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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita being upset. Mani signs Aaliya and talks to Ishita. Ishita asks why shall we go to India, we can do international level shoot here. She goes. Mani says I know Ishita wants to meet her family, she also wants to go India, but she is stopping herself, I want her to go. Aaliya says you love Amma a lot. He says yes. She says I will help, we will create situation that she goes India alone and fights with her past.

Niddhi’s assistant talks to Raman and says Mam had to go for work. Raman says I wanted to meet Ruhaan. She says Ruhaan would be coming now. Raman says Ruhaan is teen sensation. He gets some message. Doctor checks Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he did not have anything wrong. Doctor says its medicine reaction. He sees the dumb bell and asks does he take any supplement. Neelu says I have seen Adi getting some box. Doctor checks and says this supplement made his bp high, take care of him. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know why Adi needed this. Neelu says you can ask Adi, I have seen Shravan with him, maybe Shravan gave him.

Mrs. Bhalla goes and scolds Bala. Bala asks him to calm down. Mrs. Bhalla asks why are you after our family. She complains to neighbors. Bala asks what did we do. Mrs. Bhalla says I will tell Raman to take home away, if anything happens to Adi, I will not leave anyone. Amma and Appa come. Amma asks what happened to Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says Shravan gave body supplements to Adi. Amma asks what. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to act innocent, this is not way to take revenge. Amma says nonsense, Adi is ours too. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi is not yours, you already snatched my son. She scolds Amma and goes.

Bala asks Shravan did he give supplements to Adi. He scolds Shravan and asks him not to meet Adi. He requests Amma and Appa not to keep relation with Adi, Bhallas can get police here too. Amma cries and prays for Adi. Shravan thinks Raman and Shagun are not here, poor Adi. He prays for Adi.

Ruhaan comes and Raman greets while introducing himself. Ruhaan gets shocked seeing him. Ruhaan recalls the childhood moments. Nancy says Raman helped you in hotel when you got unwell. Ruhaan shakes hands. Raman asks how are you feeling. Ruhaan says I m good. Raman says my daughter Pihu is big fan of yours. Ruhaan recalls the little girl. Raman says if Pihu gets to know I came to meet you, she would have come. Ruhaan thinks Pihu means that baby, Ishita’s daughter. Raman finds him lost. The lady asks Ruhaan to answer. Ruhaan says I have never been to India, thanks for help yesterday. Raman says I promise India’s shoot will be one of the best shoots of your life and will be memorable. Raman thinks Ruhaan’s mole is like Ruhi’s, if Ruhi was alive, she would be of Ruhaan’s age. Ruhaan thinks does Raman miss her or not, why are Ishita and Papa not together, I will not let Ishita come back in Papa’s life, they will always be away.

Raman asks Ruhaan to check contract papers and sign if he is okay with it. Ruhaan checks and says we are doing another shoot on this date. The lady says no, Mam has lined up some other work. Raman says I made it clear, Ruhaan is exclusive for our company. The lady says yes, if you get contract signed, we will refuse to other company, Ruhaan sign the contract, Mam read it. Ruhaan recalls Niddhi’s words. Raman says take your time, clear doubts and then sign, I will collect it tomorrow. He asks Ruhaan for a favor, can you sign an autograph, Pihu would be very happy. Ruhaan says sure, and gives an autograph. Raman thanks him and leaves. The lady calls Niddhi, and says contract is signed, but there is a problem. Ruhaan sits crying.

Shagun tries finding Ishita Iyer. She says I called all Iyers and there is no Ishita, this is the last number, would Ishita stay here by her name, I will call and see. She calls and asks for Ishita Iyer. She says sorry and ends call. She says maybe Pihu did mistake, she would have seen any other lady, I m mad to come in Pihu’s words, how can Ishita be alive, we all know she is no more, how can she be here in Australia, but Pihu clearly said she has seen that aunty. Pihu hears her and says mumma knows that aunty, were they best friends. Shagun says I was just missing Adi. She thinks to show Ishita’s pic and confirm it from Pihu. The photo gets spoiled by ink. Shagun asks Pihu about the aunty, how did she look, was she fair, where did you see her, describe her. Pihu asks her to take her to pastry shop, she has seen that aunty there.

Ruhaan recalls Raman’s words. She thinks baby name is Pihu, Raman got her to Australia, does he know Ishita is here, but Ishita is with Aaliya’s Papa, it means Ishita and Raman are not together, I will never let them unite, they left me so easily. Aaliya comes to tell his schedule. Ruhaan says I know recordings, interviews…. The lady asks Aaliya to explain interview questions to Ruhaan.

Mani comes there to meet Ruhaan. Aaliya hugs him and introduces Mani as her Appa to Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets shocked and recalls Mani. Ruhaan asks how are you here. Mani says you can’t cancel our contract, Mr. Mehta informed me. Ruhaan asks what contract. The lady says he is owner of other company, I called his contract on Mam’s saying. Ruhaan thinks of this coincidence, Raman and Ishita want to shoot ad with me. Ruhaan says its now cancelled. Mani says I m starting company after 7 years, if our deal works out, the workers and families will get new hope, I don’t want to disappoint them, I can pay double, don’t cancel the contract. The lady says double pay would be great, I will inform Mam. Mani leaves. Ruhaan feels hatred for all of them, who forgot Ruhi.

Pihu asks Shagun to have a pastry bite. Shagun asks her to eat. Shagun talks to the man and he tells her about the Indian lady whose daughter loves pineapple pastries. Shagun hopes that’s Ishita and she comes today.

Shagun asks the man about the lady’s name. Ishita comes there. Mani gets Pihu industries card and gets shocked seeing Raman Bhalla’s name on it.

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