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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita leaving from college. She tells about some imp discussion with ladies/mother’s group, and asks Raman to attend it, he can get to know much info. He agrees on her insistence. They leave. Shagun comes to Mani’s home and is angry on Ruhi. Niddhi calls Shagun and says I have to say something, Ashok told me that you could not keep Pihu, I can help you. Shagun says Ruhi has made me leave from that house.

Niddhi says Ruhi did not get taste of whip since long, anyways you make me out of jail, Ashok said his political career will end if he helps a criminal. Shagun asks why shall I help you. Niddhi says I know you want Pihu and Raman too, don’t act to be good, you will need me to become mean again, I can help you. Shagun asks how will I get you out. Niddhi says I will send you lawyer’s contact number, he will get me out, don’t think much, you can lose this chance too. Shagun agrees.

Raman and Ishita come for the meeting. Raman says what shall I do here, there are many women. Ishita says its important to mingle with them, join the discussion, go, I will sit here. Raman greets the ladies. The lady asks are you Pihu’s Papa, come sit here, I added you in our group. They all offer him seat next to them. Raman sits and says I have become Pihu’s mummy too. The lady says Pihu is so lucky. Ishita thinks he was not going and now enjoying the attention.

The ladies praise Raman’s skills. They take a selfie with Raman. Ishita says he is enjoying a lot and looks at him. Raman smiles and signs to Ishita. The lady calls Raman very photogenic. The other lady says meeting is at my house next week, will you come. Raman says yes, I will reach before time, I don’t feel you are mum of two kids. She says no, I m mum of three kids, I don’t look so young. Raman compliments the ladies and gets friendly. Ishita gets jealous. He asks the ladies for their number. The lady holds him. Ishita moves the lady’s hand away, and says I m Raman’s wife, I was busy and Raman came to meet you. The lady asks Ishita to sit at far seat.

Ishita sits next to Raman and asks what did you talk about work. The lady says we did not discuss anything. Ishita stares at Raman and says I will also come in next meeting. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………… They smile.

Adi says I will send pic, I want same suit like dad, she likes that style, I mean I like that style. He sends jacket’s pic and smiles seeing Aaliya’s pic. Ruhi sees him and calls Simmi. Simmi and Ruhi call Adi out. Adi is lost. They shout. Adi asks what happened. Simmi asks why did you hold cheek. Adi says nothing. Simmi says we will go, I have to buy rakhis. Ruhi says I got many rakhis, Pihu and I made handmade rakhis for Adi. Adi asks is it rakshabandhan tomorrow, I did not take anything for you. Ruhi says its okay, I will tie rakhi after many years. He says I will get gift for sure. Ruhi asks why don’t we invite Aaliya, it will be fun, she has come from Australia, she can see Indian festivals. Adi says no, she can’t come, she is busy in office work, you guys go, I have work. He gets a call and asks Atul to make same suit/jacket. Simmi says what happened to Adi.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman says Shilpa was good, I impressed the ladies. She says they paid you attention as you were alone, their husbands would have given you tough competition. He says I know you are jealous, see I got message from that group. She checks message and says its Pihu’s message, she asked you to buy gift for Adi, we will go and buy gifts for all kids. He agrees. She smiles. He asks did you go mad, why are you smiling. She says its rakhi, everyone will be together. She thinks I will do such planning that you will see.

Niddhi is relieved to be out of jail. Shagun says that lawyer is really good, he got a criminal bailed. Niddhi asks are you taunting me. Shagun says no, I m reminding you are out on bail, don’t be around me, I don’t want anyone to see me with a criminal. Niddhi laughs and says everyone knows you were behind Ishita’s kidnapping, I remember my promise to throw Ishita out of that house if you get me out of jail, that’s a deal.

Ruhi likes the gift and talks to Ishita. Ishita says rakhi is special occasion. Ruhi says you are world’s special mumma. Ishita shows gift for Pihu and asks her approval. Ruhi says its nice color and design. Raman hears them and smiles. Ishita asks Ruhi to give this to Pihu, and tell her Raman got this dress for her, its imp that Pihu wears this dress, Simmi will help her with accessories. Ruhi goes. Raman holds Ishita and hugs her. He cries happily and says I just wanted to say thanks, this would have not been here if you were not here, how can you think of everyone’s happiness, Pihu asked me to get gift for Adi, I did not think of other two kids, you did this, you are a superwoman.

Raman smiles and says you are a complete charmer. He asks her to think well and say. She says you will know it in some time, have patience. He asks what did you do, you are not simple, tell me. She says nothing, get ready, everyone is coming. He asks who. She says family, don’t think much, handsome come soon. She goes. He says whenever she calls me handsome, something happens, I forgot to give her gift.

The ladies make excuse and avoid tying rakhi to Raman. Ishita looks on as Mrs. Bhalla stops the ladies.

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