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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

The Episode starts with Ishita and Pathak meeting manager and asking for Rohit’s documents. Manager makes excuses. Pathak says we know Sarika did not legally adopt him, how can you give baby to any stranger, every child has records in orphanage, show me. Manager says I don’t have old records, I have work, why shall I show records, who are you, go from here. Ishita says fine, take your time, find the papers, if you don’t help us, then we have many legal ways to get info. She leaves with Pathak. Manager calls someone an says they came today again. Ishita says I forgot my keys, I will get it.

Manager says they want to adopt Rohit legally, don’t do anything, no one will know you are Rohit’s mum. Ishita hears him and says it means manager knows Rohit’s mum and is still in contact, why is he hiding. She tells Pathak that manager is hiding this, he was scared, its some big thing. He says we want Rohit, we want consent letter from them, if Rohit has mum, why is she hiding. She says that’s why I m getting doubt. He says I think we should tell Raman. She says we will go to Raman’s office.

Neelu asks ladies to come. Mrs. Bhalla greets them. Ladies say we are celebrating lohri, so we have come to discuss. Mrs. Bhalla worries that Sarika can create an issue and says this year we are not celebrating. Sarika comes and says we will celebrate, happy lohri

Mrs. Bhalla takes Sarika away and asks why is she doing this. Sarika asks can’t I do anything, why do you always stop me. Sarika creates an issue. Romi comes and hears them. He asks Sarika to talk well with mummy. Sarika provokes him and says you always beat me and scold me, I will complain police this time. Romi fumes. Ladies look on. Mrs. Bhalla sends him before Sarika’s motives get fulfilled. He leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Mr. Bhalla’s call. He says there is a problem, I came to buy few things and forgot wallet at home, will you come. She says wait there, I will come. She tells this to the guests and leaves. Sarika says sorry to see this drama and lies to the ladies showing Bhalla family in bad light. She gets their sympathy. She asks Neelu to get Rohit’s cough syrup. She sends everyone and calls someone to say there is no one at home, come here and do your work.

Romi checks his bike and a man asks about Mihika, saying I have to give her some files. Romi says give it to me, I will give it. Romi passes the files to Mihika and asks her not to work in this state. She says I was getting bored so I called office to get files, there is just presentation on baby’s product. He says I will help. She asks him to think of some tagline for twinkle diapers. He says few lines and she laughs. She says you can’t do anything. He says you said right, I m useless, my family and wife thinks the same. She says I guess everything has a right time, its destiny, I just know you will get a good job, you deserve it. He says don’t know, I will leave now. He leaves.

Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla come home and talk that they had lunch date today. They find the door locked and try the keys. Sarika stops them and opens the door. She says your keys won’t open this door now, I got the lock changed. They get shocked. Mr. Bhalla asks why did you do this. She says for my safety, you can all kick me out, this is my house too. He asks what nonsense. She asks him to talk in low tone and threatens about police. Mrs. Bhalla stops him and asks for new keys. Sarika says there is just one key, I will keep it, I did not make duplicate keys. She goes. He says this girl is going out of limits.

Pathak talks to Raman and Ishita. Raman gets a call and says what, calm down, we are coming home. He tells Sarika’s act to Pathak and Ishita. He says we will see about Rohit first, then we will see Sarika. Pathak says I know a lawyer, he is young but brilliant, I will take his appointment.

Ruhi calls Mrs. Bhalla and wishes her happy lohri. Ruhi says Simmi and Ananya are fine, Simmi took Parmeet to hospital. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to come back soon. Ruhi says I m missing everyone. Amma comes and Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to talk to Amma. Amma asks her to come soon, they miss her. They end call. Amma consoles Mrs. Bhalla and shows the lohri items. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t want anything, Sarika is troubling us and tells about door lock changed. Amma says its Romi’s fault too, he should have been away from Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla says whats his mistake, he did not know Sarika is such, he is innocent, he is finding job and not getting any good one. Raman, Ishita and Abhishek come home. Raman shouts Sarika. Abhishek says I will talk to her.

Abhishek asks Sarika did she change main door lock. Sarika asks did they not say what they did with me, Romi raised hand on me, I did this for my safety, ask mummy ji what Romi did. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, but he did not mean this. Sarika says they can kick me out anytime, so I did this. Abhishek says I will manage Romi, you can’t do this, everyone should get duplicate keys till tomorrow. She says fine, if you say and leaves smiling. Abhishek says Raman, I know Sarika is playing game, but cool temper, Sarika is here for Rohit, she is using him. Raman says I decided I will adopt Rohit. Abhishek says that’s good idea, you can then kick Sarika out.

A man introduces Ishita to his wife. The lady gets shocked and calls manager. She tells the manager that Ishita should not know I m Rohit’s mum.

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