Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2016 Written Update


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla, Shagun talking about Ishita going missing. Mihika cries and worries for Ishita. Shagun says maybe Ishita did this drama to make Ruhi stay here for long. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Pihu. Shagun tells about Pihu gone with her friend Trisha. She assures them that Pihu is fine and she will look after Pihu. She goes to talk to Ruhi and explain her. Raman asks Romi why will Ishita act when she was ready to marry. Romi says maybe she went somewhere, don’t worry, Mihir called, he is coming to take you to office for meeting, get ready. Raman says I don’t want to talk, where can Ishita go. The goons talk about keeping Ishita Bhalla carefully.

Bala asks Vandu to dress decently, I won’t tolerate this, go and change right now. She thinks I have worn this
for you, and says I m going to college. He dances and acts to stop her from going to college in these clothes. She goes to change. Mihir asks Bala is everything alright. Bala says I m pulling Vandu’s leg, she wants to bring excitement in our marriage, she wants to change and make me jealous, I m teasing her now. Vandu hears them. Bala says Aaliya is helping Vandu in all this. They see Vandu. Vandu says you were acting with me, now I will wear these clothes and go. Bala goes after her. Mihir says why did Aaliya interfere in Bala and Vandur’s lives. The goon gets a call and tells other guys that boss asked them to shift Ishita.

A couple’s car breaks down. The lady says what will we do now. Her husband says we have extra tyre, I will fix it. Pihu and her friend Trisha have a talk. Pihu sees the men taking some big sack in the van. She thinks to take help from those men to get tyre changed. She sees Ishita’s saree and says I have seen this somewhere before. The goon calls his boss and says we want double money, its lot of trouble. Pihu recalls its Ishita’s saree, I have seen her in morning, but who are they. The men leave in the van.

Ruhi says Ishita is acting, I don’t want to listen. Shagun defends Ishita. Ruhi asks her not to take Shagun’s side. Shagun says think once, if she did this, its for you, she loves you. Ruhi says I can’t believe this, you are saying all this. Shagun says maybe you won’t understand it now, you will understand when you become a mother, I understood this after getting Pihu, unconditional love, Ishita really cares for you, forget everything. Neelu comes and tells Shagun that Mrs. Bhalla is calling you. Shagun asks Ruhi to think again and leaves.

Pihu calls Ruhi and tells her that she has seen some goon uncles keeping a sack in the van, and a saree pallu was out of that sack, it was like Ishita’s saree pallu. Ruhi asks what, are you sure. Pihu says yes, the uncle was looking like a goon. Ruhi thinks Ishita involved Pihu in all this, I have to end this drama and prove to Shagun and judge. She asks Pihu where are you, give your phone to friend’s mummy.

Mihir meets Aaliya. Aaliya says Appa just left. Mihir says I came to meet you. He says you advised Vandu, you should have not given her advice, she is married and you don’t know their relation. She says I wanted to help her. Mihir says your intention was good, but they are married couple, today they have fought because of you, you did wrong, already there are many tensions, let them be, they will sort out their differences. She nods. He leaves. She says Mihir is saying right, I should have not created complications in their married life, I will call Vandu. Vandu is on the way and says I did not talk to Bala. Aaliya calls her and she thinks its Bala. She checks Aaliya’s call and answers. Aaliya asks are you okay. Vandu’s car hits that van. She apologizes to the goon and says I was in stress, forgive me, I will pay money. He asks her to leave. She sees someone in the sack and asks them. The man asks her to mind her work and they leave. She notes the car number and says something is fishy.

Bala calls Vandu. He tells Amma that Vandu is not answering. Amma asks did you both fight. Bala says what to tell you, I can’t say. Vandu comes home and cries. Bala asks where were you, why did you not answer call. She hugs him and apologizes. He asks why are you crying. She says I m scared. He consoles her. Amma goes to get water. He says we all are with you. Vandu drinks water. Bala asks what happened. Vandu tells about the accident. He asks was the accident major, did anyone die. She says don’t know, there was a sack, it was moving, maybe some animal was inside, when I asked, they left. He says we should inform police and pay fine if there are any damages complaint.

Raman gets to know Ishita did not come home and tells this to Mihir. He says if Ruhi tells this to Niddhi, it will be big issue. Mihir asks Raman to manage Ruhi, I will see meeting. Ruhi asks Pihu to think well. Pihu tells about sticker on the van. Ruhi asks her to say if this is any game, did Ishita ask her to say this. Pihu says no, I did not meet her as I was with my friend. They are on the way. Raman calls Ruhi.

Ruhi asks Pihu to be quiet, he should not know where we are. She answers call. Raman asks where are you, I will come home and we will go for dinner. Ruhi says no, I m outside, I came to pick Pihu, her friend’s parents were dropping her but their car stopped. He says I will come. She says don’t worry, we will have icecream and come home. He asks for cab details. She says I will message details. Pihu says don’t tell Papa, else he won’t let us go. Ruhi ends call. Raman hears Pihu and says why is Ruhi lying, why was Pihu saying, whats wrong, I will call cab service. Ruhi says I think Papa does not know where we are.

Raman gets to know that cab dropped Ruhi and Pihu to some godown and rushes. He hopes they are fine. Shagun calls Raman and asks for Ruhi. He says I know, I m going to pick Ruhi and Pihu. She asks are they together, where are they.

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