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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Sarika annoyed with Romi. Mrs. Bhalla comes in kitchen and asks what is she making. Sarika says paneer dish. Mrs. Bhalla tastes and says salt is high. Sarika starts talking rudely and asks her to cook on her own, they don’t like anything she does. Ishita looks on and asks how can she talk to elders like this. Sarika asks Ishita to help Mrs. Bhalla in kitchen rather than sitting in room, if she really cares. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla shares her worry and tells about Shagun’s earring found under sofa, even Raman was worried. Ishita says I will serve food, you go and freshen up. Mrs. Bhalla goes.

Ishita says I have made them worry so much, I wish this drama ends soon, I can’t hurt them. She goes to call Shagun and looks for her phone. She calls Shagun. Shagun gets shocked seeing Raman’s name flashing on her phone. She says why is Raman calling me. Ishita thinks why is Shagun not taking my call. She calls again. Shagun gets worried. Ishita thinks did anything happen to Shagun.

Raman is in office and talks to Mihir on office line. He asks when did he come back, he missed him a lot. Ishita thinks to call Abhishek. She sees her pic on screensaver and says I keep Raman’s pic. She checks the phone and says this is Raman’s phone, it means he took my phone, I kept it on charging, he got confused and took my phone, that’s why Shagun is not taking my call, if she calls on my phone to inform me, Raman will take call. Shagun thinks to inform Ishita about Taman calling her. She calls Ishita.

Ishita thinks what to do. Raman is busy talking on office line, while mobile is kept away. Abhishek comes to Bhalla house. Ishita tells him to call Shagun and ask him not to call on her phone, and tells about phone swapping. Abhishek says I forgot my phone in jeep. He goes to get it. Raman comes home and says he needs to talk to Ishita. She gets tensed. Abhishek asks her to go, he will talk to Shagun.

Ishita goes to Raman. Raman asks what do you think, I m a fool, I can’t understand, I got to know everything. She gets worried. He says you felt I won’t know. She asks what. He asks why don’t you know, I m madly believing you, I m literate, I had a big loss, how can you be so careless. She says I m sorry and cries. He says you better be sorry, I was cheated, I thought I m mad and its my mistake, then I came to know it was your phone. She gets relieved and says phone…

He says why did you keep your phone on charging at my charging point, foolish Neelu got me your phone, which was not charged. She recalls she did not switch on. She says its good it did not ring. He says you have few patients, I have many clients, thanks for my phone, is it charged. She says yes. He hugs her and asks her to charge her mind, he will case on her Appa, but Appa can’t pay penalty. He leaves. She thanks Lord.

Shagun asks Ishita how did she come. Ishita says I made excuse for Ruhi’s work, Prateek told he will accompany me, Mrs. Bhalla agreed, as they all trust Prateek. Abhishek tells about watchman gone missing, maybe he is kidnapped, he has put his team in that area. Shagun says we have to think something before hurting anyone, how will we expose Simmi, Bhalla family should know that Simmi is meeting Ashok, so that they confront her. Ishita says yes, Simmi has to accept. Shagun says how will we ask her, she can deny, we have to trap her so that she confesses this. Ishita says right, Ishita can’t ask, but Shagun can ask, Shagun’s soul is wandering and she can see everything, she can ask Simmi, I will do attack drama again tomorrow at diwali dinner, I will confront Simmi, I will spoil their diwali, but anyways we have to do this to save Raman, so its decided.

Its night, Raman smiles seeing Ishita sleeping. She wakes up and sees time. She asks what happened. He says its diwali and you Madrasi have tradition. She says its for first diwali. He says I will celebrate diwali every day, I can get this dhoti tied by Appa. She says yes, Appa will do. He asks about rituals. She says it will look strange if Appa does it. yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……….. She smiles.

Ishita likes the arrangements. He suggests he can do that for her. She asks him to sit down. He asks her to get rid of his shirt, as he has worn it. She claims you’re getting naughty. She removes his shirt and will make him sit for your rituals. She applies some rose water/oil. Yeh hai mohabbatein…. Performs…… She places milk on his ft. They smile.

Ruhi wakes up Adi and tells about Tamil diwali, in which they use oil and bath, then they may drop by Iyer household. Adi and Ruhi would like joyful diwali to Amma. Amma says she arrived to wake them up. Mrs. Bhalla will come and suggests so you’re celebrating in Madrasi design and style. Amma states He’s emotion shy. Mrs. Bhalla suggests he never awoke early for studies, and today he received up so before long. Amma wishes her satisfied diwali. Mrs. Bhalla asks How come they maintain puja so early. Amma tells about mahurat. Mrs. Bhalla says we Punjabis rejoice on typical people time, occur by the due date. Amma hugs Ishita and they need satisfied diwali.

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