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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with media covering the student suicide matter. Suraj says we want justice, get that principal out. Reporter asks will the student get justice, will you get justice by protesting. Ashok comes there and sees this. Students protest against Vandu. Ashok calls Suraj and asks him to come to him. Suraj goes to Ashok. Ashok asks whats happening, is this college or veg market. Suraj says nothing, I m settling scores with Vandu, she slapped me and now she will not be able to do anything. He shows the black color and says I m going to blacken her face infront of college and media. He goes. Ashok smiles.

Ishita feeds Rohit. Raman says I have imp meetings, be with mummy. Ishita asks Rohit to sleep. She plays tv and gets shocked seeing the breaking news, about Vandu and student’s suicide. She calls Neelu and gives Rohit. She says Vandu can’t do this, whats happening. She sees Suraj and says it will be Suraj’s plan against Vandu. She calls Bala. Bala gets shocked and says you know Vandu well, I don’t understand. Ishita says I m going there, I will call Raman. Bala says I will also come there.

Mihika comes to Mihir and asks why did you call me urgently. He asks her not to panic, and shows the breaking news. She gets shocked. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to go, Raman’s number is not reachable. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go, and says I will go and be with Amma, I m fine now, go fast. Ishita says take care and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla prays everything gets fine. She goes to Amma. Amma says doctor told you to rest, are you fine. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I was feeling lonely and came here to talk. She asks her to make coffee for her. Amma asks since when did you like coffee. Mrs. Bhalla since I started liking you, make some idli vada for me as well. Amma asks her to sit, and asks her to watch tv. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I wish to just talk. Amma insists and asks her to sit. Mrs. Bhalla hides the remote. Amma thinks Mrs. Bhalla got old and does not want to see tv.

Raman talks to Chadda and asks whats problem now. Chadda says we have to find that woman and take her personal consent. The dog barking disturbs Chadda. Chadda asks Pallavi about that dog. She says maybe he is hungry, I will give him food. Chadda says you know how to control him and sends her. He says sorry and continues talking to Raman. He says till we take the woman’s consent personally. Raman says I think dog is hurt he is crying. Chadda says no, his tongue would have got burnt, he drank hot milk, next time he won’t make noise now. Raman says that’s unfair, he is an animal, everyone knows dogs are loyal than human, I have a dog at home, we don’t beat him, we take him for walk too. Chadda says we humans don’t have equality, that’s just a dog, this is my house, and my dog, I will decide how to treat him. Raman gets a message and gets shocked. He says I will leave, and rushes.

Suraj and students get inside the college. Vandu and the committee hear the protests. The guards stop the group. Vandu worries. The man says students are coming here, they are saying they will punish principal madam. The committee worries as situation is getting out of control. Ishita and Bala come there and stops them. Vandu hears Ishita. Ishita says I have seen Vandu standing for you all as your friend and guide, she is so dedicated. The student asks who are you, we will not listen. Ishita says you all have to listen, I m her sister, I have seen her dedication, Vandu and Bala paid fees for poor students, they gave extra tuitions for free, your batchmates have become toppers, she always encouraged you. She reminds one student about coming to Vandu to get free classes and pass in his exams, Vandu taught him for 2-3 months to bring him on track, and he is here to protest against her.

She asks why are they protesting, for that student who was stealing exam papers, is this right thing, he tried to commit suicide, but Vandu did not do this intentionally. Suraj says a student gave his life because of Vandu, its not less thing. Ishita says that student is alive and stable. Bala says you all know Vandita, I request you all not to listen to any stranger, listen to your management. Suraj thinks my plan won’t fail so soon, I know what to do.

Sarika asks Neelu where is everyone. Neelu says Raman went office, Ishita went out, and Mrs. Bhalla went to stop Amma from seeing news about Vandu. Sarika asks her to make tea. She thinks there should be some drama to have fun. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla sit talking. Mrs. Bhalla thinks how long will I make her busy in talk, Ishita should come soon with Vandu. They talk. Sarika comes and asks Amma how can this happen with Vandu, how can anyone blame her. Amma asks what are you saying.

Sarika says college students are so angry, see the tv. Mrs. Bhalla stops Sarika. Sarika gets remote and plays tv. Amma gets shocked seeing the news, and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing will happen to Vandu, trust Mata Rani. She gets angry on Sarika. Sarika smiles.

Students get angry on Vandu. Suraj takes blank ink to apply to Vandu’s face. Shagun breaks a bottle and asks all of them to move back, and not dare to come close to Vandu.

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