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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi going to meet Ishita. Ruhi gets shocked seeing the lady with the knife. Ruhi screams and runs. Shagun hears her and says its Ruhi’s voice. She runs to locker room. The lady dressed in Ishita’s saree and wearing black coat and hood looks for Ruhi. Raman comes to school and says I told Ishita not to come, then why did she come. Ruhi cries being scared. Shagun comes there and looks for Ruhi. She sees that lady with a knife and gets shocked. The lady worriedly runs from there. Shagun follows her. The knife falls and the lady runs out. Shagun picks the knife and lifts her veil. Ruhi sees Shagun with the knife. Ruhi is shocked and says Shagun mumma…

Shagun sees Ruhi crying. She gets worried as Ruhi has seen her. She puts the veil and runs after Ruhi. Raman comes there. Ruhi hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. Ruhi says save me, Shagun mumma is in black burqa, she has knife and wants to kill me. He asks where. Ruhi says see there. Shagun gets tensed. He sees the burqa clad lady holding a knife. Raman runs after her. Shagun leaves in the taxi. Raman fails to catch her. He goes back to Ruhi. Ruhi asks why does Shagun wants to kill me, I have seen her. Raman brings Ruhi home.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi why did she come home so early, is she fine. Ruhi cries and hugs her. Raman asks where is Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she is in her room. Ishita asks Neelu to get some items from her car. Raman comes to Ishita and asks where did she go. She says clinic, I will freshen up and come. He calls her clinic and asks did Ishita come to clinic today. The man says no, she took leave today. Raman thinks why is Ishita lying.

Ruhi tells Mrs. Bhalla and Amma about Shagun, she had knife in hand and wanted to kill her. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to take Ruhi to room. Amma asks what happened. Raman says I have also seen that burqa clad lady, I think it was Ishita, who else will meet her as her mum. Amma says yes, Ruhi has seen Shagun, it means Shagun’s face is seen on Ishita’s face. Raman says I have work.

Neelu gets the items, and it falls. Raman gets the burqa and asks Neelu. Neelu says I got it from Ishita’s car. Raman goes to Ishita. She sees him in the mirror. He asks her about the burqa. She says I don’t know, I did not see this. He gets a call and goes. She thinks this can become an issue. Raman says I m coming, and thinks whats happening. Shagun informs Ishita about Ashok’s informer, and asks how is Ruhi, she has seen me at her school. Ishita worries and says Raman has seen the burqa, Ashok has attacked on my biggest weakness Ruhi, I want to tell truth to Raman, but he has to be safe, I will not leave Ashok. She cries.

Raman goes to office and thinks whats happening, my mind is not working. He gets to know about some Baba waiting for her. Raman goes to meet him in conference room. Baba asks him about his kids and says this is the only way now. Raman says either Amma or my mum would have told you all this. Baba says calm down, sit, see it does not matter who told me what, but its true everyone worries for you, I have helped many such people, I don’t do this for money, I m just trying to help your wife, accept this that your wife is ill, the spirit can get powerful and pose danger for anyone. I can help you and get your wife free from the spirit, you have to bring her to ashram soon.

Raman says tantric also came before, I can’t see my wife in pain, my kids are attacked now, Ishita could give her life for the kids, my daughter said she has seen her dead mother, what shall I think, you tell me. Baba says maybe your daughter has seen her mother’s face, and Shagun’s spirit is getting more powerful, so I told you to get her to temple, whats the problem, we are there to get heart peace, and this is not any treatment by doctor, get your wife there, maybe your devotion reaches Lord and everything gets fine.
Raman asks will my wife get any pain. Baba says yes, it will be painful. Raman says I have seen Ishita in much pain, give me time to think. Baba says fine and asks her to decide soon, as he will be in Rajasthan temple for 2 days. He leaves. Raman gets sad. Ishita cries and hugs Ruhi’s pic. Raman recalls Ishita and cries. Ishita recalls Ruhi and feels sorry.

Raman tells Ishita that this is necessary to make her get rid of Shagun’s spirit and apologizes to her. He hugs her and cries.

Written Update By Amena


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