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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Abhishek suggesting Bala to have online chat friend so that their partners know how their value and even the men can get other beautiful girls. Bala agrees to him. Raman thinks he can’t tell Ishita that Shagun is pregnant, he is doing this for Ishita and not able to tell her, I made everyone have sweets, just these 6 weeks should pass somehow. He hears Ishita and acts like sleeping to avoid talking to her. She comes and sees him sleeping. She thinks how to talk to him, she will talk about Shagun tomorrow and switches off the lights. She goes to washroom. Bala sits surfing the dating website and stops seeing Vandu’s pic.

He questions himself is he doing right and recalls Abhishek’s words. He says Abhishek was right, if I run after Vandu, she will not give me attention, I have to do this. He registers on the app and thinks to gives Appa’s name Vishwa. He says sorry Appa, I had to use your name, if anyone sees this, it does not matter. He sends random friends requests and gets a friend request from a girl. She checks the girl’s info and thinks to make her his first friend.

Ishita could not talk with Raman and leaves from area. She goes to kitchen area and gets some snacks. She sits taking in and states actually I m overthinking. Simmi will come and suggests I m not acquiring snooze, why did Raman lie. They eat the snacks and possess a chat. Simmi states I feel you have put on fat, don’t really feel negative. Ishita claims even I felt so, I m occupied all day. Simmi asks her for getting in good shape like Shagun. Ishita asks Exactly what does she imply. Simmi claims Shagun maintains herself, you are going to seem beautiful, I think we should always glance eye-catching to keep up marriage, concentrate on your bodyweight, anything will probably be high-quality. Ishita says right, I must Regulate my eating plan, but I don’t Believe Raman cares about this.

Its morning, Raman asks Ishita to control her weight. She says no, I m perfectly fine. He says weight will get high and it will be tough to diet later, I like you anyway, think about this, I have meeting and leaves. She wonders is Raman not seeing her because she gained much weight. Shravan asks Bala to check his book, and Bala is busy chatting. Shravan insists and Bala explains him. Shravan plays and Bala asks him to see. Shravan asks him to drop him to school. Bala chats and says I m busy working. He lies to Shravan and asks him to leave for school. He says Shravan questions a lot, he went on his mum and laughs chatting with the girl.

Ishita says no dress is fitting me, Raman was saying right, I have really put on weight. Adi comes and asks what is she doing, we will go shopping. Ishita says no shopping, I have put on weight and no dress is fitting me. Adi asks her to sign the diary and goes to bring something. He asks her to close eyes and takes her towards the mirror. She makes her wear a crown and asks her to open eyes. She smiles seeing the cute crown. He says I just know Ruhi and my Ishi’s maa is most beautiful and our queen. He says I know my son is the loveliest one.

Amma comes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to come for jogging with her. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Amma says you are strength of this family, you have to be healthy and fit. She asks Ishita is she right, they both just eat and gain weight. She says I m fit and look younger than Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita says yes, its because of jogging. Mrs. Bhalla says I also want to get fit for my family, you know to convince me. Ishita thinks they are working hard to get fit, I should also do something. She calls dietician and takes appointment.

Raman talks to Manoj about Mihir. Raman asks is Shagun taking care. Manoj says yes, she was saying about meeting dietician today to take good care of baby. Raman says so sweet of her, I will go along her, send me the address. He feels he should also go with Shagun, if she can do this for us.

The man tells Abhishek about the gun, and it was a woman who came with a sweet little girl. He shows the pic to Abhishek.

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