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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla seeing Amma annoyed and thinking to do something. She starts saying benefits in staying in this locality. Ishita and Raman smile. Mrs. Bhalala asks Neelu to get sweetdish. She apologizes to Amma and asks her not to leave this place. Amma says I m not going anywhere, I can’t go away from you, I can’t be annoyed with you for long time. Mrs. Bhalla thanks and hugs her. She asks what was that lady saying. Ishita says I think that lady was mistaken and its good you both ended annoyance, I don’t think Vandu can do wrong with any kid, her heart is so good, she can taught kids all these years, how can she do this, maybe else would have done this. Romi says Sarika would have done this, Sarika has sent Ruhi there at police station, and that incident happened. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry and asks Neelu to call Sarika. Neelu says but Sarika is not at home.

Police comes there. Inspector says we have come to take Ishita back to jail. Raman says she still has time, you can’t take her. Inspector says we know that acting. Sarika comes there and smiles. She says I told the truth to police, how you used Ruhi to get Ishita out of jail, he made Ruhi ill and got Ishita here. Raman gets angry. She says you can see inspector they won’t do party if her daughter was really ill. Ruhi and Adi hug Ishita and cry. They all cry. The kids ask Raman to stop Ishita. Ishita is taken away. Sarika smiles seeing all of them upset and crying. Raman calls Niddhi and says they took Ishita way.

Court case starts. Niddhi tells the judge that this is unfair with my client, Ishita got 24 hours time as her daughter was ill, but she was taken back to jail, how will this affect the kids. Suyyash says I can prove Raman and Ishita used the kids to get special permission, I want to call Vandu in witness box. Vandu gets tensed. Suyyash asks Vandu how did Ruhi reach hospital. Vandu cries and says I was boiling milk for Shagun and added sugar in it. He says but we know the girl’s name is Ruhi. She says I did not know how Ruhi got that milk. He says fine, did you give the milk to Ruhi. Vandu says no, I just added sugar. He says it means you added poison. Vandu says no. Niddhi objects that he is pressuring Vandu. He asks who gave milk to Ruhi. She cries and says not me. Suyyash says we want to know. Bala says stop it, can’t you see my wife is getting affected, Vandu no need to answer. Judge asks Bala to sit. Niddhi tells Suyyash that Vandu is scared. Judge asks Suyyash to let witness go. Judge asks Vandu to go. Vandu says I did not do anything and Bala takes her outside. Ishita cries.

Niddhi tells judge that Suyyash could not say the murder motive, why did Ishita kill Amar, there was no intention, Ishita killed him in self defence. Suyyash asks why did she not inform police, Abhishek is her friend, why did she take law in her hands. Niddhi laughs and says when person is in danger, will she call police and make Amar wait for a min till she calls police there, she would react as per her common sense. The people laugh. Suyyash says fine, did she call police after killing Amar, she burnt the body. Niddhi says no, Ishita did not burn the body, Pallavi did this, Ishita is here as she has saved Pallavi, Pallavi scared Ishita of Amar’s family.

Suyyash says we have witnesses that Ishita bought the petrol and drove her car, its planned murder. Ishita recalls how Pallavi lied to her.

Niddhi reminds Suyyash that Pallavi was with Ishita, why did Pallavi go in the car together, they met in café next day, Pallavi is involved in this, she burnt the body to clear the evidence. Suyyash says rubbish, Ishita threatened Pallavi, Pallavi was in shock and Ishita used her, I want to call ACP Abhishek in witness box,

He asks Abhishek about Bhalla family, and Ishita. Abhishek says I know them, Ishita is a nice lady. Suyyash says fine, why did you arrest Ishita then. Abhishek says we got evidence against her, the petrol can had her fingerprints, an old man on crime scene told us about seeing her car, I know her personally, but I did my duty. Ishita cries. Suyyash says Ishita had a motive, this is a revenge, Ishita was angry on Amar and killed him. The real reason is Pallavi’s illegitimate son Rohit, she has hidden this from Amar, and Ishita wanted to adopt Rohit, knowing Romi can’t become a father, she wanted Pallavi’s consent letter so that Pallavi can’t claim Rohit, we know Ishita can’t become a mother, she becomes obsessive about kids, and tells the news how she drove the bus and fought with Kaali to save Ruhi, this is her obsession, and her obsession for Rohit made her mad knowing Amar is ready to accept Rohit, she did not wish to part with Rohit.

Suyyash says its planned murder, she should be strictly punished, she should be hanged. Raman and everyone cry.

Written Update By Amena


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