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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhaan thinking I won’t let Ishita and Raman unite, I hate them, I m in this state because of them. Ruhaan says I m not Ruhi, I m Ruhaan, teen sensation, I will show them star’s attitude. Niddhi calls Ruhaan and asks where are you. Ruhaan says I m at shooting floor, where are you. Niddhi is with someone, and says I won’t come on shoot, Raman will be there, I don’t want Raman to see me, don’t try to say your identity. Ruhaan says I won’t do anything that we both face any problem. Niddhi says good and ends call.

Ishita goes to Mani and asks did you know Ruhaan signed contract with Raman’s company. He says yes. She says you knew Raman is involved here and did not tell me, I was away from family since 7 years, it was my choice that I did not wish to go to my family, you could have told me, this situation would have been avoided easily. He asks can I say something now, you are more than my life, I can’t think of hurting your heart, I did not know its Raman’s company, I got to know when I signed contract, I called you, you boarded the flight, then your plane hijack happened, I could not tell you.

She says whats this excuse, you could have told me. He says so many things were happening, I could not tell you, trust me. She says I trust you, I can’t stay here, I can’t face Raman, I want to go from here. He says there is one thing more which you don’t know, Raman has saved you in flight, he took you to hospital. She gets shocked and recalls her savior sending white lilies to her. Mani says Raman has sent those flowers, he saved your life. Raman comes and says this was my biggest mistake, I should have not saved her, I should have not known she is alive, if I knew I m saving her life, I would have left her to die, it was better if she died. Ishita cries. Raman leaves. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………

Mihika comes to Romi and wakes him up. She says I made breakfast for you. He asks her why is she doing this. She says I have no inlaws, so I have to do all rituals myself, Its my first rasoi today, I made breakfast. He gets a call and asks what, but we bribed the officer, how can he stop our order, fine I will come. Romi gets ready and is leaving. Romi asks where are you leaving. He says sorry, I have to leave. She asks him to have breakfast, she made his fav dishes. He says I m sorry, I have to go, this is your nek, I have seen mummy ji gave nek to Ishita after her first rasoi, I m your mummy ji here, tell me if you need anything, you can shop. He goes. She cries and says if I was in Sasuraal today, my first rasoi would be not like this.

Adi asks Neelu where is Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla went to storeroom to clean some stuff, she did not ask me to come along. He says fine, I will see. He goes to storeroom. Mrs. Bhalla says I have to fix some things back on right place. He says you know there is much dust here, you have dust allergy. She cleans Raman and Ishita’s pic and says I have to fix this at right place. Adi sees the pic and hugs her. Adi says that’s lovely, how can you do this work without your partner. Mrs. Bhalla blesses him and asks him to fix this frame in Raman’s room, keep some candles and white flowers too. Adi says I remember, I will make the room as it used to be seven years ago, but Papa.. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry, he will agree. Adi hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Ishita comes back.

Mani asks the men are they ready. The man says we are ready, where is Ruhaan. Nupur says Ruhaan is ready, and sends a man to call him. Ishita asks Mani what is this unprofessionalism of Ruhaan, I will talk to him. Mani stops her. She says he is 16 year old boy, why this attitude, did his parents not teach him manners. He says you are not his mum, its not your work to teach him manners, go and meet Amma, I will manage. She says not a bad idea, Raman maybe coming here too, I will leave.

Mihika goes to meet Amma and Vandu. She says Romi had some work, he will pick me on return. Amma and Vandu do Mihika’s aarti and grahpravesh. Mrs. Bhalla stops Mihika and asks Amma are they mad to do Grah pravesh in Maayka, this is big ritual. She tells Mihika that this rasam happens in Sasural, we are not dead, we will do your Grah Pravesh, Mu dikhai, first rasoi, we will give you nek, then you can come here for Patphere. Ishita comes there. Amma stops Mrs. Bhalla and says when your son does not stay here, why this drama. Mrs. Bhalla says she is my bahu. Amma says she is my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see who stops me. Ishita looks on.

Mihika says let me speak. Ishita asks whats happening. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask Ishita about the rituals and argue. They both pull Mihika. Ishita gets upset and goes. Mihika tells them that Ishita came to meet us and left seeing your fight. Mrs. Bhalla blames Amma.

Ishita packs her bag. She says I m going to Amma’s house both families are fighting, I have to make things fine, they really need me, take care of Mani, tell me if you need anything. Aaliya gets sad. Ishita hugs her and asks her not to get upset, you call me if there is anything to say. Aaliya asks what will you do. Ishita says lets see, you will know, take care, I have to go. Aaliya thinks Ishita is leaving, will she come back, why do I feel she will never come back, will Raman and Ishita get together again, I have seen love and longing in her eyes.

Raman comes home and is angry talking on phone. He says how can Nupur breach our contract, stop that shoot. He goes to his room and sees Ishita and his pics everywhere. He gets more angry and shouts Maa. He asks Mrs. Bhalla whats all this. She says I did this to keep all things on right place. Raman removes pics and Ishita’s sarees and says I will show its right place.

Raman says this woman is dead for me, I hate her name and everything. He burns Ishita’s belongings. Ishita looks on sadly. Shagun comes home and asks Raman whats all this. She gets shocked seeing Ishita there. Raman proposes Shagun.

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