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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Ashok and Suraj talking to Shagun. Ashok looks worried. Abhishek tells Mihir that he will get Shagun’s body. Ashok comes to claim her body and says Shagun did not do suicide, she is murdered. He says Ishita was with her at that time. Mihir scolds him and says we all know Ishita well. Ashok says you have no sorrow to lose your sister. Abhishek says I was there at accident time, I know Ishita is innocent. Ashok says you look personal ACP for Bhalla family, I will get to the roots of this.

Mihir blames himself and says its all his mistake, he is not a good brother. Mihika pacifies her. Adi asks Sarika why did we come back home. Sarika says you go, I will tell you. Adi and Ruhi neighbors saying they lost their mum. Adi and Ruhi run to see Ishita. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla pacify Ishita a lot. They send her to change. Amma says Mihir’s phone is coming. Mihir tells Mrs. Bhalla that there are some formalities, I will get Shagun’s body in some time. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to bring the body home. Amma says why, whats the need. Mihir hears Amma saying about dreams staying unfulfilled, when someone commits suicide, the soul wanders, we have lost our Rinki and now Shagun, its said if two deaths happens in same house, third death can happen too. Ishita comes and hears them.

She asks what are they talking and takes the phone. She asks Mihir to get Shagun’s body to Bhalla house, she was Ruhi and Adi’s mum, we will send her as our family member. Mihir says fine and cries. Ruhi and Adi come home and ask about Ishita. They cry. Ishita hears them and comes to them. She hugs them. Adi asks why was everyone saying about you. Sarika says they were talking about Shagun. The kids cry and ask about Shagun. Ishita says Shagun did not survive, I m sorry. She consoles the kids. Simmi takes Ruhi to room. Ishita says so sorry, we tried to stop her but she left. Adi says its all because of me, I m sorry, its my mistake, I m bad son. Ishita and Raman say its not because of him.

The family mourns for Shagun’s death. The pandit asks was she married or single, if she was married. Then she will need all suhaagan items. Ishita says she was married, she was Raman’s first wife and my children’s mum, she will go as suhaagan, I will make her ready. Amma stops Ishita. Ishita requests them to send Shagun to her room. She goes to her room to make Shagun ready. Amma says this is not good. Mrs. Bhalla says she has much courage. Amma worries. Ishita makes Shagun ready.

They choose Shagun for closing ceremony and Ishita sees Shagun’s hand outside the house the woods. She goes to put it Within the Wooden and turns. Shagun retains her hand and Ishita turns in shock. She sees there is absolutely no hand and tells Raman that Shagun has held her hand. Raman asks her to go. Amma tells Mrs. Bhalla that she feels a thing bad will almost certainly come about. Adi gives the fire on the woods and does the ultimate rites of his mum. Ishita cries and looks on. Raman asks Ishita to come back.

Ishita suggests Shagun was Adi and Ruhi’s mum, I’ll stay for someday more. Ishita sees the marks on her hand and will get thinking of that instant. Its night, Ishita is sleeping and recollects Shagun’s suicide. She wakes up and Raman asks is she wonderful. She says she will get h2o when he stops her. Ishita goes out and sees a Woman crying. She will get shocked and screams.

Raman comes to Ishita and asks what happened. Ishita says an individual is sitting down there. He asks in which. She points towards the Girl in bridal gown. Raman holds Ishita as she faints. Raman is unable to begin to see the Girl and just sees the location. Raman states there is no a single there and will take her to room. He will come again to determine a similar location and opens the lights. He sees not one person there and switches off lights. He leaves. The broken bangles are revealed.

Raman receives stunned viewing Ishita sitting within the compound and suggests Ishita…. Ishita lifts her head and states she is not long gone, she has return. (OMG!!)

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