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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18 November 2015 Written Update

Shagun thinking whom to call. She says she will celebrate diwali again and order some sweets. Abhishek comes and says he came to give her company on diwali, as she is alone. They wish happy diwali to each other. He gives the sweets and gift. She likes the saree and asks did Ishita send all this. He asks how did she know this. She says Ishita can do all this. He says right, she bought these things, but I got it, I m hungry, get something. She asks what shall I order, Chinese?

Bhallas have dinner happily. Mr. Bhalla asks for Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi said she started some project with her friend. Ishita thinks Simmi has gone to meet Ashok. Mihir talks to her and Raman tells her to answer Mihir. Mihir asks what did Raman gift you on diwali. She says Raman gave me this lovely necklace, and jewelry, she gave me everything what I asked. Mihir says romance has to be learnt by Raman. Simmi comes and Ishita and Prateek look at her.

Ishita holds Raman’s hand and says you gave her a lot, and what about me, everyone know you love her a lot. They all look on shocked. Ishita acts like Shagun and ask for some special gift on diwali. Raman asks Ishita to behave herself. Ishita says its so boring diwali, you all are eating veg food. We will have card party,she will order chicken. She asks them to wish her. Raman asks her to behave herself and not come close. Ishita wishes happy diwali to Mrs. Bhalla, Sarika, and others. She hugs Mihir and says beard is looking nice on you. She goes to wish Simmi and hugs her. She smells men’s perfume from her and asks her is there anyone new in your life. She says I know its very unlikely, who will like you, but did you go to meet anyone. Simmi says what nonsense, nothing like that.

Ishita says its diwali and you left home and went to meet someone, we want to know who is that special. Simmi says I went for my project. Ishita says shut up, you can fool Bhallas, not me, you went to meet my boyfriend, Ashok Khanna. They all get shocked. Ishita asks her why did she go and meet Ashok. Simmi asks what is she saying. Ishita says you can fool Ishita, not me, I m Shagun, tell me why did you meet my BF.

Simmi asks why are they seeing at her, Ishita is lying. Ishita asks why are you sweating, whats going on between you and Ashok. She shouts and shakes Simmi. Simmi says she won’t tell her. Ishita says you know what I can do. Simmi says I m not afraid of you. Ishita starts throwing things and says she will not leave Simmi. Raman asks Prateek to stop Ishita. Prateek comes in between and stops Ishita, asking her to calm down. Ishita asks him to stay away from her, and holds her head. She gets dizzy.

Raman retains her. They just take her to area. Mrs. Bhalla states I used to be frightened for this, but Simmi. Raman makes Ishita rest and recollects the traditional time. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………performs……………. She gets up and asks what happened. He asks her to relaxation, she fainted, she didn’t choose drugs. She asks did I do anything. He claims absolutely nothing. She usually takes medicines and feels unfortunate looking at him nervous. He goes and he or she spits the tablet. She says it bought tricky for making Simmi say reality, she is not going to tell, its very good family members knows this now and can make Simmi answer, how will I know whats happening. Prateek phone calls Ishita and retains cellphone in his pocket.

Ishita hears Absolutely everyone inquiring Simmi about Ashok. Simmi claims its her lifestyle, she is going to do anything at all, but she did not meet up with Raman’s enemy, These are believing a woman whose condition just isn’t superior. She goes. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman about Ishita. Raman states she is okay. He asks Prateek about Ishita, and feels they are going to call physician. Prateek states no, assault was for short time, she’s receiving very well. Mihir asks Raman to tranquil down, and usually takes him. Prateek anxieties. Amma cries and says Shagun’s spirit has caught Ishita. Ishita feels unfortunate hearing her relatives’s sorrow. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………performs……….. She cries.

Raman is fearful and cries. Mihir asks is he hiding his tears. Raman claims Ishita’s condition just isn’t receiving perfectly. Mihir suggests whichever he has witnessed, he features a question, Ishita is performing to be possessed.

Raman asks precisely what is he expressing, I know its not Ishita’s character, she will not harm Amma, she is really possessed. Mihir says its not confirmed that Ishita has thrown stone, did she hurt any one, did any individual get significant damage. I discovered her when she did with Simmi, she has strike Simmi with plastic flowers, she has thrown pillows, its harmless, she threw vase, not didn’t injure any individual, she is violent and loud, but did not hurt anyone. Raman gets pondering.

Raman tells Prateek that Ishita is acting, as she did not hurt anyone. Abhishek asks Ishita to hurt anyone. Ishita says how can I hurt anyone. Shagun says others will doubt then. Amma meets some tantric and asks him to make Ishita fine.

Written Update By Amena


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