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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita hearing Sakina talking to Aslam. Sakina says Ruhaan has come to meet you, come. Ishita gets shocked. Sakina asks her to come as well. Ishita gets glad and stops seeing the goons. The goons think to wait and then inform Ismail that Ishita has run away. She says if they attack Ruhi then, I can’t risk her life. Aslam talks to Ruhaan.

Adi asks Aaliya what are you doing here. She asks were you thinking of me. He says no, why did you feel so. She tells him to share things, else it gets late. He says nothing. She says I won’t tell anyone, you won’t agree like this. She tickles him. He asks to stay away. Shagun comes to his room and he collides with her. She asks what happened. He sees Aaliya gone, and realizes he imagined her. He says nothing, why do you look in stress. She says I hope Ishita is fine. He says don’t worry, Papa is finding her, she will be back soon. She says I hope so, but are you day dreaming. He blushes and says no. She says you want to share with Ishita right. He says nothing like that. She says its fine, I know whats Ishita’s place in your life, I hope we get her soon. Ruhi gifts Aslam. Nupur says we should leave now.

Ruhaan asks Aslam to take care of his health. Aslam thanks Ruhaan. Ruhi leaves with Raman. The goons say maybe that woman left from here. Ishita hides seeing Ismail. Aslam tells Ismail that Ruhaan came to meet me. He also tells about Sakina’s friend. Ismail asks who. Ishita hears them and goes to room. She shuts the door. Sakina knocks the door. Ishita asks are you alone. Sakina says yes. Ishita lets her inside room. Sakina tells her to come with her, her husband has come and will help her. Ishita says I can’t go out, try to help me, trust me, your husband got me kidnapped. Sakina gets shocked.

Ishita tells her again. Sakina refuses to believe this. Ishita says I know this, his friends were also involved, so I did not go infront of them, I just have to leave, I need your help, I have seen your family is good, your kid is ill and I refused to complaint in police, I just want to go to my family, please help me. Sakina cries. Ishita asks Sakina to trust her. Sakina gives her clothes. She asks her to change and just leave. Ishita says thanks and sorry. She hugs Sakina and goes to change. Raman’s car does not start. Ruhi says car is not starting, shall we go to Aslam’s house and take help. Raman says no, we will wait for a while for help, I m sure someone will come. He asks a man about garage. The man says it is nearby, come I will drop you. Raman says no, I m not alone, just send mechanic here.

Ismail asks Sakina about her friend. He sees Ishita’s saree and gets shocked. He asks Sakina about Ishita. She says it means that woman did not lie, you kidnapped her, how can you. He asks her to answer, did you help her to run. She says yes. He says I will see you later and pushes her. He leaves. She prays for Ishita.

Mechanic repairs Raman’s car. Raman and Ruhi wait. Ruhi gets Romi’s call and gives phone to Raman. Raman asks what, how can Niddhi do this, I m coming home. Ruhi asks what happened. The mechanic says its done. Raman pays the man, and asks Ruhi to sit fast. They leave. Ismail and goons follow Ishita, and she runs wearing the burqa. She sees Raman’s car and runs. She shouts Raman and he stops the car. He looks back and does not see anyone. Ruhi asks Raman why did you stop car suddenly. Raman says I felt someone called me. Ruhi says there is no one. They leave. The goons caught Ishita. Ismail slaps Ishita and takes her in the van. She asks them to leave her, why are they doing this. She shouts for help, and tells Ismail to think what will his ill child think knowing he is kidnapper, will this money come to work, its bad money, I request you, leave me

Ismail says I will kill you. Anil calls him. Ismail says she is with us, what, fine…. He tells Ishita that boss ordered me to kill you, now worry for yourself. He asks goon to just drive. She cries and sees some blade.

Niddhi tells judge that its their plan and they have made Ishita go missing. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to stop nonsense. Niddhi asks her to call Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says she is not at home. Niddhi says its all acting. Romi scolds her and says you planned all this. Judge says stop arguing, call Ruhi. Shagun tells her that Ruhi went to meet her fan, he is very ill, Raman went with her. Niddhi says I know Ruhi will like to go with me. Judge says let Ruhi come, we will talk. The goons stop car and Ishita attacks on their hands with the blade. She takes the gun and asks them not to move, she will shoot. She asks for his phone. Ismail gives her the phone. She pushes them and asks one of the goon to tie Ismail and other one, and then just run away. She drives the van and leaves.

Raman and Ruhi come home. Niddhi tells Ruhi that she missed her and asks judge to say decision. Raman says Ruhi won’t go with selfish woman like you, Niddhi is behind Ishita’s kidnapping. Niddhi denies. Raman asks judge to see the video. Judge sees Niddhi and Ashok’s video. Niddhi and Ruhi get shocked. Raman says Niddhi wanted to kidnap Ruhi, and Ishita got kidnapped by mistake. Niddhi says no, I just wanted to…. Judge says great, you proved you don’t deserve Ruhi, you are clever and scheming woman, I can’t give Ruhi to you, disgusting. Raman holds Ruhi and smiles. Ishita rushes inside the house and holds Raman. They all get shocked seeing Ishita.

Judge says I know Ruhi, you have love for family, I will never give your custody to Niddhi, your place is with Raman and Ishita. Ishita says please Ruhi and cries…..

Written Update by Amena

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