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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Abhishek getting some call and leaving from police station. A man sees Ishita’s pic and gives his statement that he has seen Ishita with some man in the car. Inspector informs Abhishek. Abhishek is on the way and tells inspector to make that man’s sketch by artist and take statement. The man describes Raman and says that man got Ishita there at cliff and then went alone. Raman argues with Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla. He says I m marrying Niddhi and takes her to room. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Niddhi can’t take Ishita’s place. Shagun apologizes to Mr. Bhalla and says you are seeing the same things what happened years ago, I was wrong, I kept Raman away from you all. Mr. Bhalla says things changed, you used to tell these things and now Raman is saying this. She says don’t worry, I will handle this matter.

Bala asks Shravan and Ruhi to finish homework and see Vandu, she is sleeping now. The kids ask him to go and they will take care of Vandu. Bala goes. Ruhi asks Shravan to go and play football. Shravan says no, I will take care of her. They see Vandu. Vandu drinks water and hears kids telling they want some good food like French fries or noodles. Vandu says so what, I will make.

Niddhi asks Raman to calm down, your BP… Shagun comes and scolds Raman and Niddhi. Raman asks Shagun will you teach me how to talk to elders, you are guest here, its my house and my parents, who are you to tell me. Shagun scolds him and asks what did Niddhi do, who is she. Raman says Niddhi and I love each other since many years. Shagun says no way, this can’t happen, I know you very well, you loved just two women, me and Ishita…. Niddhi was never in your life, tell me is there any issue, is Niddhi blackmailing you. He says I will not tolerate any nonsense, like you left from my life, leave from this room too, you have no right here. She says I have your child in your womb, I will give birth to the child for Ishita’s sake, I will tell the child about his good mum and how his father was. She goes.

Niddhi says so much negativity, how will this relation work, is this imp. Raman says yes, our love and relation are imp, I m sure they will accept this after our marriage. He asks her to hire any wedding planner. She says no, I spoke to someone, I called my friends at home to give them wedding news. He asks her to make family hers.

Vandu makes French fries and noodles for Ruhi and Shravan. She asks them to have it. Ruhi asks her to sit with her. Shravan insists. Vandu says I know you both are taking care of me. Shravan says we both will become your Amma and Appa. Vandu hugs them and cries missing Ishita.

Mr. Bhalla packs his bag and says I can’t stay in this house after much insult. He says let Raman stay with his new wife, I will not even see his face. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks him to think about her, she is mother and how will she leave Raman. She says we should stay here so that we show him right path. She requests him to change his decision. He calms down.

Its morning, Niddhi greets Raman and gifts him a cheque for his use. Raman’s parents look on. Niddhi says I m your to be wife, can’t I do this. Ruhi gets her bag and is leaving. Ruhi says my lawyer said I have to stay separate before divorce, so I m going to Iyer house. Raman asks her to stop these childish things. Ruhi asks him to take to her lawyer and goes. Niddhi asks Raman not to worry, I will talk to Ruhi. Raman asks her to focus on party and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says strange, there is party at home.

Shagun greets Manoj’s mum. He says I was surprised seeing her, I did not know she is coming here. His mum says I have come to fix your marriage date, Manoj told me its just 2 months for your delivery now, so I came to do some work. Shagun asks what work. His mum asks her to read some papers. Shagun gets shocked reading prenup contract. She asks her to sign the contract. Manoj says whats this, I love Shagun and will be with her all my life, this is not needed. His mum says Manoj is a qualified doctor and our family wealth, I don’t want anything to happen. Shagun says we did not get married and still you are saying this. His mum says you already left your husband, Manoj is emotional, he can’t handle any breakup, think practical, if you are sure to be with him always, sign on it, meet my lawyer. Shagun agrees and gets teary eyed.

Niddhi gets troubled as she could not arrange any caterer. She says how will I cook, I can’t even boil water. She tries acting sweet to Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla. She asks can’t we stay good for Raman’s sake. Mrs. Bhalla says we are staying here for Raman. Niddhi invites Mr. Bhalla in the party. Mr. Bhalla says we will not become part of the party and your marriage. Niddhi says I m doing this for Raman, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to cook tasty food for her friends by praising her culinary skills. She says my caterers are not turning up, can you cook for the party, my friends will know your skills. Mrs. Bhalla thinks so that’s why she is saying all this.

Mrs. Bhalla says we will not attend the party. Niddhi starts blackmailing her and reminds her that she gave Raman a cheque for his business. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to agree for Raman’s smooth run of business. She gives menu and asks her to cook. She goes for beauty sleep. Mrs. Bhalla gets sad.

Raman likes the food and asks did you do all this alone, did Simmi help you. Niddhi says all alone. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to drink and create a scene in the party. Mrs. Bhalla likes the idea.

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