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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita being in the flight. There is announcement that flight will be delayed for some time. The lady tells her son that a big singer, celebrity will be boarding the flight, so they are waiting for him. Raman says Ruhaan, they don’t value time. The man asks for water. Raman wonders why is that man asking for so much water. Nupur asks Ruhaan to come, the flight is stopped because of him. Ruhaan refuses. Nancy tries convincing Ruhaan and reminds what Niddhi does when she gets angry. Ruhaan recalls Niddhi’s anger and agrees.

Police comes there and says we have to meet Ruhaan, Nimrit has big loan on her, she is in gambling. Ruhaan thinks Niddhi kept her name Nimrit. Inspector says we have sent court notices to her, she did not pay loan and we arrested her, we came to inform. Police leaves. Ruhaan thinks so Niddhi was financially weak and got two contracts for me. He refuses to go anywhere and says Mam is in jail now. Nupur says we will get money for her bail by these papers, please come. Ruhaan says fine, I will go, but after meeting Mam, book tomorrow’s flight. Nupur agrees.

Nupur messages Raman that sorry, they could not board flight today and will come tomorrow. Raman says they wasted so much time. Ishita says I m going India after many years, I wish this work happens soon. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…………. The flight takes off.

Ashok and Romi see the news of Pihu Industries making Ruhaan their brand ambassador. Ashok gets angry and switches off phone. Romi asks what happened, why did you switch if off. Ashok reminds Raman is his business rival. Romi asks him to calm down and says its Raman’s plan, I still have to play my move, so just wait and watch.

Ishita goes towards Raman’s side and air hostess comes on way. Ishita does not see Raman and goes to washroom. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Neelu about Adi’s diet. Amma looks on and worries for Adi. Adi sees Amma. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to take rest. Adi says I m fine now, and makes Amma hear that none has to worry for him now. Amma smiles and hides. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you not fine to talk so loud and look there. Adi asks Neelu to make sambar for him. Amma signs him and says I will make sambar for him. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Adi and calls Simmi. Simmi talks to Mihir and says I m in office, I m alone, I will end work and come. Mrs. Bhalla calls Simmi, and asks her to come home. Simmi says its our company, I can’t take leave like others, I have got vibhuti, don’t worry, Adi is fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come soon. Simmi leaves late. Someone comes there and bribes the guard. The guard opens the office door. Its Romi, and switches off security cameras. He calls Ashok to say he is in Raman’s office, Simmi also left, I will steal all data from Raman’s laptop, it will be fun then. He goes to Raman’s cabin.

Ishita asks the lady is the baby hungry. The lady says no, she is feeling sleepy. Ishita tries changing her seat. The hostess says I m not sure, there is a man over there, he does not want anyone to sit beside him, he said he rested his coat instead the other person. Ishita smiles and recalls Raman. She asks are there other Ravan Kumar in the world, I will explain and convince him. She asks lady to make baby rest on her seat and goes to talk to Raman. The man comes in her way. She says let me just pass through… he blocks her way. The kid asks him to move and pushes him. The man’s gun falls. The boy shouts this uncle has gun. She gets shocked. The man picks the gun and asks Ishita to go to her seat. Raman wakes up and thinks why is everyone shouting. He gets shocked seeing the man with the gun.

Romi sits in Raman’s chair and says Raman has made me run a lot behind this chair. He calls Ashok. Ashok asks are you in Raman’s cabin, how did you reach there. Romi says I m sitting in Raman’s chair, the day is not far when this chair will be mine. Ashok asks him to do the work, did you get Raman’s laptop, did he hack password, we want info, download the data in pendrive and then we will ruin Raman Bhalla. Romi says I will go. He connects pendrive to Raman’s laptop and smiles.

Simmi is on the way and talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks her not to worry about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla leaves from home to meet doctor. Simmi checks and says I think I got vibhuti in Raman’s cabin, I have to go back and get it. She asks driver to take her back to office.

The man says I m hijacker, I will shoot anyone who acts smart. Hostess informs the pilot. The pilots get shocked and lock the cockpit. The man asks everyone to bow their heads down. Raman and Ishita are distant away.

The man asks Ishita to sit, and scolds her. He asks don’t you love your life. Ishita says the baby is hungry, I m going to get water so that the lady can make baby food. She argues with him.

Written Update by Amena

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