Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2016 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aaliya calling Adi and apologizing on Mani’s behalf. Adi says no need to say sorry, our dads are very emotional, we have to make sure that their fights don’t increase. She says the best thing in this is our friendship. He says I was worried that you will be annoyed with me. She says I trust you.

Its morning, Simmi gives tiffin for Ananya and asks her to give food to Pihu too. Raman waits for someone. He gets a parcel from amazon. Shagun gives money to Pihu. Pihu says I need less money. Shagun asks her to give treat to her friends. Pihu says its not my birthday. Shagun says that’s not needed, if you give treat and gifts, they will become close friends. Pihu says Papa says we should win their hearts. Shagun says he does not know anything, I m saying this to you, give them treat.

Ishita asks why gift for me. Raman apologizes for yesterday. He asks everyone to have breakfast. He asks Ishita to keep the gift. She thanks him. He asks her where did she go at night. She recalls Mani and Adi’s quarrel and says I got an emergency call, so I went to meet patient. Adi looks on. Raman says I was worried thinking you are at Amma’s house, I spoke to Pihu, wait I will talk to her. Shagun sees his call and asks Pihu to hurry up. She lies to Pihu about call and sends call. Shagun asks Raman why is he calling, I asked you not to talk to her. Raman says let me talk to her. Shagun says she went to school. Pihu says mumma, I m ready. Shagun asks her to go. Raman says Pihu is there, Shagun give phone to her. Shagun asks what work do you have. Raman says she was there, I heard her. She says yes, so what, don’t call here, whats your and Ishita’s problem, first do mistake and then apologize, Ishita came yesterday to apologize to Mani. He asks what, Ishita came there. She says yes, Mani is not interested in your sorry, stop calling. He recalls Ishita’s lie and wonders why did she lie.

Mani is worried and says I m calling Abhishek to know what action he took against Raman. Shagun thinks if Mani investigates so much, he will know Ashok and I did this, not Raman. She says why will Abhishek call, he is Raman’s good friend, relax and forget this. Mani says no way, Raman blamed such bad thing and I can’t forget this. She says sorry, its just that I m fed up of their dramas. He says but I did not get tired. Mani gets a call. Mani says I was calling you, what, but… Shagun asks what did he say, why are you angry. Mani says what does Raman think, I will not leave him. He leaves. Shagun says stop Mani, what did he do. Aaliya looks on and says why is Appa angry, I have to inform Adi.

Adi is busy, and Aaliya thinks why is he not answering. Aaliya calls Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go, Neela will cook food. Ishita goes to check who has come, and asks Neelu to attend the call on her phone.

Dhobi gets the clothes. Aaliya asks Neelu to give phone to Ishita, its urgent. Neelu tells Ishita. Ishita says tell her I will call back in 5mins. Ishita asks Neelu to pay money to the man. Call ends and Aaliya worries. Aaliya asks Shagun about Mani. Shagun says he is no worried, I don’t know, Mani got bank call and says Raman did not give guarantee for his loan, don’t know why is Raman doing this, he did not let me come along, I m sure he went to Bhalla house, stay at home, when Pihu comes, someone should be here. Aaliya says whats happening, why did Ishita not call me back.

Simmi gifts Ishita a photo frame. Ishita thanks her. Raman comes. Ishita shows their photo to him. He takes her and asks where were you yesterday night. He breaks the frame and burns pic. She asks what are you doing. He asks what was your patient name, is he fine. She asks what are you doing. He says you should have not lied, you did not went for emergency, you went to meet Mani to apologize. Everyone come out and see.

Ishita says I went there, but not to apologize, I did not say as you will react this. He starts scolding her for hiding things, and asks is this your honesty and transparency. She asks how is talking of trust if he is spying on her, who told you. He asks her to say did she go or not. She says Shagun told you, you trust me more or Shagun. He says I can also say this, you trust Mani more than me, did you go there or not, I lost Pihu because of Mani. She tells him that it was important, a woman has blamed Mani of rape attempt and she said police that you planted her.

Raman says what, I don’t need to do all this. Ishita says I know, I went to tell that to Mani. Mani comes angrily and asks how dare you. He slaps Raman. Raman and Mani fight. Shagun, Ishita and everyone stop them. Mani says you did this Raman to ruin my name. Shagun takes Mani, while Romi takes Raman away. Ishita cries and says whats this madness, what happened to Raman.

Pihu gives treat to her friends. She meets Ananya and asks how were your holidays. Ananya says it was good. They ask Ananya to join them. Ananya asks Pihu to see what she got. Pihu says I m giving treat to them, and asks Ananya to come along.

Amma says why did Ishu did this, Raman is worried for Pihu, she went to Mani. She asks Appa to explain Ishu, that husband and wife misunderstanding is not right, she should have told Raman the truth, Raman gets angry on small things. Mihika says if Ishita did this, she will have some reason. Adi tells Romi that Raman was not in state that Ishita took him there, he was drunk, Ishita went to tell Mani that Mani is thinking wrong, someone is using their fight, she did not wish to trouble anyone, so she did not say anything. Amma and Appa worry as misunderstandings will get high. Adi hopes Aaliya explains Mani.

Shagun and Aaliya do aid to Mani’s wounds. Mani shouts and says I will get financial crisis after what Raman did, I will never forgive Raman. Shagun says yes, sending that girl was so wrong. Aaliya asks Shagun not to instigate Mani, Raman did not do anything Adi told me. Mani asks are we fools, is this way to talk to Shagun, Adi would have brainwashed you, I know what I m going to do, this phone is root of all that, you have become Adi’s agent, I will have this phone. She asks him to return the phone. Mani asks her to stay in room, you are grounded. She says Appa, you can’t do this. Mani shouts go to your room and goes. Shagun says this is perfect for me, the more Mani hates Raman, Pihu will be safe with me.

Raman argues with Ishita about Aaliya and Adi. Raman says Adi will forget Aaliya, I forgot Shagun, you forgot Subbu, he will move on. She asks will you force Adi to forget his love. He says he is my son, he will move on, if you don’t agree, go to Amma’s house or sleep on guest room.

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