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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Epi begins with tensed situation in Bhalla house. The kids come and ask why is everyone so upset. Simmi manages the kids. Ishita asks Amma did she see the paternity test reports. Amma says no. Ishita says how can she believe so, and goes to clinic to check reports. Sarika says we can send Ruhi and Adi to kids’ care centre, her friend will manage the kids and join from tomorrow, but would Ishita feel bad. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I will talk to her, take care of Ruhi and Adi.

Manoj asks neighbors to hear him once. The neighbors scold Shagun and say they won’t allow Shagun to be here. Shagun worries and people kick her out of the house. Ishita and Amma come to take reports and are asked to wait. Ishita gets the report and sees positive result. Amma asks Ishita not to go back to Raman. Shagun asks where will I go at night. Manoj asks how can they make Shagun leave. The lady asks about the father of the child.

The lady scolds Manoj and asks how is he staying with this woman. She pushes Shagun and Raman holds her. Ishita comes there and looks on. Raman says I m father of her child, you got the answer. Ishita comes home. She is leaving the home, and everyone stop her. Vandu says Raman has no answer, how can let her stay here. Raman brings Shagun home. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun. Ishita says Shagun is carrying Raman’s baby. Raman accepts it. Ishita cries and says Shagun… Raman says I m saying true, Shagun is carrying our baby, she did this for me and Ishita, its my and Ishita’s baby, Shagun is surrogate money. Vandu says you could have got any woman for this. Raman says we got one woman, who was just risking everything for money. Mrs. Bhalla asks him why did he do this, how can Ishita bear this, if Shagun is carrying baby. Raman defends Shagun and says she will stay here till she delivers the baby. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t stay here.

Simmi asks how can he trust Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. Raman says anyone can change, I can see her change, maybe this is her repentance, give her a chance. Mrs. Bhalla says you got blind in her love. Raman tells Ishita that this is happening for her, give one chance. Ishita and Raman go to room and have an argument. She asks why is she given the baby as a forced gift now, that too by Shagun. She cries and says Shagun has planned all this, you got papers signed by me, you lied to me. She says my opinion matters too, you decide for me always. Raman says he did not say as 6 weeks did not happen. She says you feel I m weak, I m very strong, I will not break by a hope breaking. I can’t bear this pain.

He asks what did she say, you clearly show this performing of remaining potent to another person, I’ve found your suffering after getting rid of the newborn, I really like you, I couldn’t bear your agony. She argues with him and states she is infertile and she is emotion this now. He states this was slap on the globe, that my wife isn’t infertile, she can have a toddler too.

Shagun claims I will stay here till I provide infant. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t bear you in this article. Vandu taunts her and asks how can they feel its Raman’s boy or girl. She asks Shagun whose youngster can it be. Raman says my way was Improper, but my intentions were not Erroneous, if you’re feeling I did miscalculation, forgive me, Consider we will get our individual child. Mrs. Bhalla says Sure, its somebody else’s toddler, she is lying to us and entering this household. She scolds Shagun. Ishita cries.

Shagun suggests I will not listen to any one and jumps with the terrace. Ishita gets stunned.

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