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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita worried for Raman and wondering Ashok’s step. Mihir and Mihika have a talk. She says she got divorce. He says I m glad you are free now. She says everyone will see me as a divorcee now, Amma dreamt a lot for me, this was not my plan. Mihir says parents wants to see children happy, your Amma was not happy with your marriage with Ashok, come on, you are modern and educated girl, don’t think this. She smiles and says wow, you talk intellectual too, I m impressed. He says I always talk so, and asks where will they go today.

Raman sees the dog barking. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu why is Muttu barking, did she not give food. Raman asks Neelu what happened. Neelu says I took Muttu for walk. Raman takes Muttu out. Its night, Parmeet and Shagun are on the way. Shagun hides her identity dressed in burqa. Parmeet says I told Ishita that I will drop you at hotel. She says there is traffic jam there, what happened. Prateek asks the man. The man says some accident. Prateek asks Shagun to sit in car, he will see if help is needed. The dog is out of control. Raman gets him home and thinks what happened to him. He asks Neelu to get dog food in kids’ room, dog will be fine playing with kids.

Manoj met with an accident, Prateek holds him. Shagun gets shocked seeing him. Prateek offers lift and asks him to come along. He makes Manoj sit in the car. Adi asks Muttu to come. The dog runs after him. Ishita comes there and sees Muttu attacking Adi. She runs to stop Muttu and holds the dog. The dog bites Adi and her. She screams. Adi shouts Papa. Raman and evertone come there. Ishita hugs Adi. Raman holds the dog.

Adi and Ishita’s hand bleeds. Raman calls the doctor for emergency. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Raman worries. Ashok gets informed that dog has attacked Ishita, now my plan will work. He says get ready Ishita, my plan step 2 will start tonight. Prateek, Shagun and Manoj are on the way. Prateek asks Manoj was he drunk. Manoj says no, I lost control and the car hit the pole, I have memories here. Prateek says this is my Bhabhi, my brother did inter caste marriage so.. Manoj greets her. Prateek asks Manoj about his memories, don’t mind. Manoj says its fine, I find reasons to talk about Shagun. He says she loved icecream, now she is not in the world, whenever I pass by this icecream stall, I miss her, I wish I could save her. Shagun gets sad.

Prateek says sorry to revive your old memories. Manoj says what else do I have except memories, I will just have this with me, please stop car, I shifted my home, I missed Shagun in old flat. Prateek says yes, I understand. Manoj thanks him for lift and says sorry Salma ji, I bored you with my story. He gets down the car. Manoj leaves. Shagun lifts the veil and cries. Prateek says Manoj and you love each other, but you are away from Manoj for Raman and Ishita. She says I can do anything for them. They hope this drama ends soon and she goes to Manoj. She worries on Manoj, Raman and everyone’s reaction. Prateek says you are really nice, don’t worry.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Amma. Amma says Ishita will not forgive me, whats the proof that Shagun’s spirit has left Ishita, Muttu attacked her, this can’t happen, Muttu knows Ishita has a spirit in it, dogs have sixth sense. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Amma says we will talk to Raman, come. Prateek drops Shagun to the hotel. He says I booked this room on my name and instructed hotel staff not to disturb me as I m ill, you don’t go out from the room. He gets Abhishek’s call and asks what, Ishita got hurt, how. He ends call and tells Shagun that Muttu has bitten Ishita and Adi. She says Adi….. take me along, please….. they leave.

Raman sits with Adi and worries. Mrs. bhalla brings him out to talk. She says maybe Raman, you will feel its rubbish, but listen. We have to do something about Shagun’s spirit. Amma tells him about freeing Ishita off the spirit.

Amma tells Raman that dogs sense spirits, Muttu has attacked Shagun, not Ishita, Muttu is behaving strange, we have to do something Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says last tantric was fake, but all are not same. Raman says I can’t take risk, I want some time to think. He goes and sees the dog barking. He gets thinking.

Ruhi shouts to call Ishita and Raman… seeing someone attacking her at night. Raman gets Ishita’s gold chain/mangalsutra at Ruhi’s bed and is shocked. He says Ishita’s chain and shows Ishita to know.

Written Update By Amena


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