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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pihu and Ishita coming to meet Ruhi. Pihu and Ishita greet her. Ruhi thanks Pihu and hugs her, while ignoring Ishita. Pihu makes Ruhi sit and gets the south Indian food served by Ishita. She asks Ruhi to have it, and feeds Ruhi, while she refuses. Ruhi also feeds her. Ishita smiles. Niddhi comes and sees them. Pihu asks whats this Komolika aunty doing here. Ruhi takes Pihu to show her room. Niddhi asks Ishita what is she doing here. Ishita says I came to feed my handmade food to my daughter. Niddhi argues and says it will happen what I want, start staying away from Ruhi. Ishita says Ruhi is my daughter, this is court order, she has 24 hours security, don’t try to hurt her, else you will land in jail. Niddhi says you have just 27 days. Ishita says you too have that time to rejoice, then Ruhi will be ours. Niddhi says lets see. Ishita calls Pihu and they leave.

Niddhi tells Ruhi that Ishita’s drama will never end. She goes. Ruhi thinks whatever, I don’t know how time passes so soon with Pihu, I m so happy. Pihu tells Ishita that you planned superb for Ruhi. They come home. Pihu tells Shagun about it. Shagun says its not good to bunk school on class test day. Ishita asks what, did she had class test. Pihu says sorry. Ishita says I m sorry, I did not know this. Shagun says you never ask anything, its good to be in limits. Ishita says sorry. Shagun goes. Ishita says I should have checked Pihu’s school diary, I have become careless. She attends Pihu’s teacher’s call and says sorry, I did not know about class test. The teacher says its fine, class test did not happen today and tells about science project, send the fees. Ishita says thanks, I will inform her mumma.

Pihu asks Shagun not to cry, I won’t go anywhere without telling you. Shagun says I was so scared, if you get away, will you miss me. Pihu promises that she will not get away. Shagun says if you get someone better and loving you more than me, will you go. Pihu says never, don’t get sad, I promise I won’t go. Shagun cries and says I love you a lot. She sees Ishita at the door, and asks Pihu to freshen up. Pihu goes. Ishita tells Shagun about teacher’s call, and conveys message. She leaves.

Mani comes to the society to meet Ishita. He parks the car and sees Ishita worried. She sees him and asks how did you come here. He says its Ruhi’s birthday, I know its challenging day for you , so I came here, whats the problem. She says its fine, come. He says I atleast gave right to share your problems, tell me. She says I feel so incomplete, like everything is slipping out of my hands, Pihu does not know I m her mum, I have so much love to give her, I had to show this does not affect me. He says there is a solution. She says its not easy, I want to solve all this, I want to love my daughter, I m at the point where Shagun was before, I can’t express my love, Shagun changed, she is very sincere, caring and loving, she is a good mum, how long should I know it does not matter, but I don’t want to hurt Shagun or anyone, I don’t know how to handle all this.

He tells about light coming after darkness, its cycle of life, you will get both daughters’ love, don’t know why you are worried for Shagun, the girls are lucky to have love of two mothers, why should we lose courage, you managed difficult situations and me, this is little thing, close your eyes and think, you are the solution. She says you are really good Mani, I don’t want to thank you, you are right, when intentions are good, everything can be acquired without snatching anyone’s right.

Pihu says how will I wear old clothes and spreads all the clothes on the bed. Neelu comes with her new dress, and says this will look good on you, wear this. Mihika asks Simmi about Ishita, and takes her advice about the dress. Simmi asks is Romi coming. Mihika says no, he has some imp work. Neelu gives a new dress to Simmi. Mihika likes it.

Raman comes to his room and sees Ishita getting ready. He smiles. She pins the saree pallu. He says I was not staring at you, I was thinking something, don’t get mistaken. She says I m not. He gets blue and black blazers and thinks what to wear. He is confused and asks her to say blue or black. She says blue, you will look good in blue. He thanks her and gets black coat. She says I said blue. He says I know, so I m wearing black. She asks why did you ask then. He says I just asked. She says you will wear anything in your ego. He sees her pinning the saree.

He says don’t think I m paying any favor, I m just trying to help you so that you don’t waste time. He pins the saree. Dil kahin rukta nahi………plays………. They see each other in the mirror. She recalls the old moments. His finger gets hurt by the pin. She asks him to show. He asks why are you wearing sarees. She says some change is good with time. He says like you changed, you did not find out whether I m alive or dead, I was madly missing you, Ruhi also left me, you both keep changing, I m good being the same. He goes. She cries and says why do you feel this change was by my wish, destiny joked with us, I wish I could explain how sad I was being away from you, I hope everything gets fine in today’s party, atleast you can get Ruhi close to us.

Ashok asks Raman to get out, as you don’t have invite. Raman gets angry on Ashok. Ishita and everyone stop Raman. Ruhi comes and says stop, I have invited them. Ishita smiles.

Written Update by Amena

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