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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir and Shagun having a talk. She says I m very happy for Raman and Ishita. He says its all happening because of you and thanks her for letting this marriage happen. He hugs Shagun. Everyone wait for Ishita. Adi says Ruhi has come. He asks where was she. Ruhi says wow, Ishita has come home. They say Ishita is not here, where is she. Ruhi says don’t know, we bought jewelry and she dropped me to parlor, I looked for her and she was nowhere, I have her phone and bag.

Raman says you know she can’t leave you, there is something wrong. Ishita is tied in the sack. The goons come there. Ishita struggles. Ruhi says I don’t know where is Ishita. Raman says you know she would have stopped somewhere to help anyone. Ruhi says yes, as if I was staying with her since 7 years. Raman signs Shagun. Shagun takes Ruhi asking her to change clothes. Raman says I will find Ishita.

Later, Romi asks for Ishita. Raman says she did not change till now, she maybe somewhere, she will come. Romi says you are forgetting Niddhi, she can do something, Niddhi knows if you and Ishita get married, Ruhi will come here, she won’t let this happen. Raman says how will we know. He says I will try to ask Ashok. Raman says I will come along. Romi says no. Raman says I will sit in car, please. They leave. Pandit leaves. Mani says I will call my and Ishu’s common friends, I will leave. Adi blames Mani for making Ishita disappear. Aaliya asks what do you mean. Adi says meaning is clear, return my Ishi Maa, else it won’t be good for both of you.

Mihir asks Adi are you mad. Adi says Aaliya was not happy with this marriage. Mihir says enough. Aaliya asks how dare you Aditya Bhalla. Mani says come Aaliya. Aaliya says wait Appa, let me clear, we are here as we are happy for Ishita’s marriage. Adi argues. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihika to take Adi. Mr. Bhalla apologizes to Mani and says Adi is worried for Ishita. Mani says I understand, I will try to find Ishu. Mani and Aaliya leave. Amma cries and prays for Ishita.

Romi meets Ashok. He thinks Ashok is smart, I have to ask him smartly. Ashok asks are you fine, did Mihika make you leave the house. Romi says I m busy with Raman and Ishita’s marriage, I can’t come for meeting, so came to give this file. Ashok says I m happy for both of them, come have a drink. Romi says no, Iyer aunty kept a function for Ruhi. Romi thinks how to find, Ashok is not giving any link. Ashok says they would be happy. Romi says yes, Ruhi is very happy, she has worn same saree like Ishita, Ruhi has come back, Ishita did not come, she would be coming soon. Ashok says yes.

Romi says Niddhi is your friend, she does not want Ruhi to stay with us, please explain her not to make Ruhi away from us. Ashok says don’t worry, I will make things fine, congratulate Raman and Ishita from my side, I will handle meeting. Romi thanks him and leaves. Ashok worries. Romi tells Raman that I don’t think Ashok knows anything. Ashok calls Niddhi and says Romi told me that Ruhi and Ishita has worn same sarees and went to shopping, we wanted to kidnap Ruhi and kidnapped Ishita, this is double dhamaka.

Mihika tells Adi that he did not do right with Aaliya, you can’t blame anyone in tension, Mani has saved Ishita 7 years ago, he supported Ishita and taken care of her, else she would have not survived, you blamed Mani. Adi says sorry, I was afraid, I don’t want to lose Ishi Maa. She says nothing will happen to Ishita, you did mistake, call Mani and apologize.

Mani tries to find about Ishita and worries. Adi calls him. Mani asks Adi did you get Ishu, is she fine. Adi says no, I m sorry for behaving rudely. Mani says its okay, I know person hurts others when he loves someone, nothing will happen to Ishu, she is made of solid clay, she will fight with all problems and come back. The goons take Ishita in the car to change location at night.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman did he find out. Raman says no, I have found everywhere, she is nowhere. Shagun asks what to do of custody papers, its written you and Ishita will get Ruhi’s custody after marriage, I thought to submit these papers in court tomorrow morning, don’t worry Raman, we should tell everything to judge.

Raman, Ruhi and Shagun meet judge. Judge says Ishita was disturbed when she met me and wanted to do anything to stop Ruhi at home, I told her that we can stop Ruhi when anyone gets critically ill, she then called me and told about Ruhi’s condition and marriage, what happened then. Ruhi hears all this. Raman says don’t know. Ruhi goes. Raman goes to stop Ruhi.

Ruhi says I know Ishita is doing drama, I was worried for her, I understood she disappeared, this marriage drama was a lie. Raman gets angry and defends Ishita. Ruhi says did you not hear what judge said, Ishita planned this to make you stay with you all, she did many drama with Shagun and to fool Niddhi, she can go to any extent for family, this was her drama to make me stay, she is a liar.

Goons go to Ishita. They worry she may die and open the sack. Ruhi says this is just a drama, take time, I will stay here till Ishita comes, then I will tell her this drama won’t work, I will not stay back with you all, I will go to Australia with Niddhi forever. She goes. Raman says I hope this is Ishita’s drama and Ruhi is saying true, Ishita is in problem, Ruhi hates us. Shagun cries.

Raman talks to Romi and says why will Ishita do acting and leave. Romi says she will come back. Raman asks Romi to leave him alone.

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