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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhaan asking Nupur to inform Raman. Ruhaan says whats happening with me, I m doing ad for Raman and Ishita, its good no one knows I m Ruhi. Nupur gives contract papers to Raman. Raman asks can I meet him. Nupur says Ruhaan is rehearsing. Raman says tell him it will be best shoot for him, it will be memorable. He leaves. Ruhaan says I don’t have to make any memories now.

Mani meets doctor. Doctor says its good progress, credit goes to Ishita too. Mani says yes, she did a lot for me, she would be coming, just tell her I m weak and can’t travel, its my request, there is some work, she has to travel to India alone. Ishita comes and asks for reports. Doctor says its good development. She gets glad. Ruhaan’s manager calls Mani. Mani says great news, thanks. He tells Ishita that Ruhaan accepted our deal, our plan worked, he will do our ad shoot in Mumbai, you have to leave tomorrow, I will book your tickets. Ishita says Mani can travel too. Doctor says there is improvement, but he should not travel, he can get fracture. Mani says if you don’t want to go, its okay, I understand, I don’t want to force you. She says no, this project is important, I will go.

Adi tells Mrs. Bhalla that he is fine. Shravan looks on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi not to meet Iyers. Simmi asks Shravan to come. Shravan apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla and says Adi was trying that supplements for me. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to make tea for her and goes. Shravan apologizes to Adi. Adi says its fine, whatever happens, nothing should change between us.

Mani asks Ishita to relax, I m feeling guilty that you are going alone. Aaliya asks did you keep password. Mani asks her to cheer up. Aaliya says don’t worry that you are travelling alone, Lord is with you, come we are getting late. Mani says you guys go. Ishita asks are you not coming with me till airport. Mani says I have some work, don’t worry, you are going your country, it will be all fine, visit Siddhivinayak temple. She leaves with Aaliya. He says sorry Ishu, I know its not easy for you, you have to face your fears, then you can move ahead in life.

Raman calls Mihir and says I signed Ruhaan as our brand ambassador, we will keep ad shoot in Mumbai. Mihir says great news. Raman says give this news in all papers, everyone should know our company will always be best. He says I will be leaving, and Shagun and Pihu want to stay here for some time. Mani reaches Ruhaan’s home. He sees Raman outside and says Raman, no what will Raman do here. Mani says thank Ruhaan for signing contract with me. Nupur says the contracts are so similar, you know are Indians and shoot is in Mumbai too. Mani asks whats the name of other company. Nupur says Pihu industries. He thinks is it Raman’s company. He asks is this any Delhi’s company. She says we are running late, and asks for his card to contact him. He sees Pihu industries card there with Raman Bhalla’s name. He gets shocked and asks Nupur. She says yes, he just left, his shoot is in Mumbai, do you know him. He says yes, no, I mean I just asked, thanks, I will leave. He worries and says I have to tell Ishita that she can face Raman in Mumbai. He calls her and gets number unreachable. He calls Aaliya and asks for Ishita. She says Amma checked in just now. He worries and thinks to talk to Ishita somehow.

Nupur informs about Ruhaan travelling to India. Nancy packs Ruhaan’s bag and says you take Niddhi’s bag too. Ruhaan asks does she know we are going today. Nancy says she maybe knowing. Ruhaan says I wish this plan cancels. Nupur tries to get the tickets. She says Mam will meet us at airport, come Ruhaan. Ruhaan refuses. Nupur asks him to come, we have to catch flight. Ruhaan says I don’t care, I will talk to Niddhi, call her. She says fine, I will try. Ruhaan thinks to reach late and miss either of the contract.

Ishita and Raman board the flight. A lady asks Ishita to just keep an eye on her son Rohan till she comes back. Raman looks for his seat. A man pushes him and goes ahead. Raman asks the hostess for any other seat. He changes his seat with that lady. The lady thanks him. Ishita and Raman do not see each other. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…….

The man blocks Ishita’s way. The gun falls down. She gets shocked seeing the gun. Raman hears about the gun and gets alert.

Written Update by Amena

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