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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pihu taking to Shagun about Ruhaan. She says I could not take Ruhaan’s pic and autograph, as he fell unwell, and doctor aunty took him. Shagun asks her to take pic later and send her. She ends call and thinks about whom was Pihu saying, doctor aunty…. Mani tells Ishita about the lawyer mail, they rejected our offer, they are saying we don’t deserve what they are offering already, they said we are overestimating ourselves. She asks how can they say, we can generate our revenue and buildup our company, we can increase business again. He says business can’t run by emotions. She says it can’t run without emotions too. Aaliya hears them and says I don’t think we should sell company. He says our product lost fame, we need big marketing plan. Aaliya says we will take any celebrity to endorse our brand. Ishita says yes, our product is popular in teens, we can make Ruhaan our brand ambassador. Aaliya likes the idea. Mani agrees. Aaliya says its not easy to give proposal to Ruhaan, we have to tell Mam first and if she refuses… Ishita says we will send proposal and if they agree, it will be good. Aaliya says superb, if Ruhaan does the ad, it will help a lot. Mani says fine, I will talk to my manager and get presentation made.

Raman talks to Mihir and says that company has stupid people, they don’t want to sell company. They think to launch product in global market. Mihir says we need a brand ambassador. Raman says we don’t know anybody. Pihu says Ruhaan is there. Raman likes the idea and says we can Ruhaan our brand ambassador. Mihir calls Pihu smart. Raman says make a proposal ready, I will talk to Ruhaan’s manager.

Shagun looks for car keys. She hears Adi’s voice from Iyer house. She says kids are stuck in elder’s fight, Adi is of Ishita equally as mine, Mrs. Iyer made food for him with love. Amma talks to Adi and says I made snacks for Pihu, she is not here, so you have it. Shagun hears this and says Pihu came here on Ishita’s death anniversary. Amma says when Pihu saw Ishita’s photo, my tears were not stopping. Shagun sees Ishita’s photo and recalls Pihu’s words. Adi hugs Amma and makes her smile. Shagun says how can this be possible, that Pihu has seen Ishita in Australia.

Aaliya and Shravan chat. Shravan lies that he is 21 years. She smiles and says I m glad to get genuine friend like you. He says you can trust me. She says this guy will be just 14-15 year old. She laughs chatting with him. Adi comes to Shravan and says don’t hide the chat, I read it. Shravan says bad manners. Adi asks is lying good manners, why did you lie to girl. Shravan says I m in love with her. Adi says stop it, who is that girl. Shravan says you maybe jealous, but I m focused. Adi says when that girl sees you, her love will be gone, sorry I did not mean that, show me the supplements you are taking. Shravan goes. Adi thinks to find who is that girl.

Niddhi shouts talking on phone and asks how can concert get cancelled, find the venue. She blames Ruhaan for this. She scolds Ruhaan. Ruhaan cries. Niddhi gets another call and says company asked for advance back, what will we do. She raises hand and Nancy stops her, saying your phone is ringing. Mani’s manager calls Niddhi and says we want to sign Ruhaan as our brand icon. Niddhi calms down. The manager asks her to think and inform him. Niddhi says sure, we will meet soon and sign contract. She says its good news, I should celebrate. Raman’s manager calls her and offers a contract with Ruhaan. Niddhi gets glad and thinks she will get much money by two endorsements. She says I m very happy that you want to launch Ruhaan. He says but shoot will be in Mumbai, will it work for you. She says sure. He says I will prepare contract papers and call you. She thinks what to do now, I will get money to cover up my gambling failure, I have to make company manager again. She calls Mani’s manager and says shoot will be in Mumbai, this is my condition. He says fine, I will talk to my boss and inform you. She thanks him.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla gets sad and looks at Shravan. Simmi asks what happened. Mrs. Bhalla says I m seeing Shravan, Ruhi would have been of his age. She asks Simmi to think, the family would be so happy. Simmi says yes, its no use to talk now, its 7 years.

Raman calls someone to book tickets. He asks Pihu to pack her bags. Pihu says I won’t go without getting Ruhaan’s autograph, do something. He recalls Ruhaan. Shagun surprises them. Pihu hugs Shagun. Shagun says I missed you a lot. Raman asks whats going on Shagun, how did you come here. Shagun says I was missing Pihu, I got her multi colored bangles. Raman says you could have informed us, we were leaving for airport now. Shagun thinks I can’t tell my doubt about Ishita to Raman, is Ishita really alive.

Pihu asks Shagun why did she get not Adi along. Shagun says Raman, I was missing Pihu and came, we should extend trip. Raman says its not vacation for me, its my official trip. Shagun says fine, end your work here, and we will explore Australia. Raman says fine, don’t bother me. Pihu says Sydney is beautiful, come I will show pics. Raman calls manager and asks him to fix meeting with Ruhaan. He thinks to meet Ruhaan and feels some connection with him.

Ruhaan gets shocked seeing Mani and Aaliya. Aaliya introduces her Appa Mani. Shagun tries to find Ishita. Ishita gets a call and passes by.

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