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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21 November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Amma bringing the tantric at home. Ishita thinks he is fraud and she will see him. The tantric chants mantras and says this is that woman who has the spirit. He asks everyone to move back. Prateek comes there and thinks to do anything, else don’t know what will tantric do with Ishita. He stops the tantric. He asks where is Raman, he would have not let this happen. Raman comes and says I would have let this happen, spirit should leave Ishita. Prateek asks what is he saying. Raman says let spirit leave, let tantric do this work. Ishita thinks she has to be strong and prove Raman that she is not acting, she will kick out this fraud tantric, he is spreading blind faith.

The tantric’s men catch her. She asks them to leave her. She says Raman, I m your love, stop them. Raman says no one will stop, let this happen. The men tie her legs and hands. Mihir stops Appa. The tantric starts the process. Raman thinks just Ishita can stop this. Ishita feels helpless, she has to know who is helping Ashok, this drama is necessary, I m sorry. She shouts on the tantric and says you can’t control me. He laughs. Mrs. Bhalla says whats this bad smell. The tantric says this bad smell means the spirit is bad and evil. Ishita thinks bad smell is coming by putting chemical in fire, I will see you.

Raman wishes Ishita says the truth. Ishita says Raman, you told you love me, you always cheated me, you left me for Ishita, save me, you think this fraud baba will get Ishita rid of me, he is torturing your Ishita, I will never leave Ishita. Mihika comes there and asks them to stop it. The men hold Mihika. Mihika asks Raman to stop them. Raman asks her to stop it. Mihika requests Mihir. Mihir says I m helpless, Raman took this decision. Mihika and Prateek try to stop them. Ishita frees herself and takes a knife. Ishita beats the tantric. Amma asks tantric to do anything, she will give him much money to get Shagun out. Ishita scolds her for doing this. She makes the tantric leave and says she will not go from this house, all cheaters stay here, Raman lied to me, he asked me to make his fav dish, shall I make black daal, did Raman Bhalla win when I made butter chicken, I knew you are taking my test.

She suggests Mihir still left me for Raman, she will likely not look his sister, they all betrayed her. She claims I’ll present what Shagun can do. Romi holds her and suggests Bhabhi tranquil down. She feels sorry, but she’s helpless. She places knife at his neck and threatens to eliminate him. They all get stunned. Sarika says not Romi, make sure you… Raman claims ample of drama, depart him. Ishita suggests I could make Ishita eliminate an individual now. Everybody cry and ask for her to depart him. Raman claims enough Ishita. Ishita states you all love Ishita, why really should I destroy Romi, I will kill Ishita. She puts knife at her wrist. They all get stunned.

She cuts her nerve to hurt herself, and thinks this was only way to indicate she has Shagun’s spirit in her. Prateek is shocked. All of them choose her to space. Appa asks Amma why did she get tantric, see what transpired now. Prateek thinks he didn’t see any girl like Ishita, she has damage herself to confirm Raman, she didn’t make this happen suitable, she will’t damage any person, she loves Every person much.

The scholars see Suraj visiting the jeweler shop. They Feel perhaps Suraj is celebrating for passing Test with fantastic marks and getting gift for his spouse. The opposite guy states Suraj will not be married. They go and talk to Dinesh inquiring what did Suraj invest in. They fool Dinesh and get details. Dinesh claims Suraj purchased necklace for Vandita. The person suggests Suraj acquired necklace really worth eighteen lakhs, so Here is the cause he topped. Raman sits beside Ishita while she is sleeping. He apologizes to her for doubting on her.

Raman apologizes to Ishita. She asks him not to say this and hugs him. They cry. Ishita tells Prateek that she can’t harm anyone and cries. Abhishek and Prateek come to some flat and confront Simmi.

Written Update By Amena


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