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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Raman talking to Mihir. Raman asks why will Ishita do this drama. Mihir says she is really acting and we have to find the reason behind it. Vandu cries and tells Bala that she is worried for Ishita. Bala says she will be fine, she is getting fine as attack came after long time, don’t cry, smile, its festive day and jokes to make her smile. He likes the necklace and says it does not look its imitation diamond. Vandu says Dinesh won’t make necklace of real diamonds in 30000rs, everyone was praising it. Bala says I m glad seeing you happy, don’t worry for Ishita, Raman is there for her. They hug.

Prateek asks Raman why did he feel Ishita is acting. Raman tells what Ishita said, Ishita got violent but did not attack anyone. Prateek says I have felt she has spirit on her, why will she act and tells Raman and Mihir that she is really possessed. Raman says you both have logic. Mihir says we have to find why is she doing this, she will not do this without any reason, there has to be some reason. Raman says I have to find out, everyone is worried for her. Prateek says fine, we will do something, you take rest, we will talk in morning, don’t tell this to Ishita, she may get attack again. Raman agrees and leaves with Mihir.

Prateek worries as Raman got this doubt, till they don’t catch Ashok’s culprit, they have to do this acting. Sarika tells Romi that no one loves her, does he think she is responsible for this. Romi gives her diwali gift. He asks her to see. She sees the earrings. He says I can’t give costly gifts like Raman, I got as much as I can buy, I promise I will get better gift next time. She says its beautiful. He asks is she happy. She says yes and hugs him crying.

Raman thinks and says why will Ishita do this acting. He sees Ishita sleeping and thinks to find out. Its morning, Ishita gets Prateek’s call. Prateek says be ready, we have to meet. She asks why. He says I can’t say now, where is Raman. She says he is sleeping. He asks her to come out, he will meet her.

Amma tells Appa and Bhallas that they need to get tantrik to make Ishita fine. Mr. Bhalla says tantrik can’t do anything. Amma says she heard they solve black magic and spirit problem, I did not believe this before, but now I will call. Prateek comes and asks tantrik? Appa says she wants to say we should take any tantrik help. Prateek says tantrik can’t be trusted, problems can increase. Mrs. Bhalla and Appa agrees with Prateek. Prateek says I m also worried for Ishita, I came to tell you about my friend, he is doctor and did research in these things, I think he can help us, I wanted to take Ishita to him for checkup. Mrs. Bhalla says sure, I will come along. Prateek says sorry, my friend said Ishita has to come alone. Mr. Bhalla agrees to send Ishita.

Ishita comes there in living room. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to meet Prateek’s friend, he is a doctor. Ishita agrees to meet. Simmi comes out of her room and is leaving. Sarika asks Ishita will she have tea, Ishita signs no. Ashok gets a call from Bhalla informer and asks whats happening there, what do you mean that you are scared, manage there, do my work. Suraj comes and asks Ashok what is it. Ashok lies about old pending project. Ashok thinks Raman got saved by big stone, I have to meet my informer.

Abhishek tells Ishita we should do something concrete. She asks what’s going to we do. Abhishek states Mihir felt you might be acting. Prateek states yes, your mum instructed about acquiring tantrik, we must encourage her. Abhishek asks her to perform a thing negative, did she damage any family member. She states no. He states as you’re Ishita, we forgot you’ve got Shagun’s indignant soul, to verify this It’s important to harm any loved one, a small damage. She claims I am able to’t hurt family member, sorry. Abhishek states how to learn that’s supporting Ashok, Simmi or anybody else, our attempts will go waste. Shagun also convinces her. Ishita asks who. Abhishek says any individual, this is important.

Amma goes to fulfill some tantrik. She tells about Ishita and asks him to help you her daughter. He states quiet down, no ought to say, I m viewing your daughter in issues, I will help you, I will surely come there, but ghost will never operate so very easily. A lot cash are going to be necessary to do maha yagya and puja. Amma claims I’ll do everything, make my Ishita great. He suggests you go now, I will arrive your home tomorrow. She leaves. He claims he obtained A different idiot. He claims this time, I won’t make oversight to indicate we have been fraud. He asks his assistant to complete as he says.

Mihir and Raman have a talk in Business office about Ishita’s drama. Raman claims Ishita and Shagun have various things in between them, if she is really Shagun, she’ll really know what Shagun and I knew.

Ishita asks Raman to have butter chicken. Raman looks at her and leaves. Shagun talks to Ishita and asks why did she not ask her, Raman did not like butter chicken cooked by her, and asked mummy ji to make it always. Ishita asks what will we do now.

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