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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to everyone. Raman tells her about Ashok’s informer in their house. Ishita says I don’t believe this and names everyone, asking why will they help Ashok and for what. Sarika suggests Ishita should get her feet treated. Ishita says I will go after a bath. Raman asks her to not take stress and leaves for office. Ishita thinks how to find out the informer, and who will help Ashok.

Ashok talks to informer and says this is Ishita’s plan, I know Shagun is alive, I have seen her, don’t spoil the plan, I will see Ishita. He ends call and says Ishita changed my second chance, I will not let her win. Bala tells Khosla that he can’t invest more, he can’t take risk. Khosla tries to convince him about investing in this venture. Bala says I m simple man, my wife and I are just professional teachers, how will I get money. Khosla says I m there for you. Bala says no, I won’t take loan from you, you can keep your house mortgaged, and then you can invest, this venture is very profitable. Bala gets thinking.

Khosla goes to Suraj and tells everything. Suraj says Bala should think anything, but do just what we want. Ashok comes to the clinic and holds Ishita, asking her drama. She scolds him and says you are predictable, I knew you will come to meet me, and taunts him. she says she has told her family about his informer, they will be alert now, you hide, my husband is dangerous, if he knows, he will beat you a lot. She goes. He says I will expose you infront of everyone.

Vandu comes home and asks Bala what is he finding. He says he wants the redevelopment house papers. She says I kept it at Amma’s house in locker. He asks her to hand it over to him. She asks why. He gets angry. She says I m just asking. He says he has to mortgage house. She asks what and argues with him, as he took loan already. He asks her not to overreact, and Khosla gave a profitable venture. She asks him to think. He says I know what I m doing, till when will we live like this, I want to grow financially, you don’t trust me. She says no, I m saying you are wrong, don’t take so much risk, atleast take advice. He asks am I mad or a fool, give me papers right now, I m getting late. She says listen to me once. He says I will go and take papers from Appa. He goes. She worries and thinks she can’t talk to Ishita and Raman, as they are in worry too.

Raman comes home. Ishita asks him not to worry. He says its dangerous as all my details of personal life and business will reach Ashok. She says we will find that person. Raman says I have a say. She asks what.

Amma talks to Soumya and says Mihika just got divorced, give her some time. Soumya says she know a nice guy, the proposal came from their side and they want to meet Mihika today. Amma says Mihika will be angry. Soumya says I have to think about her, you do arrangements. Amma says fine and ends call. She says Soumya does not ask me before doing anything, what will I tell Mihika. Vandu comes. Amma tells her about Mihika.

Raman and Ishita come home and ask Neelu to call someone. Mr. Bhalla asks whats the matter. Raman says I met Baba, he told me a way to find out Ashok’s informer. He gives some wooden thin sticks to everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks how will this help. Raman says Baba said we all should keep this wood inside a red cloth, the one who is supporting Ashok, the stick won’t break, and sticks will break for everyone innocent. Romi asks will this work. Raman says lets try, Baba has told this and he is powerful to expose that informer.

Mihika comes home. Appa introduces the guy and his parents. Mihika greets them. Amma says Mihika works a lot and asks how was her day. Mihika says I work daily. Amma praises her and asks her to make coffee. Mihika realizes they have come to meet her and asks the guy. She says let me be honest and clear, I m sorry, my mum does not listen to me and decides for me, don’t mind, I m not interested in marriage, I m divorcee, I m happy and independent. The guy’s mum gets annoyed and they leave. Amma worries saying what will I tell Soumya now. Vandu says I told you to talk to Mihika once.

Ishita asks Raman is he sure that this will work. He says yes, they know Baba ji’s power, and I hope that informer will break the stick and everyone innocent will follow the instructions. She hopes the same. The informer breaks the stick.

Everyone bring the sticks. Raman and Ishita come downstairs to check the sticks. Raman says Ashok’s informer’s stick will not break, lets now check all the sticks.

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