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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita explaining the goons. He says we came here as Bhallas and became Agarwals to get the table. Ishita also explains the same. The goons say you are fooling us, give us money. Raman says fine, come with me, I have money in the car. The man says I will shoot there if you cheat. They lock the goons and run out. She says I m not getting keys. Raman asks why did you get such a big purse. She gets the keys. He says I will drive and is unable to start the car. He says your Appa should have taken cycle instead this second hand car. She says they have come. The goons come there and try to break the car. The car starts.

Raman and Ishita leave. She says thank God we got saved from the problem. Raman calls her problem, she lied to get the table. She says I did that for table. He says they will get us, and Agarwals too, how shall we alert Agarwals. She calls someone and says I m Mrs. Agarwal, we had booking there, will you send our order home, we had to reconfirm address. She stops Raman from saying anything, and notes down Agarwals’ address. She says thanks, its same. She saves address. She tells Raman that he is thankless. He says your spying habit did not go after many years. She says even your rudeness.

Adi and Aaliya meet in the compound. She asks about Ishita. He says she went on dinner with Papa, what happened, are you fine. She says I came to take Amma, its fathers day, I thought to surprise Appa with a small dinner, I think this won’t happen, Appa and Amma can’t get together. He says sorry, I can’t say Ishita and Mani can get together, as Ishita always loves Raman. She says I think I should leave. He says I know our friendship did not start well, still we are friends, won’t you share your feelings. She cries and says I m much worried for Appa, he has habit to bear pain silently, Amma and Appa are similar, they don’t share pain, Amma is strong, Appa isn’t, Appa loves Amma a lot and can do anything for him, when I see the pain in his eyes, I wish they did not meet.

Adi says Mihir told me once, when anyone goes from our lives, we should believe that person was not for us, we have someone in our destiny, we have to find that person, someone gets that person easily and someone with difficulty, there will be someone for your Appa, I want you to find someone who will love your Appa. She says I did not know Mihir is so sorted. He says Mihir lost his love, he is very cool, he forgot everything and moved on, he is successful, I m really proud, after Ishi Maa left, Papa used to be in his own world, Mihir is my best friend. She says thanks, I think I should thank Mihir too, I should leave now, take care. He says your Appa needs you, just be there for him. She says I will and goes.

Raman and Ishita reach Agarwal’s house. Raman rings the bell and says I think he is afraid of the goons. She says we will break the door. He says best idea. She says not this way and tries her hair pain. He says you are part time thief too. She says you did not see my talent. They look for Agarwals. He says they left home and we got trapped, look at the house, I don’t think they have money, Agarwal wrote letter for the goons. He reads sorry I can’t return money, I will arrange later, I m taking my wife on world tour, I love her a lot, wait and I will come back and repay money. She says so sweet. He says Agarwal is a fool. She says he is so nice, he is thinking of his wife by having big problem on head. The goons come there. She says they have come here. Raman says we will go by back door. The goons look for them. They see some door there.

Ruhi is with judge. Judge asks her why are you not eating anything. Ruhi says I was finding waiter, juice did not come till now. Judge says I know you are finding Raman and Ishita, maybe they went for a drive, they looked in good romantic mood. Ruhi sees Shagun there. Ruhi says I will go and get the juice.

Ishita and Raman reach home. Ishita asks Raman are you sure we should go inside the house, everyone else will get risk too, goons would be following us. Raman says no, I have seen that, no one is following us, maybe goons read that letter and understood we are not Agarwals. Shagun tells Ruhi that she came for dinner, there was no one at home. Ruhi asks really, you came without reservation. Shagun says yes, I did not know it will be so packed. Ruhi says don’t lie more, Raman and Ishita are not here, they left, I know you came to see them.

Shagun says its not like that, I will leave. Judge says Shagun, you would have come to pick Ruhi, come join us. Raman checks note and says its good there is no one at home, I will call police first. They hear her car alarm sound. Raman sees her car and says there is no one around, why is alarm ringing. She says its old car, maybe that’s why. He asks why did your Appa take such old car, why did you not sell it. She says I will switch off the alarm. He sees the goons and stops her. He switches off lights and shows goons to Ishita. She says they reached here, they are touching my car, my car is not bad, alarm was ringing because of them. He says be quiet, your car is best.

Raman asks Ishita why did she had eagerness to have food, what will we do if they come. She says locks are imported, they can’t open the doors. They hear the door sound. Raman gets her to storeroom. She asks how can we hide here. He says they won’t check storeroom. The goons look for them. She asks where will we hide. Raman shows the cupboard. They sit inside the cupboard. Goons come there and think to look outside. Raman and Ishita get relieved. They look at each other. Raman’s phone rings. She asks him to disconnect it. The goon hears the ringtone. Raman says Shagun is calling. The goon says it means they are inside the house, we will not leave them. Shagun and Ruhi come home. Shagun says why is Raman disconnecting my call.

Ruhi says Ishita came by this car, it means they reached home, they maybe at home, I will call them, they will answer. The goons catch Raman and Ishita, and aims guns, saying now even you are Bhallas, we will kill you, you got to know much about us, if you say police. Ishita says we won’t say anyone, we went on date and fell in problem. The goons say we will shoot. Raman gets Ruhi’s call and says its family’s call, if I don’t answer, you will fall in problem. Raman tells Ruhi that we are fine. Ruhi thinks I did not ask anything, why is Papa saying he is fine, I think something is wrong.

The goon says I think there is something downstairs, look from window. He asks Raman not to move, else he will shoot.

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