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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Raman worried for Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla stays with Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla goes to Raman to talk to him. Raman says I can’t see Ishita like this and my kids in problem because of Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says I can understand. Raman says why is it necessary to give pain to the one I love, Amma and mummy wants me to take Ishita to another tantric. Mr. Bhalla says every person in the world has some problem, sometimes parents have to think of children first, if your heart has fight between good father and good husband, then let good father win, nothing is imp for parents than children, its their duty to protect children. Ishita will also agree, don’t worry, go and sleep and start afresh tomorrow. Raman goes to Ishita.

She asks how are Ruhi and Adi. He says I love my children a lot, and I equally love you, as you taught me to love. She says I also love you and kids, what happened. He says I have to take this step for kids, I know its necessary to get you rid of Shagun’s spirit, you have to bear the pain, I m sorry and hugs her. They cry.

She says its fine to bear pain for the kids’ sake. He says but I can’t do injustice with you. She says just remember I love you, I know you will do good for all of us. He says sorry. She hugs him and thinks she knows Ashok is doing this, she won’t break, and give him a solid answer. Its morning, Suraj comes to Vandu and says you called me. She says yes, sit, I had to say thanks, Ashok signed the divorce papers, you did a lot for Mihika. He says its fine. She gifts him to thank and asks him to see. He likes the cufflinks. She says its expensive, I was buying for Bala, so bought one for you, if you don’t like it, you can exchange it too, here is the bill. He sees the bill and thinks its good for them to spend more, then both will have tough time. She thinks Suraj and Ashok are same, seeing this gift, Suraj will understand Bala and I are equal to them. She gets Mihika’s call and rushes. Suraj says it means Ashok played his trick, very good, both sisters got trapped in our plan.

Raman asks Ishita to take extra clothes, maybe they have to stay for more days. She asks who told you. He says he met me in office and looked convincing. She thinks her doubt was right, Ashok did this, once she gets informer, she won’t leave Ashok. She asks how did Raman believe that Baba. Raman says you think I will take you anywhere, I love you a lot, but I don’t want my kids to be scared of you, I want Shagun’s spirit to get peace and all things get fine, trust me, this Baba is famous, Amma also knows about him. She asks him not to explain anything and hugs him. She sends him to see the kids once. He goes. She closes door and calls Shagun. She says Raman is taking me to ashram. Shagun asks how did he agree, he is practical. Ishita says but its about kids, I have to go with the flow. Shagun says I m afraid, I heard of that Baba when I worked in NGO, I don’t think you should go there, refuse to Raman. Ishita says how, Ashok has done this, he wants me to be scared and admit that I lied, we have to face this, we will call Abhishek there for safety sake, I m also tensed. Shagun asks her to be careful. Ishita comes downstairs. Everyone is sad. Mr. Bhalla apologizes to her. Ishita asks her not to feel sorry.

Mihika comes angrily and says I won’t let Ishita go, its enough. She cries and asks Raman how can he send his wife. Raman asks are you done and cries. He says its easy to give this lecture, did you realize what I m going through, I m a father and son too, I m also hurt. I was there when Adi and Ruhi were attacked, Ruhi is scared of her mum, can’t you all see, people are staying away from us, I won’t bear anyone say wrong about my wife, what about kids, how will they react when people ask them about Ishita. I m doing this to safeguard the house forever, I want my Ishita back. They all cry. Raman says its between me and my wife, I won’t let anyone interfere. He leaves.

Mihika asks Ishita not to go. Ishita asks her not to be scared and says I will come back safe. She starts leaving. Everyone hug her and cry. The neighbors see them and talk. Raman and Ishita leave.

Raman puts water on Ishita. He apologizes to her and says he is doing all this for her, and hugs her.

Written Update By Amena


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