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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman showing some old memories to Ruhi. Ishita wakes up and smiles seeing them, and thinks to not interrupt between father daughter moment. Raman shows Ruhi’s school monitor badge and says you remember you jumped when you were made school monitor, you used to intentionally miss the bus so that we drop you. He shows the school game medal, you made practice and we won the medal too. Ruhi gets emotional. Raman shows some pics, and says you told me that my beard hurts you. Ruhi cries. He says I look very bad without the beard and shows more pics. Ishita smiles and looks on. Raman shows the pic and says you loved to wear a saree like Ishi Maa, we missed this a lot. Ruhi sees more pics and then realizes she should leave. She asks can I take all this. He says its all yours. She says yes, I will take this when I leave from here. Ruhi goes. Raman gets sad. Ishita says she needs some time, I have seen everything. Raman says much time passed. Raman gets a call from Anil. Anil tells Raman about Ashok getting his house ownership details, my lawyer friend called me, maybe Ashok got to know the house is on Ruhi’s name, I wanted you to be careful. Raman says fine, I will see. Raman and Ishita worry. Ruhi cries seeing all those childhood stuff. She says I can’t hurt them more, how rude will I be, I think I should say sorry to them now, I hope they forgive me.

Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi is against us, Ashok and Niddhi can do anything using her, we have to save this house, if this house is on Ruhi’s name…. Ruhi comes there smiling and hears them. Ishita says we have to name property and finances on Ruhi’s name to someone else, we can name everything to Pihu, that’s the best way to save all this. Ruhi leaves angrily. Ishita says no, we will not name to Pihu, but by making a trust on Ruhi’s name, we can save property and Ruhi too. Raman likes the idea. Ruhi recalls Ishita’s words and cries, saying they are too bad, I did not think they can do this, I just hate them.

Its morning, Raman wakes up and says look at her, its my room, I m sleeping on sofa and breaking my back, once Ruhi comes back, Ishita will leave and this room will be mine. He goes to bathroom. Ishita wakes up by some sound. Raman says I did not do anything. They all go out and see Ruhi playing loud music. Raman says Ruhi, I will lower the volume. Ruhi says if you have problem, I can leave the house, I exercise like this every morning. Mrs. Bhalla says no, its good, we will also do. Ishita says even I will do. Ishita and Simmi also join Ruhi. Raman smiles.

Appa and Amma come there. Neighbor comes and complains about loud music, if society rules are broken, how will it work. Mrs. Bhalla asks Bhatia to explain them, whats the problem to play some music. Bhatia says there is something called sense, its so loud. Mrs. Bhalla says its morning, whats the probem. Bhatia asks them to stop the music. Ishita says agreed its loud, but we have to change our anger in exercise, its recent research, we are having fun to dance, its good fun, come join us. Ishita gets all the neighbors. Adi wakes up and sees Ruhi and everyone. Raman sits and looks on holding his head. Everyone does as Ruhi. Adi gets a call on Ishita’s phone. Aaliya says I was missing you Amma, I wanted to surprise you, I made idli and sent by Appa, let me know did you like it or not.

Mani gives the tiffin to Ishita and says Aaliya made these idlis. She says tell her its tasty. He says you did not taste it till now. She says she is my daughter, I know she would make great. He asks about Ruhi. She says don’t know how to manage her. He says I have seen some waiters taking your photo frame and trophy, they were saying Ruhi is strange, Ruhi asked them to keep it safe in her room, she cared for the gifts. She gets glad knowing this, and says that’s some progress, I thought its not working on her, thank God, its great news, we got a motivation, we can try more, I felt Ruhi is troubling intentionally, its promise to Ruhi, whatever happens, I will get her back to me. Mani smiles. She says I will solve this riddle, it’s a promise.

Adi goes to meet Aaliya and asks her not to get after Ishi maa, why did your Appa come to meet Ishita. She asks him to mind his own business. He says she is my Ishi Maa. She says she did not give birth to you and me, she is my Amma. He says you don’t have a mind. She scolds him. He warns her to stay away from Ishita. She says she is my Amma, I have relation with her, if you say nonsense, I will put you in sambar cooker. He asks her to learn manners, as you stayed with Ishita. She scolds him a lot. He asks her to be quiet. She says nonstop, and says I doubt you are not Ishimaa’s son. He kisses on her cheek and she gets quiet. He asks her not to say all this, you are cooking my mind, you and your Appa are after my Ishimaa, you feel you are Aaliya Bhatt. He keeps on saying. She kisses on his cheek and he too gets quiet. She signs him. He leaves.

Ishita goes to Mrs. Bhalla and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……….. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that Ruhi kept everything with her. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad to goes to share the news.

Raman says when I was changing, you came inside, and now I m here, close the door, else people will get shocked, on a second thought, one or two shocks is fine, its been much time that I got a shock. She asks him to go out and not embarrass her. They smile. He says its good things are getting back to normal. Shagun looks on.

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