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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman calling Mr. Ramachandran. Ishita answers the call, and his voice is distorted. He says I m Raman Bhalla calling from India, can I speak to Mr. Ramachandran. Ishita says I can’t hear you. The call ends. Raman gets angry. He asks Mihir what is this company Ishra. Mihir says I have seen the company’s track record, its good, I think we should take this. Raman says fine, send the mail from our new company mail, I don’t want Romi and Ashok to know about this.

Appa asks Shravan to go out and play. Shravan says I also want to make friends, but they just want to make friendship with Bala, this happens in school too, Bala was invited in my school instead me, Bala’s pics are on FB too, I won’t go to play. Appa says Bala is doing this for you. He says don’t say this, I know everything.

Ruhaan says I won’t go anywhere and shouts on Nancy. Aaliya comes and asks is Ruhaan ready for recording. Nancy says no, he is refusing to come. Aaliya says I will see. She goes and greets Ruhaan. Ruhaan scolds her and asks her to go out. Aaliya says actually, I got something for you, that’s a surprise, you have to close your eyes. She gives the curd rice. Ruhaan says curd rice… Aaliya says you identified this, my Amma makes it really tasty, I think you should try, your mood will be fine having this, then you will say to hurry up for recording. Ruhaan recalls Ishita. Ruhaan throws the bowl and gets sad. Niddhi comes and asks whats all this Ruhaan. I have asked you to come in recording and you are still sitting here. Aaliya says I served my tiffin to him. Niddhi asks her to come and talk to her.

Ishita says I don’t know why Mani wants to sell his company. Mani comes and she confronts him about selling his company. He says sit, there has been losses in company. She says you are fighter, how can you sell it, I don’t have right to say, you and I have to go to doctor together, you went alone, this is effect of yesterday, you decided to sell company and did not discuss, our friendship got affected, if such awkwardness comes between us, its better I leave this house. He stops her and says nothing changed in our friendship. She says it changed. He says sorry, I did not wish to disturb you so went to hospital alone, and I did not know any company will take interest in my company so soon, so I did not tell you, don’t leave me and kids, I m fighter till you are with me, I will not sell company, I promise I won’t go anywhere and nothing will change between us. She asks him to message that Indian company that you are not selling your company. He sends the mail and asks are you happy. She smiles.

Raman calls and asks for booking his ticket to Austrialia. Simmi tells him that Ananya is coming, when she goes on shopping, she never cares. He asks how much money you want, do you cash or cheque. She asks what, I did not say to ask for money, I wanted that we take kids for shopping. He acts rude and goes. She thinks Raman has become emotionless after Ishita and Ruhi’s death.

Ruhaan hears Aaliya talking on phone about him. Ruhaan thinks Mam has locked all social sites, Mam will not know if I use Aaliya’s phone. Aaliya says sorry, it was my friend’s call, she got excited seeing my with you in fb. Ruhaan says that’s okay, can I use your phone to make an account on fb, wifi is not working here. Aaliya says sure, you can use it anytime. Ruhaan asks how to create account on fb. Aaliya asks don’t you know, ya you are big star and won’t have time, wait I will login my account.

Shravan sees Alia Bhatt and thinks if she becomes my friend, my friends will be jealous. Aaliya asks Ruhaan to use her account and search any name. Ruhaan recalls Shravan and types Shravan Iyer’s name. Shravan gets friend request and thinks is this Alia Bhatt. Niddhi comes and sees Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets tensed.

Niddhi checks the phone and says I stopped Ruhaan from this. She sends Aaliya out and takes Ruhaan. She beats Ruhaan and Aaliya cries seeing this.

Ishita reads the horoscope and says what, today you will meet somebody special. She recalls the old horoscope read by Amma for her. She recalls meeting Ruhi and today whom will she meet, someone special. Aaliya comes and tells about Ruhaan. Ishita gets shocked.

Inspector asks Ruhaan does Niddhi beat you. Ruhaan thinks I can’t get such chance again, I will be free from Niddhi, I should say truth. Ruhaan starts saying and stops seeing Ishita there.

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