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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Niddhi asking Ruhaan not to be on social sites. Police comes there and tells Niddhi that they got complaint against Niddhi, that she beats Ruhaan, till then the officers will talk to Ruhaan separately. Niddhi looks at Ruhaan and leaves. Ruhaan thinks who did complaint. The officer asks Ruhaan to sit and answer the questions. Niddhi says I m Ruhaan’s mum, I don’t torture my son, why will I do this, whoever said this is lying. The officer tells Ruhaan that he has file case on child rights ground. Ruhaan thinks to say truth, as he can’t get such chance again. He is about to say and just then Ishita comes there.

Ishita asks Ruhaan are you okay. She introduces herself to officer and says my daughter Aaliya works with Ruhaan, she has seen Ruhaan’s mummy beating him, so I did the complaint. Ruhaan looks on.

Niddhi says you came with complaint as my son is teenage sensation, someone wants to gain publicity by using my son’s name, I did not torture my son, if you ask me this without any proof, I will sue you. Ishita asks Ruhaan to openly say it, say truth. Ruhaan denies everything and says I m very happy, why will my mom beat me, I agree she is strict, it does not mean you complaint.

Ruhaan says I think Ishita does not know meaning to be mother, and talks rude to her. He asks officer to leave his mummy, she is good mom, and asks him to take Ishita away. Ishita says my daughter Aaliya told this to me, she never lies, if she said Ruhaan is tortured, then he is tortured, I will talk to his mummy. Officer says we can take action against you for filing wrong report. She leaves, and Niddhi is brought there.

Officer apologizes to Niddhi and says your son said the truth, the complaint was wrong, we were doing our duty. She asks can I know who did complaint. He says let it be, your son already told a lot to her, I don’t think she will do anything now. Niddhi thinks who can it be, its good Ruhi did not say anything.

Raman gets Ishra company details and tells Mihir that this can be profitable for us. Mihir says they don’t want to sell it now, owner had accident 7 years ago. Raman gets message and says company has good name in market, I spoke to a lady. Mihir says company owner is some man, Ramachandran, maybe you spoke to his secretary or wife, I don’t know what to do, he is not interested to sell it now. Raman says he maybe sentimental, company is like baby, I will personally talk to him, book my ticket to Australia.

Ishita comes home. Aaliya asks what happened. Ishita says Ruhaan said his mom does not torture him, he is happy, don’t know why he said that, there is something strange, the way he looks at me, I feel he hates me. Aaliya says why will he hate you, you are helping him. She says there is some connection between me and him, I feel attracted to him, some connection. Aaliya says your heart is such, you can’t see anyone in pain, I m sure Ruhaan is hiding something. Ishita says I feel like I know him since long.

Its morning, Pihu talks to Shagun in her dramatic way. She tells about the show’s theme wedding. Shagun says life is real, it has complications. Pihu says I will talk to Papa. Shagun asks her not to talk. Pihu goes. Shagun says Raman can think I have sent Pihu to talk about marriage.

Romi wishes Iyers agree for marriage. Mrs. Bhalla comes and sees her. Amma welcomes Romi and Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla turns her face away. She goes home and says my son changed, he meets neighbors, he does not wish to meet my mum, its limit, how can he forget relations, I m his mum, I gave him birth, he has relations with Mihika and Iyers. She asks Neelu to out chicken bones outside Iyer house. She hears Raman going to Austrialia and asks him. Adi asks can I come along, I m doing MBA and I can learn many things. Raman says I m going for work, you won’t come with me. Pihu comes and gets glad that Raman is going Australia. She says Ruhaan is there, I have to meet him, please take me. Raman agrees to take her. Adi gets sad. Pihu dances happily and asks Shagun to give her marriage shopping list. Raman looks at Shagun.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu to have breakfast fast. Raman asks Shagun what did she tell Pihu. Shagun says I knew it, you will say this, Pihu has seen this from tv serials. They argue. She asks him to explain Pihu and make her forget this theme wedding matter.

Amma serves food to Romi. Romi says I will eat food, but on one condition. I have to talk something, I now you have wrong opinion about me, I don’t care what people say, just Mihika supported me in my bad time, I know you are unhappy that we are staying together since many years, I want to give name to our relation, Mihika and I want to marry, you know you are my family, I want you to get us married with your blessings. Appa and Amma get glad and permit them to marry. Amma makes them have sweets, and blesses them.

Amma gets angry seeing the chicken bones. Simmi says I will go and see why is Mrs. Iyer shouting. Mrs. Bhalla says wait, I will see. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue like before. Romi comes and asks Mrs. Bhalla to say sorry, as its her mistake. Raman comes and slaps Romi angrily.

Ishita says Shagun is Raman’s wife and cries. Mani tries to wipe her tears. She says I m okay and goes. He says what do you think, you will hide this matter from me.

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