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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2015 Written Update

Raman talking to Ishita on phone. He tells Ishita about the office documents. She says she will come there, she is going for dance classes. He says fine and ends call. He recalls in FB that Ishita did not like that dance, she likes classical dance. He feels weird and goes to attend his meeting. Amma says I m worried for Ishu. Appa says she will be fine. Amma says she looked changed, she likes to celebrate festivals and now she did not come home, did not do puja and aarti, I have placed idol at home, but Ishita did not come home. He pacifies her to give some time to Ishita.

Mihir and Mihika are in meeting. Abhishek comes there and Mihika goes out to meet him. He asks what is she doing here. She says office work is imp, this is my workplace, I don’t want people to say anything. Mihir meets Abhishek and says I have called him. They go to Mihir’s cabin to talk. Mihir asks why are they so serious, he wanted to invite them for dinner, he has shifted back to his home. Abhishek asks whats the need. Mihir says you both are together, so its fine, don’t refuse, I want you both to come. Abhishek says sure.

Mihika talks to Abhishek. Abhishek says maybe he will get jealous seeing us on dinner, give it one more try. She says this would be last time, then I will end this acting, thanks, you are really a good friend. She goes. He says there is no hope, I have to assure her that I m right for her, I love her and want her.

Romi is worried thinking did mum talk to Raman or not. He attends the call and asks for some more time to pay rent. He asks what, payment is done. He gets glad and thanks Mrs. Bhalla. He hugs her and praises her. He says you told Raman, that’s why rent is clear. She says I did not talk to Raman. Romi asks what, then who has paid rent. Sarika smiles and says I did, you felt I won’t know, when I have seen you in tension, I found out and paid rent by taking loan from my company. Romi goes. Sarika goes after him. Romi and Sarika argue in the room, as his ego has got hurt.

She cries and says I wanted to help you, like Ishita helps Raman. Romi says Ishita does not show when she helps Raman, why did you help me. Sarika asks can you just beg to Raman. He shouts and asks her not to take Raman’s name. Mrs. Bhalla hears them and says I knew they will fight, Sarika and Romi are not like Ishita and Raman. She asks Romi to listen and he goes. Amma comes there. Neelu says someone came to meet Ishita. The man says Ishita has purchased a designer saree worth 125000rs. They get shocked. The man says she had less cash, she gave me this address and asked me to collect cash from home.

Mrs. Bhalla says I will give you Raman’s office address and sends him to collect cash from Raman. They wonder how did Ishita buy designer saree, she does not like it, I can’t believe this, she can’t do this. Amma says but Shagun could do this. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun….Bala comes home and asks Vandu to check messages on her phone. He sits with Shravan.

Vandu checks messages. Shravan leaves. Vandu says how can this man message me like this, disgusting, you see. Bala reads the message and laughs. He says maybe this man is your old friend or lover, you were hot in college time, and still you are hot. She asks her to meet her friend. She asks are you mad, I m married and happy. He says yes, you don’t need to be afraid, if he crosses line, you explain him that I m married to Bala. She asks why shall I go to meet him. He says like I was chatting, I felt confident and changed, your life is boring, try something new. She asks you mean I m some stranger. He says I m saying just meet, not run away with him. She says I feel this is stupid. He insists. She says fine, just because you are saying.

Raman waits for the meeting at the hotel. He says he is waiting for his wife to get her signs. Ashok and Suraj come there. Suraj asks Ashok not to argue with Raman here. Ashok greets Raman and walks ahead. They all get shocked seeing Ishita wearing designer saree, earrings and hairdo like Shagun. Ashok and Raman see Shagun in her, as Shagun used to wear such clothes. They both get shocked seeing Ishita.

Ishita walks past Raman and goes to Ashok. She smiles and greets Ashok. She asks him not to stare like this, what’s going to folks say, you will be shocked ideal, I impressed you a lot. Raman asks her what is she accomplishing, is she high-quality. She asks Raman not to be jealous. He requires her for your Conference. Ashok and Suraj are stunned. Ashok asks Suraj to find out, Ishita was behaving like Shagun and it has worn equivalent clothing. Suraj suggests leave it, appear for Conference.

They go to the Conference. Raman appears to be like at Shagun, and perhaps Ashok is clueless. Ashok normally takes mushroom to take in and she all of a sudden retains his hand. She gets near him and stops him. She asks whats Mistaken along with you Ashok, you might be allergy with mushroom, did you overlook? He will get shocked and appears at her. Raman too receives shocked and is speechless. Ishita can take the fork from Ashok’s hand and retains it. She asks what’s he viewing such as this, does he really feel she anxieties for him, he is mistaken. She suggests basically I m not involved for your life, as you still ought to get much more punishments. She flirts with him and smiles. She goes back to Raman. Raman appears to be at her.

Ashok receives a paper and checks the sign on it. He seems to be at Ishita.

Written Update By Sahir


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