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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2016 Written Update

Mihir asks Mihika to stop Romi from working with Ashok. She says I don’t interfere in his work, let Romi handle his business. He says I can’t believe this, I worry for you, you will fall. She says so you are worried for me, I m very happy in my life. He says I can see that. She says how long can anyone wait for someone, that’s why I have moved on, I m marrying Romi, its good you met me here, I can personally invite you, anyway you will get invitation when I invite all my close friends, you have to come. He says I will clear one thing, if I have to choose between you and Raman, I will always choose Raman, his loyalty is imp than being friendly with you, wish you all the best for your married life with Romi, but I will not come in your marriage. He goes. She says Raman’s loyalty ruined you.

Pihu is packing her stuff. Adi gets chocolates and candies for her. He says Dadi is making your fav snacks, don’t disturb Papa there. She says I won’t, I m big girl. You also had to go Australia, Papa is not taking you, you are sad right. He says no, I m happy you are going and will take care of Papa, if you are with him, he will be happy. She says we should keep her nickname. He says Raavan kumar. She says I will call him by this name. He says no, he will be upset. She asks why. He asks her to finish packing and leave for airport, else how will she meet Ruhaan. She says I will meet Ruhaan….

Aaliya comes to meet Ruhaan. Ruhaan scolds her. Aaliya says I just wanted to help you and told my Amma, its wrong that you are bearing this. Ruhaan gets angry and says how dare you complain about my mom. Aaliya says my Amma is concerned for you. Ruhaan says you are blind and don’t know her truth. Aaliya asks how are you judging her, you don’t know her, she is best mom. Ruhaan says I know such women, they do drama to become best mom, and then leave children. Aaliya argues and praises Ishita. Ruhaan says I don’t need your Appa’s concern. Aaliya says fine, I will keep myself and my Amma away from your personal life, I will just stay professional and I think I should continue with my job. She leaves. Ruhaan cries and says Ishita you are selfish.

Ishita asks Richa to add fruits, I will go and get pastries, make Aaliya wait. She sees the news about Raman Bhalla getting business excellence award. She sees Raman and gets teary eyed. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………… She sees Shagun, and says Shagun is Raman’s wife, she married him…. its good, Shagun has taken everyone’s responsibility, such a relief to know, my kids have a mother. She pauses tv and touches Raman. She says Raman, you look very good, like always, you have not changed, you would be happy as I m not with you, you said you have problems in life because of me, now you have won award as I m not there, how many awards you win, you are the best, its good your life has peace without me, but I miss you so much. She cries. Mani comes there and sees her crying…. Looking at Raman on tv. She wipes her tears and says I m okay. She talks to Richa. She says relax Mani, I suddenly saw Raman, that’s why, its fine, I made custard, don’t have it, I will get pastry, we will have it after lunch. She goes. Mani says what do you think Ishu, will you hide the matter from me, I also see and understand everything, I m feel your every sorrow Ishu, maybe this is love….. He sees Raman and says I wish I could become your angel.

Raman and Pihu land in Australia. She says I wish we got Adi and Shagun here. He says fine and reminds her promise. She says I remember. He gets Mihir’s call and says yes, I have to talk to Mr. Sharma. He asks Pihu to sit here, and asks the man to take care of his daughter, till he makes an imp phone call.

Adi talks about Alia Bhatt’s movie, and Shravan hears him. Adi asks his friend to book 4 tickets. He asks Shravan will you come for movie. Shravan says I won’t come. Adi says she is hottest. Shravan says we should not talk like this about girls. Adi asks what are you hiding. Shravan says no. Adi says sure, then sit here and tell me don’t you like Alia Bhatt, you like her. He says no, promise me you won’t say this to anyone. Adi promises. Shravan says I love Alia Bhatt, she likes me too and sent friend request to me on fb. Adi asks why will she send you, she is big star. Shravan shows the phone. Adi says I can’t believe this.

Pihu feels hungry and thinks I can’t disturb Papa, I have Papa’s card, I will go and get pastries. She asks the man to inform her dad that she is going to pastry shop to buy a pastry. He says fine. She goes to pastry shop, and says wow, I like to have all. She asks for strawberry one. The man says sorry, that was last one. Ishita hears this and asks him to give one to the girl, I will buy one less. The man gives pastry to Pihu and says that lady gave this for you. Pihu thinks to thank her, and sees Ishita. She says I have seen her, she is that aunty whose pic I have seen in Amma’s house, how is she here, I have to tell this to Adi.

Ishita and Raman collide. He turns to see her, while she picks her belongings.

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