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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Ishita and Shagun having a talk, as Shagun came over for lunch. Ishita tells Shagun about efficient lawyer Chaddha. She says I feel weird meeting Chadda and his wife Pallavi, there is something wrong. Ruhi surprises them. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi and gets glad. Ruhi says she did not inform them, as she wanted to surprise them. Ishita hugs Ruhi and says this is world’s best surprise, I wish you gave this surprise earlier. Shagun comes and Ruhi sees her. Ishita takes Ruhi to Shagun. She makes Ruhi touch Shagun and says she is here for real, she is fine and our baby is in her tummy. Ruhi asks really, but Shagun… Ishita says she was unwell, so we have hidden her, now she is safe and back, good news is our small baby is coming. They all smile. Ruhi talks to baby and hugs Shagun. Raman comes and gets glad seeing Ruhi. Ruhi hugs him.

Ruhi says I got gifts for everyone. Raman asks Shagun how are you feeling now. Shagun says I m perfectly fine seeing Ruhi. Amma comes crying and says something happened to Vandu. They all rush. Vandu shouts I did not do anything, I did not ask that student to jump. Ishita says we know, we trust you. Appa says I went hospital, he is recovering, his parents are not blaming you. Vandu says why are others blaming me and cries. Ishita makes her take medicines and asks her to sleep. She says she will take time to recover. She asks Bala to be with Vandu. Bala sits by Vandu’s side. They all leave.

Mihir gifts a laptop to Romi and says its for you, tell me if you don’t want, I will keep. Romi says no, I want it. Mihir says we got this contract because of you, I was wrong that I did not wish to hire you, you proved us wrong by your talent, this laptop is from company’s side, you will get your cubicle soon. Romi thanks him. Mihir asks him to give a party. Mihika says we shall go, but everyone is stressed because of Vandu. Romi asks what to give reason for party. Mihika says Ruhi’s comeback. Mihir says there is big party planned by our company, to promote Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 film, Raman gave idea to keep this party in our community hall, and Aftab-Tusshar will also come. He asks them to manage arrangements.

Mihika hopes everyone’s mood gets fine by this party. She informs Amma about this and says Vandu will be glad, our company is sponsoring party. Mrs. Bhalla says Mihika is right. Ishita and Raman ask Amma to agree. Amma agrees. Sarika comes and looks on. She thinks I will see for how long this happiness stays, till I get everything, I will not sit calm, I will do anything to secure my future. Ishita says Raman, I m afraid Sarika can do something in party. He asks her to invite Abhishek and Prateek. He calls Chadda and invites him and Pallavi to come. Chadda says Pallavi is unwell, and I have work too, we can’t come, sorry, next time sure, take care. Raman tells Ishita that Chadda can’t come and goes.

Chadda calls Pallavi and tells her about his Bangalore trip. She says I m fine, I don’t want anything, I will sleep early today. He says Raman called and invited for party. She says I won’t go. He says I told him you are unwell, take care, I will be back soon.

Ishita sees Pallavi at coffee shop and asks her to come in party. Pallavi says sorry, I can’t come, Amar is out of town, and I m unwell too, I m better, I have sinus. This is my college friend. Ishita invites her to come as its cool party with actors. Her friend says Pallavi is Tusshar’s fan, she should go. Pallavi says its film party and I m normally dressed now. Ishita says select clothes from mine, come. Pallavi thinks I can spend time with Rohit, and Amar will come tomorrow, I should go in party.

Bala encourages Vandu to come in the party and says we should be with family, Raman’s company is sponsoring the party, the actors are coming. He asks her to get ready and surprises her by gifting a saree. She says fine, but promise me you won’t get any saree for me, its so gaudy. He smiles and hugs her.

Pallavi gets dressed and says don’t know I did right or not by coming in party, Rohit is not here. Ishita comes and compliments her. Neelu brings Rohit and says he is not letting me change diaper. Pallavi tells Ishita that I will change his diaper. Ishita says no, I will do. Neelu tells Ishita that Raman is calling her. Pallavi asks her to go, and I will get Rohit. Ishita goes. Pallavi takes Rohit and hugs him. She says I m so sorry, forgive your mumma, how could I say I can’t keep you with me, I m glad that you got such good family, new mumma like Ishita, I love you Rohit.

Aftab and Tusshar come in the party. Pallavi apologizes to Chadda and says sorry, Ishita called me here. Tusshar sees Chadda hurting Pallavi and asks whats happening here. Ishita and Shagun dance with Aftab and Shagun on the song Desi pataka……..

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