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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashok getting his informer’s call. He asks for some good news. He asks what, those two oldies did my work easy, that’s great, now we have to make Raman assured that Ishita needs treatment, remember step 2, we have to make Raman desperate that he takes Ishita to Baba, this time attack should be much bigger, the person should look Ishita, so that blame goes on Ishita. He ends call and says now Ruhi is on my target, save her if you can Ishita.

Ishita wakes up by Shagun’s call. He sees Raman sleeping and goes out. Shagun asks about her and Adi, she heard Muttu has bitten him. Ishita says we are fine, Adi is given injection, he is sleeping. Shagun says I want to meet you, I m in your compound. Ishita asks why not, and asks her to be careful. She goes to meet Shagun. The informer’s shadow is seen. Ishita goes and meet Shagun. Shagun asks how did this happen. Ishita says Adi will be fine. Shagun asks how did Muttu do this, he is a calm dog. Ishita says yes, he never did this. Prateek asks how did he get violent. Ishita says yes, it looked he is not our Muttu and is another one. Shagun asks did you feel Muttu is replaced. Ishita says yes, Muttu can never do this. Shagun says Ashok did this. Ishita says so this was his second attack, why did he do this, why did he attack on Adi to prove Shagun is alive. Shagun says Ashok can do anything. Prateek suggests they have to be more careful, Ashok is playing very safe this time.

The informer goes to Ruhi’s room and sees her sleeping, Ruhi wakes up and screams seeing the person dressed in black clothes, holding a knife. She asks who are you. She moves back on the bed and cries. She calls out Ishita and Raman….. She runs and tries to save hself. She opens the door and shouts. Ishita hears her and asks Shagun to not come. Ishita comes there. Raman hugs Ruhi. Ruhi cries and asks Ishita not to come close to her. Ishita asks what happened to her. Simmi says Ruhi is scared. Raman says Ruhi it was just a bad dream. Ruhi says no, it was long hair aunty, wearing black clothes, she had big knife in hand and wants to kill me, save me, I don’t want to die. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her and takes her with her.

Raman goes to check Ruhi’s room. Ishita says first attack on Adi and now Ruhi. Raman says who will attack Ruhi, and looks around. He gets Ishita’s mangalsutra and gets shocked. He goes to Ishita and she asks about Ruhi. He asks where were you, when I heard Ruhi and woke up, you were not here. She says I went out. He asks her for her mangalsutra. He shows her and says this was in kids’s room, how did it go there. She asks what does he mean, that she attacked Ruhi. He says no, I did not say you attacked, but the situation you are in, you can do this. He goes. She says Raman feels I did this….

Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi and calms her. She asks everyone to go and sleep. She goes out in living room and asks Raman whats going on. Ruhi is so scared, I can’t see her, do anything, who attacked her. Raman says I know, I got Ishita’s mangalsutra there, she was not in room when I woke up. Amma says it means Shagun’s spirit tried to kill Ruhi, we should call someone for help and free Ishita from Shagun’s spirit. Simmi worries and thinks its not Ishita, who can it be.

Ashok meets Baba and tells him that his friend’s wife has attacked on his kids, he wants the lady to be out of this state. Baba asks Ashok to get his friend at the temple. Ashok says actually, my friend and I don’t get along well by some problem, he won’t listen to me, you make a call to him for my sake, meet him once. Baba says you are a very good man, I will meet him for sure. Ashok greets him and leaves. Ishita tells Shagun that Ashok has done this. Shagun asks what will we do. Ishita says I don’t know, I can’t tell anything to Raman. Ishita says Ashok can fall to any extent, I m sure he would have thought a bigger plan. Shagun asks what. Ishita says I don’t know.

Ashok comes out and smiles saying what will happen to Ishita now, I should share this with Ishita, bad will happen with Ishita, what will she do, she is caught badly this time. Ishita tells Shagun that she is getting Ashok’s call. She receives Ashok’s call and scolds him to harm her kids. He says don’t take stress, be calm, I got to know Adi was bitten by dog and someone tried to kill Ruhi. She says you did it. He reminds the 4 step challenge and says its just 2nd step, he will make Bhallas kick out Ishita, this is the last night for her in Bhalla house, so goodnight and sweet dreams. She cries.

Raman asks Ishita where is she going. Ishita says I made Ruhi’s fav sandwich, I m taking it for her. Raman asks Ishita not to go, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to sends kids if they are ready. Ishita gets teary eyed.

Written Update By Amena


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