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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Raman asking Ishita about going to Ashok. She acts like Shagun. Raman asks her for the signatures. She signs and gives him. He gets shocked and tells the man to get another form. He asks Ishita is she fine, see her sign, look at it. She sees the sign, and says I m sorry, actually I have seen Ashok, so maybe I recalled Shagun, I will cut it and sign again. He says he is getting another form. He asks her to do her sign. She says ofcourse and signs. Raman throws the old form. Ashok gets it and checks the sign. He sees Shagun’s sign and looks at Ishita. He gets stunned and thinks how did Ishita sign exactly like Shagun and why.

The man says we got the tenders, we will announce the tender winner next week, thanks for coming. Ishita tells Raman to come, they will go out for long drive. He gets a call. Some people greet them. Raman says I have to go office for imp meeting. She asks whats wrong, you don’t have time for me, and moves his hand away with annoyance. She looks at Ashok.

Raman sees her staring at Ashok. She goes to Ashok and greets him. She asks about his business. She says come on, I know everything about you. Raman, Suraj and Ashok get shocked seeing her behavior. Raman says excuse me, I m sorry and takes her. Ishita says meet me once and goes with Raman. Ashok asks Suraj was this Ishita…. There is something wrong. Suraj says she is behaving like she is your GF, be careful.

Mihika and Abhishek come for dinner at Mihir’s place. Mihir says I felt cooking is easy, but no, food got burnt. Mihika says I will cook. Mihir says we will order food. Mihika goes to clean the kitchen., Mihir asks Abhishek what will he have. Abhishek laughs hearing Mihir’s menu, and asks him about him and Mihika. Mihir says I wanted to do something special for both of you, I want to see you both happy, she did so much for me at my and Rinki’s marriage time. Abhishek asks are you sure. Mihir says yes.

Bala asks Vandu to wear something special. Vandu says I don’t understand, you want me to dress up for someone else and look good. He says you are getting ready for yourself, you think its for me, I will manage kids, get ready fast. She says I can’t believe this. Raman and Ishita are on the way. She asks about the contract, did he quote price well, she will not like if Raman loses to Ashok. Raman asks whats her problem, Ashok Khanna…. She says I m saying about you, I was just talking to Ashok, he is business associate. He says I hate Ashok, did you forget what he did. She says you are overreacting. He says you are over doing. She argues and says she will go home herself, and asks him to go for the meeting. He leaves in the car. She says idiot, he did not take me for dinner. She takes taxi and leaves.

Abhishek signs Mihika as Mihir knows her choice. Mihir says we will go and get your fav icecream. Mihika gets glad. Mihir thinks to see how much Abhishek loves Mihika. He says I don’t want to sound wrong, I know you really like Mihika, I m really happy, I want to give some tips. Abhishek says sure. Mihir says its long list, when you are with Mihika, don’t express feelings, try to keep it controlled, you are a police officer, you will be aggressive and macho, she does not like such guys, she is Phoolan Devi herself and does not like violent guy, and you have to try to be metros*xual, she likes men who have no hair on their body, I also had it done, don’t think, I will come with you, you must get waxing done.

Abhishek says who does this Mihir. Mihir says Mihika is wonderful girl, but she likes simple guy, but change your dressing sense, I m trying to help you as a friend, trust me, things will work, we will get her chocochip icecream as of now, come.

Vandu is available in the cafe and tries cancelling the meet up with. She thinks she can’t try this and goes there. She will get stunned observing Bala. She gets amazed and smiles. He states Certainly Vandu, I used to be sending Silly shayari for you. I m sorry for on-line dating, I desire to love you eternally. She claims I m extremely happy observing you and hugs him. He states its not possible which i send out my spouse on date with somebody. She says I used to be worried coming in this article, my husband received my coronary heart as normal.

Raman is in Assembly and thinks possibly Ishita stopped Ashok from ingesting mushroom, becoming a health care provider, Manoj was right, she shed our child and perhaps getting influenced, I should really choose her out. He will get a information and suggests so she had to Choose searching. Vandu and Bala dine. She goes to wash her gown. She will get stunned seeing Ishita ingesting. She states how is Ishita behaving these kinds of. Mihir advices Abhishek. They appear household and provides icecream to Mihika. Mihir asks them to go, as he has Conference in early morning. He sends them and asks Abhishek to take Mihika. Mihika states I desired to have icecream. Abhishek says we might have it at close by shop, appear. Vandu talks to her and asks what exactly is she celebrating without Raman. Ishita asks her to connect with Bala as well. Vandu thinks why is she behaving so Odd.

Ishita celebrates stating its her birthday right now, and she realized no person will keep in mind it. Raman appears to be on stunned.

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