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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein watch online

Everyone smiling happily seeing Ishita normal. She makes breakfast and calls Adi. Adi hugs her and says he missed her hug. She serves him dosa. Raman gets super glad. Ishita sees the time and waits for Prateek. Prateek comes. She asks him to come and says Raman, see Prateek has come to meet you. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have breakfast. Prateek says I had it. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have tea atleast. Ishita goes to drop Adi downstairs. Prateek talks to Raman about Ishita. Raman and Mrs. Bhalla say she is fine. Prateek suggests some shanti puja for getting rid of Shagun’s soul, her soul will get peace and leave from this house. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Prateek says every member of this house has to attend it. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to make everyone attend puja. Mrs. Bhalla says I will inform Iyers too.

Prateek goes out and tells Ishita about everyone attending puja today, we will know whose hand is hurt. Simmi covers her hand and tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to get medicines for Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened to her hand. Simmi says I got hurt while playing to Ananya, I will just come. Ishita comes in Simmi’s way and asks where is she going. Simmi says to get Ananya’s diapers. Neelu gives the puja items list. Simmi hides her hand and leaves with the list.

Abhishek questions the watchman. He asks did he see anyone with bandage on hand. Simmi takes auto and leaves. The watchman says no. Abhishek says I will come again tomorrow, keep an eye. Shagun meets her doctor, dressed in burqa. The doctor asks why did she come so far here for checkup. Shagun says I trust this hospital, I will manage. She thinks she came far as she does not want anyone to see her. She takes her reports and leaves.

Shagun sees Simmi there, and hears doctor telling Simmi about her hand sprain, her muscles got hurt, did she lift anything heavy. Shagun thinks what happened to Simmi’s hand, no, she can’t do this, she is Raman’s sister. The doctor says he will send reports at home. Simmi says no, I will come here and collect. She gets a call and says I m coming. She ends call and says she got stuck in problem. She leaves in the auto. Shagun follows Simmi.

Shagun stops to see Simmi and lifts her veil. Bala’s mum sees Shagun and says Shagun, that too in burqa… Bala’s mum comes to meet Amma, and greets Mrs. Bhalla. Bala’s mum says she stayed with Subbu for 4 months and came back. Mrs. Bhalla tells about shanti puja. Bala’s mum asks why. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come and tlak. Bala’s mum gets shocked seeing Shagun’s pic with garlands. She asks whats all this, I have just seen Shagun on the way. Ishita hears this and gets shocked. Shagun comes home and thinks to inform Ishita about Simmi.

Ishita calls her and asks her did she go out in burqa. Shagun says yes, I went to doctor. Ishita says Subbu’s mum has seen you, she has come and telling Mrs. Bhalla about you, she has come after 4 months, don’t be careless, its so risky. We will not find culprit, Subbu’s mum will not leave this matter, I will handle her somehow. Shagun says listen, I have seen…. Ishita ends call.

Raman comes and hears Bala’s mum telling about spotting Shagun. Raman says Shagun died infront of us, we kept this puja for her soul peace, don’t spread rumors. Bala’s mum says I m sure she was Shagun. Raman sees Ishita coming and stops her. Ishita greets Bala’s mum and asks her to come with her, they will talk in room, she has to know about Subbu. Raman and Mrs. Bhalla worry. Bala’s mum tries saying about Shagun. Raman says Ishita can get unwell. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to worry.

Ishita would make Bala’s mum sit and says I can get Shitija, you’ll want to see her. Bala’s mum claims I m wanting to say, Shagun is alive, she was in burqa, It will likely be her prepare, I’ll convey to Raman. Ishita suggests Shagun is dead, I request you not to tell any one, she’s going to be damage. Bala’s mum suggests I’ll inform Raman. Ishita stops her. She says she desires to convey to her anything.

Sarika talks to her boss and Romi relates to talk to about some lace increase nearly chunri. Sarika argues with him as she was on imp get in touch with. Romi suggests mummy is asking relating to this. Sarika suggests my boss scolded me, I have imp do the job. He suggests even domestic operate is imp. She says what shall I say, I m in pressure, let me perform, numerous challenges come With this dwelling. He says This is certainly our spouse and children, leave this task In case you are not able to give time and energy to loved ones. She asks what, and about income, I took mortgage from new occupation to pay for your rent, in case you had been able… He receives stunned. She states sorry, I didn’t signify that. He leaves. She problems.

Bala’s mum asks what, you lied to Every person that Shagun died, and Shagun is along with you With this system, you trapped Every person During this lie. Ishita claims no, we have been performing this for household, I did this to learn that human being serving to Ashok, I did for Raman, I request you don’t inform everyone. Somebody knocks the door. Ishita asks her not to tell any person. Ishita checks the doorway and Neelu claims Mrs. Bhalla is asking them. Ishita attempts convincing Bala’s mum.

Shagun tells Abhishek that she lifted veil for a second when she was following Simmi, Bala’s mum came there on wrong time, I hope everything is fine there.

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