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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Vandu madly running on the road. Raman sees her, and runs after her. Ishita and Bala too run to stop Vandu. Raman saves Vandu. Vandu cries and says I did not do anything. Ishita hugs her and says we know this. Bala cries. They bring her home. Ishita asks why is she blaming herself. Vandu says they feel I killed him. Bala says no one feels so, tell me who told you. Sarika starts leaving. Vandu says Sarika feels I m guilty. Raman asks Sarika is she mad to say this, I have seen Suraj and his goons, if you are playing new game with Ashok and Suraj, I won’t leave you. Sarika says don’t put blame on me, the guy is dying in hospital and she is partying her, its Vandu’s mistake and I told her the truth. Raman asks are you mad, can’t you see her trauma. Sarika argues.

Romi asks Sarika does she know what was she doing, how can she become so shameless. Mrs. Bhalla calms Romi and asks Sarika to leave. Sarika says truth won’t change, Vandu is culprit and should get punished. Ishita asks Bala to take Vandu to room and she will arrange medicines. She asks Raman to attend guests in party. Raman and Romi leave.

Ruhi and Shravan find the party boring and think what to do. They play hide and seek game. Ruhi sees Chadda hurting his wife Pallavi. Pallavi says sorry, Ishita got me here. Chadda says stop it, I have to treat you for this. Ruhi goes and says uncle, why are you beating aunty. Pallavi says Ruhi, what are you doing here. Ruhi says I was playing with friends, but why is uncle twisting aunty’s hand. Chadda laughs and says I love her, and kisses her hand. He asks her to tell Raman that they left. Ruhi says okay and leaves. Chadda takes Pallavi.

Ishita gives medicines to Mrs. Bhalla and says you need rest now. Mrs. Bhalla says Vandu was fine in party, don’t know what happened. Mr. Bhalla asks her to be with Amma. Ishita goes to see who came at this time. Adi comes home and hugs Ishita. The man says football tournament got over, so we dropped the kids. Ruhi comes and meets Adi. Raman talks to Pathak and asks him to find solution, Sarika is troubling. He ends call and tells Ishita that he can’t bear Sarika’s bad doings. She says we have to do something for Vandu. He asks her not to worry. Ruhi comes and says I knew this, you don’t worry for me. Ishita says yes, I should be punished. Ruhi says no punishment as my Ishi Maa is world’s best mother. Ishita hugs her and says my Ruhi is world’s best daughter. Raman smiles seeing them. Ishita says the secret is I used to miss Ruhi every night. Ruhi says I did not enjoy my London trip, I missed you. Raman says I think no one missed me, just my Adi misses me, where is he. Ruhi says he is with Dadi and Dadu, and asks Ishita to sleep with her. Ishita says I will come. Ruhi goes. Raman says I don’t wish Ruhi to grow up so soon. Ishita says I will go before I get scolding.

Vandu imagines the student died and his father blaming her. She wakes up and says I did not kill him. Bala says nothing happened to your student, he is fine, you did not do anything, sleep. He thinks she is not getting sleep even my medicines, I hope this trauma ends soon. Ishita stays with kids and tells bedtime stories. Adi and Ruhi sleep. Ishita gets a call and gets worried. She asks are you fine, I will come. She leaves message for Raman and goes. Raman does not get sleep and goes to see Ishita. He does not see her and worries.

Raman goes to Manoj’s home and asks where is Ishita. Manoj asks why are you finding him. Raman says she messaged me that Shagun has emergency, so I got doctor. Manoj says Shagun is sleeping in her room. They go and knock the door. Manoj says Shagun does not lock room normally. Ishita opens the door. They get inside and see Shagun having golgappas. He asks Ishita was this your emergency. Ishita says I can explain. Doctor asks Raman did he get him here at night for this, there is no emergency here. Raman scolds them and says I really got worried. Shagun says sorry. Ishita says Shagun was having chaat cravings, she wanted to wake up Manoj and I got chaat for her. Raman says we will also have it, midnight chaat party.

Shagun thanks Ishita for the chaat. Raman asks her to control, as she had sweets in party. Shagun tells Ishita about Pallavi, when I came here for surrogacy case, I remember her name is Pragati, not Pallavi. Ishita recalls Tusshar’s words.

Ishita asks what was uncle doing. Ruhi tells Ishita and Raman that Chadda was twisting Pallavi’s hand. Chadda beats Pallavi at home.

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