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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with goons talking and saying its good that woman did not see whats in this sack, boss would be calling, we will go and have food. Driver asks Ruhi where are they going. Ruhi says we have some work, we are not visiting anyone. Pihu shows the van with sticker. Ruhi asks driver to stop cab. Driver says this area is not safe, you won’t get cab to return. She says its okay, we will manage, our Papa is coming to pick us. Driver goes. Pihu asks Ruhi is Papa really coming. Ruhi says no, I said that to make uncle leave. Raman gets cab details and asks are you sure. The man says yes, driver dropped them to godown. Raman hopes they are fine. Shagun calls him and says Ruhi did not come. Raman says I m going to pick Ruhi and Pihu. She asks are they together, how did they go there, they are so careless. He says I m also getting anger, don’t worry, I will pick them.

Mihir asks Aaliya did you call me for Vandu’s accident. She says sorry, I was afraid and called you. Mihir says relax. She says she was talking to me while driving and this happened. He says we will go to police station. She asks won’t you shout on me. He says you realized mistake, thats enough. They see Vandu and Bala coming home, and looking upset. Vandu and Bala don’t talk to them and leave.

Pihu shows van to Ruhi and says there was sack in it. goon sees them and think who are they. Pihu says I m sure, I have seen this sticker, this is clue that Ishita is here. Goon says these girls are clever and finding that woman, I should tell boss. Ruhi says we will inform Papa, I don’t find this place safe.

Vandu asks Bala why did he take blame on him. Amma asks Bala is this true. Vandu says yes, Bala told inspector that he did accident. She cries. Mihir and Aaliya look on. Bala says I love you Vandu, we are one, then how can our mistakes be different, whats use of this relation when I can’t help you, I m also responsible for this, you were doing all this for me, I liked all your efforts, I was thinking to pull your leg. Mihir tells Aaliya that this is called true love, there is no need to express. Aaliya apologizes to Vandu and Bala. Bala says its not your mistake, you tried to get excitement in our boring married life.

Goon tells others about two girls looking for Ishita, if their dad comes, it will be problem. Other goon says we will kill her and leave, we will throw her and no one will know. Raman comes there and asks Pihu are you fine, Ruhi are you mad to get Pihu here, if anything happened to her. Pihu says Ruhi lied for Ishita, and tells everything what she has seen.

Raman gets shocked and asks are you sure. Pihu says yes, I remember, I gave clue to Dadi at Parvati’s kidnap in serial. He says this is not a serial, are you sure this is not story. Ruhi says I think she is just saying. Raman says there is nothing here, we are going home. Goons take the sack to throw. Boss calls them. Goon says fine, work is more, money will be double. Raman says this area is not safe, come. Pihu says we can’t leave aunty here. He says I don’t want to listen to anything, come. Ishita throws her ring there. Ruhii gets it and shows Raman. She says this is Ishita’s ring. Raman says yes, it means Pihu is saying right. Ruhi says it fell from upstairs. Raman says I will go and see. She says I also want to see Ishita.

Raman asks them to sit in car and lock it. He goes to the godown and calls out Ishita. He does not see anyone there. He sees the van gone and says they have sent ring so that I came here and they leave. He goes to Ruhi and Pihu, and says they have kidnapped Ishita, nothing will happen to her, she is strong. Shagun calls him. Ruhi says we should go home. Raman says fine. They leave.

Everyone ask Shagun why did Raman not come with Ruhi and Pihu. Shagun says they would be reaching. Everyone worry. Raman gets Ruhi and Pihu home. He sends Ruhi and Pihu, and tells everyone that Ishita is kidnapped. They all get shocked. Mr. Bhalla says you said its her plan. Raman says I felt so, but she is kidnapped, its not her plan to stop Ruhi. He tells everything.

Romi says it means the goons are doing on someone’s saying, else they would have asked ransom. Simmi says Niddhi did this. Mihir says we have to go and confront Niddhi. Raman says nothing should happen to Ishita. Mihika says I think we should inform police and give all details. Raman says no, we did same mistake 7 years ago, I m bearing punishment till now, if Niddhi knows we informed police, she can harm Ishita, she did this for Ruhi, Ruhi is with us. Shagun says I think Ashok is with Niddhi, we should ask Ashok. Romi says I will try. Raman says no, Ashok lost trust on you, we have to think of some plan. Aaliya thinks they are just talking, Amma is in danger, I have to inform Appa.

Aaliya informs Mani. He asks what, Niddhi kidnapped Ishu, I will see her, how dare she do this. She asks him to wait. He goes. She calls Adi. He does not answer. She calls Mihir. Mihir rushes and stops Mani from meeting Niddhi. Mani says I won’t stop, I won’t leave Niddhi. Mihir says listen to me once, we are also worried for Ishita, we are not confronting Niddhi, there is a reason, it can harm Ishita’s life, we have to think well, we can’t be angry, we lost a lot by anger, we lost Ruhi, Raman and Ishita’s relation broke because of anger, I beg you, we are keeping an eye on Niddhi, I hired a private detective, no one knows it, not even Raman, keep this to yourself, trust me please, we have to be calm, its about Ishita’s life. Aaliya looks on. Mihir says we did not get any demand from goons, Ishita is safe, we are doing our best to reach her, if you do anything with Niddhi, it can be harm to Ishita, we don’t want that.

Mihir says I will meet Ashok. Raman says he won’t trust you. Mani comes and says I will meet Ashok, Aaliya told me everything. Simmi stops saying seeing Ruhi. Raman says I know Ruhi won’t say anything to Niddhi, she will not put our family in danger ever.

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