’t know where is Shagun, I have to find Shagun, maybe Ishita will go to meet her. He turns back and reverses the car.

Abhishek, Prateek and Ishita reach to his house and talk to guard about car delivery. The guard says yes, car was delivered, Ashok has taken it. They get shocked. Abhishek asks did any driver go along. The guard says no, Ashok drove it himself. Ishita says it Ashok gets Shagun, she is pregnant and she is hurt too. Shagun is in pain. Ashok says I have to find Shagun. Suraj calls Ashok and asks did he take the car delivery. Ashok says yes, I m driving it. Suraj asks him to drive well. Ashok says I know driving, don’t worry. He ends call and says I have to do something soon.

Mihir tells Raman that client was so happy, we will get this contract. Raman says we have to be sure Ashok does not get it. Mihir says Ashok is of nowhere now. He calls Sanjay and says he just joined us. Raman talks to him. Sanjay says my family likes the environment here, I want to invite you and your wife for Poornima festival, women keep fast and moon’s puja is done. Raman says its like our Karwachauth. Sanjay says no, women keep fast for husband’s long life and this one is for husband’s prosperity, its believed moon and earth come closest on that night, and that Poornima’s light has healing powers, every hurdle and problems will get away. Raman says we all will come. Sanjay thanks him and leaves. Raman thinks of healing powers. Mihir asks will you take Ishita there, if anything happens. Raman says I can’t live in fear, maybe this can help her. Mihir says you love Ishita so much, when I see you and Ishita, I realize marriage is such a lovely bond. He leaves.

Ishita worries and says its evening now, Shagun is wounded. Prateek asks her to relax. Abhishek tries to trace the car. She asks them to inform her and leaves. Ashok comes to some hospital and asks someone to check hospitals, as Shagun is shot, and Ishita will take her to hospital. Shagun is still in the car.

Abhishek thinks where can Ashok take Shagun. The constable tells the car’s location. Abhishek calls Ishita and informs her the same. She says why will Ashok take her to hospital, Shagun will be wounded. He says we can’t tell anything now, I will send Prateek there. She says I will reach there and worries, saying I should take some eatables for Shagun. She reaches there and sees the car parked. She sees Shagun unconscious inside and worries.

Ishita hits the mirror and wakes up Shagun. Shagun sees her and gets up. The nurse tells Ashok that burqa lady recovered, you can see her. He thinks whats Shagun. Ishita sees Shagun wounded. She hugs her and they cry.

Ashok says I did not find Shagun here. He gets shocked seeing Ishita and Shagun. He runs after them.

Written Update By Amena


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